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  1. Yep, Plumm! My Grandmother made one waaaaay back in the mid 70's. Only time she made it. We preferred the hand-sized ones, since we could eat them quicker!
  2. And, REAL Kolaches aren't those Pig-in-a-Blanket Crap that Shipley's invented in the 60's. Kolaches are made with Real Fruit...
  3. BeIn Sports is available as an Extra, on either Orange or Blue Package with Sling.
  4. The Varsity was the Matadors. This is the First Time I've heard them called the Picadors, so this is definitely the Freshman Team.
  5. Always warms my Heart in seeing those Tortilla Tossin' Matadors from The Little School on the Prairie losing to our Green!
  6. Yep. Sling.com is the way to go for the next couple of Weeks...unless you have Dish. Even Comcrap 86ed BeIn Sports from their Package, last Month. But, does anyone know if the Statue Unveiling Ceremony will be broadcasted/streamed Live come Tomorrow? I know BeIn will have some coverage with their Pre-Game, but I want to see the Whole Enchilada...
  7. Up and Running here in the Centennial State! Woooooooo!
  8. Prove me wrong, Green Gentlemen! I say 3-9. With the low-point of the Season being a total Massacre at the hands of WKU in November...
  9. Not fo make this a 'Church Issue', but I know TOO MANY former Catholics/Jesuits who became Methodists, after getting too 'rich' for the Catholic Church. Hence my statement, Jim. If we were playing ND, I'd just say 'Jesuits'...
  10. Like others on here, I'm still burned from the previous Coaching decisions by RV. I was thoroughly swindled by RV with Dodge. But, I honestly thought Mac was our answer. I'll believe in Littrell and Baker, but it will take Time, and SMART Recruitment. Saying this, I HOPE and WANT the Green to decimate SMUt on Saturday, but I just don't see it...yet. Green-27 Jesuits/Catholics who got Rich-42
  11. N.D. Kalu's Alma Mater: 35 Patrick Cobbs' Alma Mater: 6 Long Season, if McNulty can't get accurate.
  12. Dave Barnett's Alma Mater- 26 Jeffrey Skilling's Alma Mater- 21 Welcome back, Dave! Will be listening on Saturday! Hope Mr. Skilling can listen as well...
  13. At least the Green Brigade doesn't wear Back to the Future III/Marty McFly outfits like they do in Austin....
  14. Good for Jub Jub. But, they should've had the Rectuiting Feed in-order! Just glad I didn't waste most of my Work Day around this Fiasco called 'Mean Green All-Access'. As an RTVF Alum, I am totally embarrassed.
  15. Sam Donaldson's Alma Mater-24 Bill Moyer's Alma Mater-13 Go Mean Green!
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