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    Uniform Release Reaction Thread

    Love the sets. Love traditional numbers. Love the black, shade of green and the icy whites. Love the satin green helmet Love the consistency....almost. No feather pattern on the white pants? Sleeve caps are consistent with feathers, pants 'stripe' should be too. I still struggle with the shape of the SOW on the helmet. It just ins't a great fit. Logo is so far back on the helmet and doesn't look right. I think the 'oregon-esque' wings is a good compromise and prefer that look over the full SOW. That said, doesn't matter what I think. Proud of the work that Wren and co are doing. Appears the players like them and if they improve the recruiting 'tools' then thumbs up.
  2. EasleyK

    McCasland Mic'd Up

    I may or may not have replayed that spot no less than 10 times
  3. EasleyK

    Softball Sweep

    Because of our busy school and softball schedules, my daughter and I don't get to make it out for many games. But we had an off weekend and took advantage of it on Sunday. Great to see the ladies sweep UTSA. Small ball, long ball, good pitching, sound defense, great crowd...and with a TON of youth on the field.
  4. EasleyK

    Question About Private High Schools

    You do realize that the Plano schools are still the largest in the state, only behind Allen? If they didn't have individual HS, then they'd have 16K kids.
  5. EasleyK

    The Iron Sheik is team #NewDenton

    During college i worked the deli counter at Tom Thumb in Lewisville. In walks Kevin VE to get his 3/4 pound of thinly sliced turkey. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't take a look, so I walked out from behind the counter to out front and peered down at his feet. He immediately started laughing with the comment, "yes, I have on shoes"
  6. EasleyK

    Uniform Tweaks?

    Proceed with caution. The twit pic could very easily be from a Nike uniform builder. Our unis are pretty stock issue. The Captains and Leadership Council pics has the players in the green jersey, with piping, with Mean Green, normal block numbers and without North Texas patch.
  7. EasleyK

    Softball v Tulsa

    Bringing a couple of girls from the softball team I coach up to see the DH against Tulsa this weekend. Want to take them by to pick up some spirit wear, hopefully a North Texas Softball shirt. I know of off campus places like Voertmans, but that is about it. Any help would be appreciated. While I'm at it, any suggestions on a neat place to take them (12 yrs old) for lunch?
  8. EasleyK

    I usually don't get into uniform talk

    Here is Oregon's helmet for the Rose Bowl. Tweak the colors/concept a bit and you've almost got the SOW. Ducks Helmet around Hollywood This post has been promoted to an article
  9. Here is Oregon's helmet for the Rose Bowl. Tweak the colors/concept a bit and you've almost got the SOW. Ducks Helmet around Hollywood
  10. EasleyK

    New North Texas Uniforms

    Here are a few more versions. And a few helmet variations. Even through in a black. Doesn't scream Mean Green but I do think it is sexy. We could pull an Oregon or VaTech and run a different combination out there every week.
  11. EasleyK

    New North Texas Uniforms

    If we're going with Nike, it'll definately be on the ProCombat template. Here is what I put together. Took the wing lines from SOW and incorporated them into the pants stripe. Also robbed the Houston Texans numbers as the points go perfectly with our word mark. ProCombat shield on the collar also has the SOW.
  12. EasleyK

    This Is Pretty Cool

    I, for one, was hoping for a 'Charlie Brown' moment
  13. EasleyK

    Bright Side

    I fully expected to see 'none' as the opening message.
  14. EasleyK

    Mustain To Transfer

    i think you might want to tap the brakes there a little bit. mustain was 7-0 against opponents with a 34-50 record. Only Auburn was ranked and only Auburn (11) and Alabama (6) had more than 4 wins. Arkansas only scored 27 pts in 4 of his 7 games. Dick was 3-3 against opponents with a 56-21 record. 4 teams were ranked and only 1 had a losing record at 3-9 Arkansas scored at least 26 pts in 5 of 6 games and lost the 3 games by a total of 18 pts to LSU, FL and WISC. There end season stats are almost identical so I'm not sure I'd anoint one the high and mighty and the other a bottom feeder. NAME CMP ATT YDS CMP% YDS/A TD INT RAT Casey Dick 65 132 991 49.2 7.51 9 6 125.7 Mitch Mustain 69 132 894 52.3 6.77 10 9 120.5
  15. EasleyK

    Drc: Kevin Ealey Cb Recruit

    Whew! for a second there, I thought someone was passing along false information about me. My name is Kevin EaSley, but I run about a 6.3 in the 40.