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  1. I just can't see why anyone would want to be in a conference with these teams. Is it more important that we can travel to a few of the games rather than playing an opponent that generates pride if we beat them because they are not a small regional school? These teams do not travel well, we do not travel well when we play them. Why? Simply because not many care about them, have heard of them, or care to see our school play them. Period. I feel like people who want this small regional conference are really disconnected about what the students want. The majority want to see UNT playing higher caliber, better known teams. That's what they will show up to see. What do you think the attendance will be when we play ACU? Probably not very good. This tired and worn out discussion is still taking place despite us moving to a marginally better conference. Let's move on. Let's set our sights a little bit higher than Arkansas State and Texas State...please.
  2. No way. They still have a track around their field.
  3. I disagree...sort of. I've followed this program for years. The years we've done well are hands down when we have a stout offensive line, which in turn gives our receivers time to let the plays develop. I watched last week as well as this week and our O-Line is bad. Our QB was either running or waiting to step into the pocket every passing play, hence the short passes. I fear this season will not be good unless we can fix our O-Line and quickly.
  4. I think this is a great discussion and one that, as a new father, I have contemplated multiple times. My wife says no but I'm okay with it (I think). But then I see guys getting carted off the field, or read stories about someone getting hit so hard their helmet broke, etc. One other aspect of this, and why I think football will not go away, is that it affords many students the ability to attend college when they otherwise wouldn't be able to through scholarships. I think they will continue to change the game to make it safer for the players; ie moving up the kick-offs, stricter penalties (targeting), etc. and while I joke that football will one day become a touch sport, it's also not my son out there playing (yet).
  5. Gosh I hope not. This conference keeps getting worse.
  6. I thought UNT was buying the S&S?
  7. This conference is pathetic. I just feel sorry for all the schools that were in the previous CUSA and got stuck in the "new" CUSA.
  8. I can't wait to see that place bulldozed. They should have put money into keeping it up instead of letting it become such an eyesore.
  9. I would consider our defensive showing against LA Tech as a pretty terrible showing too. I said it earlier this season, that we have a terrible pass defense. It's time to admit that our defense isn't what it was last year and quite honestly, isn't much to brag about. Hopefully we can start bragging about our offense.
  10. My only complaints are the ridiculous beer lines. I waited almost 20 minutes in one line. And of course the lack of hand drying devices in the women's bathrooms.
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