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  1. Sounds like some of the posters on their message board wrote the article. Sounded like some gun-ho fan wrote it.
  2. Therein lies the problem with LSU fans. A game at Tiger Stadium is not just for the bad apples of Baton Rouge to attend. It's actually a "happening" for the whole state of Louisiana, and I dare say, several of the states that border Louisiana. What you end up with is Coonasses from all over the state, converging on Tigers Stadium, juiced up with pre-game booze, ready to take on any opposing teams' fans and football team. Anything goes. I'll never attend another game there unless it's for the National Championship.
  3. I'm not for that particular, but I'm sure if it's the one we use the white will stand out much better than the graphic I'm showing.
  4. Now, before I get bashed, slammed, tarred and feathered for this idea, hear me out. To continue improving Fouts Field (I know, I know, that's a tall order!), why not have UNT painted into the stands on both sides. Once the fans are seated for the game, you won't be able to see the lettering, but it still would be nice during the off season. Colors and lettering could be modified, but the picture gives you an idea of what it would look like. Also, why not start up the old "card section" on the student side? You know, they use cards to spell out UNT, North Texas, or the opposing teams lettering. Old fashioned? Maybe. But wouldn't this get NT some media exposure and more publicity? Of course, the stadium would have to be jam packed to make it work, but homecoming or Tulsa would be good opportunities for a nice crowd. Just an idea for exposure.
  5. Ditto UNTCampbell's remarks. I'll never attend another game at LSU. The taughting reminds me of what goes on at some of those "3rd world country" soccer matches.
  6. What graphic would you like to see?
  7. God forbid the City of Denton place billboards on each major highway leading into the city that touts Denton, UNT, and our rushing champions. Welcome to Denton, Texas! Home of Back 2 Back National Rushings Champions and the University of North Texas Mean Green. Of course, the background picture would be of Patrick and JaMo, along with a schedule of games.
  8. We sure better have our blocking schemes down this year, plus all able bodied backup linemen. I understand Southern Miss wrote the best selling sports instruction book, "How To Defend Against UNT's Run Oriented Offense", and all the teams we go up against have a fresh copy.
  9. I thought Dickey made a lot more money than that.
  10. "Facilities are the key ingredient that will allow even greater success on the playing fields and in recruiting efforts," Pohl said. "More importantly, they will insure the kind of environment necessary for student-athletes to maximize their performances in every athletic and academic endeavor. These projects have my full support." We are going to sorely miss Dr. Norval Pohl.
  11. Received my 2005 Media Guide. Noteworthy that a full page is dedicated to Andrew Smith, plus another photo of Andrew on the inside back cover, "Teamate, Friend, Leader, You will never be forgotten". Very nice touch for a deserving person.
  12. Glad that chant went the way of Freshman beanies!
  13. The first Sagarin Rankings of the year are out for teams and conferences. 90 UNT 91 Troy 119 MUTS 136 ULL 144 FAU 148 ASU 151 ULM 187 FIU 1 ATLANTIC COAST 2 PAC-10 3 SOUTHEASTERN 4 BIG 12 5 BIG TEN 6 BIG EAST 7 MOUNTAIN WEST 8 I-A INDEPENDENTS 9 WESTERN ATHLETIC 10 CONFERENCE USA 11 ATLANTIC 10 12 MID-AMERICAN 13 BIG SKY 14 SUN BELT Interesting that mighty UTEP is ranked #111.
  14. Well said Rick. And I picked up two copies. One for myself, and one to shove in my ut brothers face!
  15. I agree with NDT. For name and logo recognition, we need something in the center of the field. Why can't they use a temporary, painted logo?
  16. I've said it before, I'd take a bullet for Patrick Cobbs, and another one for JaMo.
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