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  1. This question might have already been asked, but..... If we ordered tickets from the HOD website can we pickup "will-call" tickets ahead of time (before the day of the game)? and if so, where can we pick them up? These were not bought through the UNT ticket office. Does anybody know?
  2. I have 4 Tickets in Section 6 Row 18 & a friend bought 10 tickets in Section 6 Row 23!!! Let's green out this game!!!!!
  3. Last time I checked SMU has been to 4 bowl games & we haven't been since 2004 (just playing devils advocate), but I'm glad TCU and SMU will be watching from home this year. This is our time to shine! Let's pack the Cotton Bowl, bring all of our friends & have the post game celebration of the century when we beat the UNLV Rebels in The Heart of Dallas Bowl!
  4. That show was a joke. I had people over to my house to watch that poor excuse for a show and they SKIPPED over North Texas. ESPN didnt say 1 word about UNT. I hope we pack the cotton bowl and bulldoze the rebels. ESPN will be forced to show our highlights all day long. Glory to the green!
  5. I think we can pull 40,000 fans to the stadium on new years day. I just bought 10 tickets to the bowl game and looking forward to beating UNLV! The Mean Green Nation will be united with this bowl in the heart of Dallas! I can't wait.
  6. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? ....You guys crack me up! So much negativity on this board. Watch us beat everybody this year & you'll be the first to jump on this MEAN GREEN TRAIN! haha I'm EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC about our walk-on program. Just think about it. We have so much high school talent around here to recruit from! Also, have you seen the guys lifting weights in the UNT rec center??? Those guys are huge!!!! I would go as far to say that we could field a team with ONLY walk-ons here at North Texas. I hope McCarney continues to beef up the walk-on program. Some of our greatest players have been walk-ons and I'm excited about the season starting this year! ONLY 11 DAYS!!!! NOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You don't have to be a phenomenal football player to be a great coach! Come on! Riley will be great at Texas. He knows the game and is starting his coaching career. How about we be supportive. Most of you guys will be eating crow 15 years from now.
  8. Our Coach is already turning the team around. It is evident when you look at the performances we've had against the top tier teams we've played. (even for a loss, our guys looked fired up & were walking away from the game with some big plays). McCarney is better than Dickey too. Dickey had some good wins & good teams, but remember the black jersey stunt - I lost total respect for the bush-leaguer. I'm totally ok with the coaching calls from this season. A running offense with a solid defense is good enough for me if thats what it takes to win games. We don't need "the greatest show on turf" to be competitive. Dodge promised to "air it out" and where did that get us? Yeee of little faith. .....Story of the board. Lets jump on the band wagon and make things happen! HOW BOUT SOME POSITIVE THOUGHTS! So much negativity. Geez. GMG!
  9. Yes! Great Student Turnout - as always!!! I want the alums on this board to understand something...students arent the issue with attendance. UNT Athletic Department & Student Government did a survey on collegiate athletic attendance my senior year in college. What they found was that we have more students attend games than at USC, Boise State, Texas, & other top programs. I was a UNT student from 2004-2008. From 2005-2008 our team wasn't very good, but students still showed up & attended these games at fouts. It doesn't surprise me that more students are showing up. There is a lot of support & hype around what we have built here at UNT. The university has been on the rise for years. Denton has more on campus (near campus) living than almost all other Texas college towns. We are no longer a "commuter school." & numbers show this! We together have built a fun game day experience & we have a great student body that shows up/supports our school! The problem with attendance stems from low community & alumni attendance! If you are an alum you have a lot to be proud of. Hold your head high because if you run into someone that talks negatively about North Texas you should tell them they dont know what they are talking about. Because North Texas has arrived!
  10. Eddie Van Halen & Yngwie! Love it. LSU is ranked no. 3. The guy who sits next to me at work is an LSU alum. I'll be painting his cubicle green on Monday after our glorious victory! NORTH TEXAS FIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHT!
  12. Get ready for the Mean Green to come out of the gate punching the Tigers in the mouth! This team is hungry for a win and they are walking around campus with a "kick in their step." Time to get your popcorn ready..cuz these boys won't let us down!
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