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  1. Kram, We were laughing last year! RV knew there were problems and he did nothing!!! Both RV and Mac needed to go last year.
  2. Great move UNT. Dan has relied on Dodge recruits to win. Guess what, they all have graduated. These players quit playing for Mac last year.
  3. Most of the players are his guys, but he has lost this team. I see little respect for the guy from the players. It may not be too late, but I doubt mac will make the changes he needs to make.
  4. Not sure if uniforms or twitter would help. I do think Chico is more of a motivational personality. It seemed that Chico had the players believing in themselves and that seems to be lacking currently.
  5. Anyone hear what punishment was given to another UNT, D lineman that was caught shoplifting (twice)? I did not read or hear anything about it on this board.
  6. Chico leaves the first chance he gets because he knows that he is killing his career by having to run our Vince Lombari offense
  7. Thank you, from a '81 grad of SWTSU. Heck, we (SWTSU students) looked down on NTSU students back in the day, but that was before all the name changes; just sayin. GO MEAN GREEN or as I remember in 1980 "Grow Green with NTSU"
  8. offense is too predictable and execution is weak. It seems that our coaches cannot adjust during the game.
  9. yes, BC is our greatest threat, so why is he not on the field 90% of our offensive plays? When he does play, everyone in the stadium knows he will touch the ball. I get tired of everyone saying we have no other play makers on this offense when most of our passes are thrown to BC or Delgato. How many passes to TE's this year? We usually have two on the field blocking, although they are very good blockers. Once the offense quits leaning on BC to make every big play it will make BC more effective when he does touch the ball. Let be patient and hope that our coaches make those adjustments.
  10. I was also wondering why our coach chews out our kicker BEFORE our kicker goes in to kick a FG
  11. Don't blame Chico, this is a McCarney offense.
  12. I think the game plan for TS was very conservative, probably to work on some part of the offense and show very little of the offense. Brelan was not even on the field much of the time and we have barely used the four or five receiver sets during our first two games. Once we open up the play book our offense should be much more exciting and much tougher on defenses.
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