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  1. 26 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    I think he means professional virologists and other credentialled professionals to "debate" on a subject like communicable disease spread...   VS just some dudes chatting on the internet or on a couch somewhere.

    When you say, "There is still serious debate whether masks are even effective."  ... the "serious" part seems to indicate that there are differing groups of credible researchers out there.    That is something I have not seen. 

    "Serious" research is usually co-signed by several who agree with the findings.  I would love to see a citation from a cadre you can bring up here.   I don't want to see someone's facebook post from a singular quack doctor counted as "serious debate".   

    Serious is not any kind of parameter.   It means nothing.   

    There are significant numbers of virologists and medical experts on both side of the issue. 

    There is still debate on the effectiveness of separation, masks and isolation. 

    I don't see this as even debatable.  However, if some chose to think that all is solved, welcome.  

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  2. 3 hours ago, SteaminWillieBeamin said:

    I said there is no serious debate. That is true. You and your pal can debate it all day long. The data is not debating. 

    PPE dramatically reduces spread. No serious debate on that. 

    SWB, most including me agree with you.

    Put how can you possibly support that there has not been or still not a debate on the effectiveness of wearing masks.  

    They are still debating that issue, but I guess the medical and scientific experts that are arguing a settled issue. because you believe so. 

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  3. NT has not had much luck against Rice in recent years.   The good news is that Rice no longer has Ogwumake, probably the best player in the league the last couple of years. 

    The bad news is that Rice still has the 6'9 Mulkey.  NT has had no answers for Mulkey, who seems to her best offensive games against NT. 

    Should be a great game.  

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  4. Just as a business may decide to require masks or not, customers may chose to go to only masked required or no masks establishments. 

    If coronavirus cases continue to drop, then so will mask wearers.

    There is still serious debate whether masks are even effective.   With both sides of the argument armed with all kinds of stats to support their position. 

    I really don't care about masks, I wear one most time outside the home.   It is not that big of a deal, but I do think it is past time to open up businesses. 



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  5. On 3/1/2021 at 5:21 PM, ADLER said:

    In what many had seen as a rebuilding year, this North Texas team is already able to battle the best teams of CUSA.

    Click link for full story and stats: https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/3/1/womens-volleyball-unt-drops-hard-fought-match-to-utep.aspx

    UNT drops hard fought match to UTEP

    DENTON – The North Texas volleyball team fell to UTEP 2-3 (25-16, 15-25, 28-26, 21-25, 13-15) on Monday afternoon in the second match of a back-to-back with its Conference USA rivals.
    The loss for North Texas (5-7, 2-4 C-USA) came just 24 hours after defeating the Miners (5-4, 4-2 C-USA) in a five-set thriller. Overall, the Mean Green dropped to 3-2 in five-set matches in 2020-21.
    "It was another hard-fought match between two teams," head coach Andrew Palileo said. "We had chances there at the end to win the match, but we just didn't get it done today."
    North Texas outside hitter Rhett Robinson led the Mean Green with 24 kills on a career-high 66 attacks. Robinson added another three blocks and five digs. The Krum, Texas native tallied 49 kills and eight blocks in the two matches against UTEP this week. 
    Sophomore middle blocker Alysha Johnson caught fire early and notched a season-high eight blocks to go along with five kills. Freshman Kenzie Smith set several career-highs with eight kills, five blocks and a .316 hitting percentage.

    Kaliegh Skopal finished with 46 assists and 10 digs, while the Quarterback's Bride, Barbara Martinadded her fourth double-double of the year with 11 kills and 16 digs. 

    OklahomaNext Up - Oklahoma at North Texas, Thursday at 5:00



    NT should not lose to UTEP in Denton.  However, from what I saw, UTEP had the better team. 

  6. 2 hours ago, emmitt01 said:

    I did.  And we do not have any talent edge at guard against their #4.  But for foul trouble, she would have pushed the lead out of reach.  

    What I saw was a Marshall team that moved the ball well, cut to the bucket, and pushed tempo.  They’re not some bunch of scrubs.  

    Never said they were a bunch of scrubs.   I said I think NT had superior talent and I will stay with that.  Also will re-state Marshall wanted it more.  

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  7. Assistant coaches most important function, particularly not coordinators, is recruiting.  

    I believe that playing careers have almost nothing to do with their success.  The better known the recruiter, the more likely he may get an initial visit.   However, the recruit still has to be sold based on the program. 

    It is about salesmanship.  It is about convincing players that NT is where they should play.  



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  8. 16 hours ago, UNT86 said:

    The girls played great. Marshall beat Rice last week. They are not terrible.  

    Our defense was outstanding.  We just couldn't get any 3's to go in and they did. 

    We found a way to win.

    The girls won and scrapped it out, this was not a good much less great game player. 

  9. They not only could, they should.

    An old refrain, but CUSA is not a league that is likely to have outstandings teams even at the G5 level.  

    With no clear leader at QB and probably the worst defense in D1 football last year, it certainly will be a challenge. 

    I have confident that the defense is going to rise to at least G5 average nest year, which will be a massive improvement.  I think the question is can Aune or any one else on the team be a reliably good QB.  

    Seth has always had very good offenses, if that trend continues; than I can see a team that will be fighting for a championship. 

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  10. 16 hours ago, BillySee58 said:

    Right. That has been my main point this whole thread. Easier classes for the students, easier to boost the program GPA, and more time to have their student athletes focused on winning games, helping the coaches’ careers.

    It’s a win-win until that student-athlete goes into the job market after their playing career ends. By then there is no more scholarship to go get a different degree.

    It’s not on coaches to pick majors for their student athletes, I just want us properly educating them on what these degrees mean and helping them make the best decision they feel for their future beyond athletics. I think we could do a better job there, is my prevailing point.

    I doubt anyone disagrees with your first two statements.  

    An integral part of recruiting is selling a dream.  

    I doubt NT would be remotely competitive recruiting if they go through an academic qualification evaluation process with potential players.    

     We believe you can start almost immediately, but we are going to have to hid you in throwaway classes and if you don't make it in the pros, you are not going to be qualified for much of anything. 

    The facts are there are very few difficult curriculums  for any students.    It is passing grades if you bother to show up, because we have to keep those students numbers up to fund everything.   Most degrees are a function of persistence, much more than intellect. 

    I have hired hundreds and reviewed thousands of resumes, etc. before retirement.   It got to be almost refreshing to see a few b's creep in among the a's.

  11. 23 minutes ago, Wag Tag said:

    If this is for real, it has nothing to do with his level of education. He could have a PhD and wouldn’t get hired with that type of post. 

    An where please, would he get that PHD.

    You know there is some correlation between knowledge and education.  

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  12. 2 hours ago, BillySee58 said:

    Tony’s basketball career was his own to make or break in, but it’s a shame we don’t do more to set our student athletes up for success after their playing careers are over.

    Of the football and basketball alums I know or follow on SM, some become coaches, but outside of that very few actually go into a job field that requires a degree. Many are encouraged to go towards integrative studies (general studies) or other degrees that help them focus on athletics, which just doesn’t open up many doors for them after graduation.

    Long story short, from what I see it just feels like so many of our athletes end up with jobs they probably would’ve had even if they didn’t go to college, and I wish UNT did more there. 

    What you have is a prime example of an athlete that should have never been in college under any circumstances. 

    A premier athlete without question,  Perhaps the greatest basketball player in NT history based on raw talent. 

    NT certainly gets no kudos for their handling of Mitchell, but I am not sure what NT could do after his NT career.

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  13. On 2/18/2021 at 10:05 AM, southsideguy said:

    Why don't we play SMUT in basketball if it is so important for both schools to play each other?

    Who said it was important for SMU and NT to play in basketball?

    It is actually very simple, SMU does not need NT for basketball attendance and the last thing they want to do is give NT a chance to beat them.  

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