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  1. Not a really popular idea on the WAC board. http://forums.scout.com/mb.aspx?S=451&...8&t=1271466
  2. I have only missed one game this year - NMSU at Ruston due to a trade show.
  3. This money is for housing, the intramural center upgrades, new tennis courts, and new competition swimming and diving facilities.
  4. Tech Schedule for our West Coast games: @ Cal 5:30pm Central @ Fresno 9:00pm Central @ Utah State 2:00pm Central @ Idaho 4:00 pm Central @ Nevada 3:00 pm Central Crappy schedule huh? Really late games. I hate having to stay up to 6 or 7 at night to hear the 4th quarter.
  5. Facility upgrades currently underway at Tech: $52 million in upgrades to housing and $300,000 upgrades to the Thomas Assembly Center. http://www.latechbbb.com/forum/showthread....ight=facilities http://www.latechbbb.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45132
  6. From what I understand from sources within the WAC and La Tech, UNT and ULL were approached about joining the WAC. As reported by ESPN. "The WAC will wait to see if Louisiana Tech is either gobbled up by Conference USA or moves to the Sun Belt. If La. Tech goes, then any further WAC expansion won't include the Central Time Zone. If the school stays, then the WAC is likely to add North Texas out of the Sun Belt in the coming months." This would have made the WAC: Fresno Hawaii Boise Nevada SJSU UTEP NMSU Utah State La Tech UNT ULL with one to be named later UNT and ULL turned down the offer, and UTEP was invited to join CUSA. The WAC then offered Utah State. Is it too late? Who knows, but I do not have the ear of someone official. It would be interesting to see: Boise Fresno Hawaii SJSU Utah State Idaho NMSU La Tech UNT ULL Nevada Arkansas State
  7. This is a break down of the areas and amounts of funds from the WAC received by Louisiana Tech: $40,000 -- Proceeds from WAC men's basketball tournament $92,500 -- WAC entrance fees paid by Idaho, Utah State and New Mexico State $133,333 -- Proceeds from ESPN contract $300,743 -- NCAA men's basketball revenue $559,222 -- BCS football revenue $1,125,799 -- Total Some of the improvements on tap. "Athletic facilities can enhance our campus and greatly improve the experience students, fans and alumni have when visiting. The expansion of the Intramural Center to include a world class swimming facility is huge. Greatly improved Tennis and bowling facilities are going to assist in competitively building programs for each case. I also hear plans are definitely in the works for the two new dorms attached to The Joe on the North End Zone. In addition, a ground floor weight room and athletic fitness complex is being designed. A second floor with the concept of a super suites area overlooking the field is also being included that would add meeting rooms and conference type capabilities. Then consider a practice field is being developed with high fences and privacy as its purpose, Tech is beginning to take big steps toward overall athletic facility improvements. Last week Tech unvieled a new $12 million Biomedical Engineering Facility that is second to none."
  8. In 2004-2005 Tech spent $1.1 million in total travel costs. This was the last year of SMU, Rice, Tulsa and UTEP in the WAC. Hawaii was a Tech home game. In 2005-2006 Tech spent $1.6 million in total travel costs. This was the first year of NMSU, etc in the WAC. We also played Hawaii in Hawaii. In 2004-2005 ULL spent $1.1 million in total travel costs. The 2005-2006 figures are not available yet. Just an FYI.
  9. This year included trips to Florida, Kansas, Nevada, Utah State, Idaho, and Fresno.
  10. When the new teams entered the WAC, they decided to waive thier payouts to help pay thier enterance fee. This is nothing new. The teams that left for CUSA waived thier payouts to help offset thier exit fees and they waived their payouts to offset thier CUSA enterance fees. The estimated payout per schoo this year will increase by $600,000 because of Boise States appearance in the BCS. Hopefully Nevada can continue thier winning BBall ways and penetrate deep into the tournament.
  11. This was done so the women's soccer team could use the field also without tearing up the grass. It looks really nice. I have no idea what the players think at this point.
  12. I would love to see this as a conference: Boise State Fresno State Hawaii Nevada SJSU UTEP North Texas Tulsa Rice Houston La Tech Arkansas State/SMU Championship game in Dallas or Vegas Another possible alignment is: ULL La Tech Ark State Tulane UAB/MTSU Houston North Texas Tulsa SMU UTEP NMSU Rice Championship game in Dallas, New Orleans or San Antonio
  13. Most of the fans of Southern Miss do not care one way or the other. Richard Giannini, their current athletic director, was ULMs athletic director and dislikes our current AD greatly.
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