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  1. Much easier to just drool, err, stare at that picture. Good lord is she hot!
  2. What about JJ's four year contract extension? How do we get around that?
  3. You're right. Guess I'm so frustrated with this loss I can't see straight.
  4. Alumni working in and around the DFW Metroplex have real problems making it to games on time. My question is, don't we have 20,000 students living in and around the NT campus? Where are they? You'd think 4 to 5,000 students would attend a NT basketball game during tournament time. We have to depend on working Alums to go to games. Same old same old.
  5. How was the crowd for the NT men's game?
  6. The mens golf team recently finished a tournament out in San Antonio, so I went over to the athletic website for the results. The nice, brief writeup gave very little information, only stating NT's low round players, etc., and the fact that we came in 13th out of 17 teams. Why does the AD choose to leave out who our competition was? Who won the tournament? Was the field made up mainly of D1 or DIII teams? I'd like to know who we were up against and how we compare to other D1 programs, not just the fact that we came in 13th out of 17 teams. <_<
  7. John Roberts. I don't think they are in business any longer, but they made a very classy NTSU ring. No TAMU lookalikes. John Roberts also made rings for UT at the time. Mine has a more "ivy league" look. I'll see if I can post pictures of it.
  8. This loss smells like a minor league coaching mistake to me.
  9. From the Aggie board. "Amanda Scarborough threw a no-hitter and Jana James went foru-for-four as they led the Aggies to an 8-0 run-rule win over North Texas in front of 705 fans at the Aggie Softball Complex."
  10. I know what you're talking about. Kinda like the egg the mens team laid against Denver. I didn't even see it but from the sounds of things we must have looked like crap in that game. When you look at some of the teams that TAMU-CC has beaten this year, and the top rated teams they played but lost to, you can't help but be impressed with how far they have come in such a short period of time.
  11. The Tulsa Ladys stand 11-4 overall and 3-2 in the WAC. I'd say the TAMU-CC win was pretty impressive for a school that wasn't even on the basketball map prior to a year or two ago.
  12. Good coaching and a winning ballclub creates the demand. I know that we should support the team regardless of the coach or the record. And I agree. NT fans have waited and waited for good, competitive, and consistant athletic teams for decades. We are tired of being the doormats.
  13. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi women knocked off Tulsa last night.
  14. Good info, Adler. Thanks for the headsup.
  15. Well I was insulted by his reference to the WAC being a big jump upwards from the Sun belt. You see, this perception of the SBC is rampant.
  16. What amazes me even more than losing to UTA is what is going on down at A&M-Corpus. Those gals are beating up on some pretty good teams. Do they have a larger recruiting budget than NT, or do they simply have better coaching? Record as an Independent 2001-2002 16-12 2002-2003 15-12 2003-2004 19-9 2004 10-2 Losses this year have been to #13 Purdue and to #11 Michigan State.
  17. Does Chattanooga still play football? Hope so. FireFightnrick might want you all to join the Sun Belt in a few years! Just kidding Rick!
  18. AM-Corpus has been playing basketball how many years in D1? Maybe we should go for their coach. I'm growing tired of Slinker. <_
  19. My opinion only, but I believe Tubbs is grooming his top assistant, Steve Roccaforte, to take over the head coaching position someday. Roccaforte heads up Lamar's BB recruiting and has brought in some darn good talent. The two of them will get Lamar back on the map.
  20. Tubbs has recruited pretty well at Lamar. If NT can pull off a win tonight I'll be very impressed with our team.
  21. Texas A & M Corpus Christi! TAMCC 70 Florida State 67 How can this Corpus Christi team pull this kind of upset in such a short time playing D1 basketball????
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