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  1. It's gonna be an exciting ol time in CUSA Town this Fall!
  2. Here's to a great football season and basketball too!

  3. I'm game. Pay him AND HIS STAFF right! It might work. I wonder what things will hit him harder in Div I (politics?) than II. I guess this would mean no more stilleto heels though.
  4. I would rather see Abron play in Green vs red anytime!
  5. Hoping BBall team gets chnance to tourney play one more time. I'll plan to be there just like Hot Springs.

  6. I would love to see our young men play again where they could play with Pride as though out this great season!
  7. Right On! I'm driving down from Northwest ARK to back our eagles.
  8. Glad the right team showed up though. Now lets go support them in person!

  9. That's not cool.... But that is what it was called when certain unnamed alums were attending.
  10. Maybe they will know what hit them.
  11. We will take their fans out of the game before they know what hit them.
  12. We're supposed to play at 6 PM right? I live in Rogers Ar. and need some time to drive down to the springs.
  13. I agree. I almost died when the the team slumpped in conference play. But they got their minds back on center just in time. Johnny is doing a great job and needs to keep team winning one game at a time to get to the Big show again!
  14. Hope the right Eagle BBall team keeps showing up to play in the tourney

  15. C'mon Eagles. Got to crush everyone on way to tourney champ to get better than 14 or 15 seed at the big show!!!

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