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  1. If this story is true she should be fired. For a university in our position every penny is a blessing. If, on the other hand, this isn't true and I'm slamming Mandy unnecessarily my apologies.
  2. Wrong! The Texas legislature has yet to rescind the 10% rule, in fact this last session it was to be discussed and never was. Admissions counselors at state schools all over Texas are still complaining because of the inability to recruit "well-rounded" students because they have to take all of the 10%'ers. And take a look at the median SAT and ACT scores for the state's public universities. Perhaps then you'll stop being a Big XII apoligist.
  3. Hey, where I'm moving my seats to I get to compete with the guy who tells us to sit down while wearing his noise reducing earmuffs.
  4. Silver is exactly right. It's the herd mentality. It takes more courage to wear your NT clothing and brag about the big things NT is doing than to be an aTm or UT fan. Why? You don't have a whole gang of lemmings to back you up. Next time you see someone in a UT or aTm hat or t-shirt ask them what year they graduated. I guarantee you 9 out of 10 people will say "I never went there but they're my favorite." It's not just football success and it's definitely not academics. It's being a part of the "crowd" that appeals to people. Ask that same person what programs at UT or aTm are nationally ranked and they'll probably be honest and say "I don't even know, I just think they're cool." Stand Up, don't be disheartened. You are among the few with your own devotions, your own convictions and the ability to make your own decisions.
  5. I assume he has pictures of COA's? I too would be interested depending on price.
  6. I had better get section E seats. I'm giving them $1,000 this year so I think the least I can ask for is a couple section E seats.
  7. If he takes care of business this summer he will.
  8. Got mine, while on duty, at the Walgreens at Oaklawn and Cedarsprings.
  9. This game is an illustration of what I have always thought. Chase Daniel is a system quarterback. I don't think Missouri has that system.
  10. No question, North Texas. I paid money for the college experience and found friends, not the other way around. Disclaimer: This is called a joke...
  11. 1)Andrew Smith 2)Joey Byerly Both vastly underrated and pointlessly picked on. (Ok, Silver fire away)
  12. No they don't conflict. Number two means that for all the question about accuracy I still think JB keeps the job. Number three is the "just in case Meager beats him out" point. But let me just say this...Byerly will be able to start and I expect he will.
  13. I see no reason why we shouldn't get a ring for the thumb this year. Here's ten reasons we can. 1)J-Mo and PC will be unbelievable with any kind of a hole to run through especially if they can spell eachother throughout the game. 2)Byerly, for all the knocks on him, will improve and will start. 3)Even if Byerly doesn't keep the job in the fall Meager will have all fall to get better...and he is healthy, so says RV, so put those rumors to rest. 4)I really think our d-line will surprise some people. Namely Clint Marks, Jerry Babb, etc. 5)If our defensive backs can stay together we'll have a decent chance to let our linebackers loose. And I think coach Malone will have them better than ever. 6)Our linebackers are experienced this year and relatively deep. 7)J Quinn is bigger and faster according to all reports. I feel for the defensive coordinator who decides to single cover him to stop the run. 8)I think one or more receivers will emerge to stretch the field or make defensive backfields play both sides of the field and not just concentrate of Johnny. I think Stickler has the build to do just this and Nwigwe if he can stay concentrated will hurt some folks. Ask MTSU if they remember him. 9)Winning tradition. You can't tell me that in the back of all of these players' minds they don't know that there is a conference winning streak to uphold. 10)Our biggest test is Middle Tennessee? Call me crazy but the MUTS have never scared me. Same story year in and year out. "Middle Tennessee had the #1 recruiting class. Middle Tennessee is soooo talented. MTSU is sexy....Middle Tennessee loses to North Texas and someone else...."
  14. Actually Deb A-Rod makes 25,000,000/162= 154,320.98 Not enough for a stadium but still roughly 3 times what I make in a year.
  15. Yeah, I really do. I think that if put on a line with TJ Raymond and two good DE's he could have a monster year. He dominated people in the blood alley drills that I saw and for a frosh he's got great strength and burst.
  16. ``A lot of people get hype coming into this league. They're supposed to be this - they can run this fast, jump this high. They did this, this and this in college. No one's ever heard of Brad Kassell. You put him on an NFL team, and he just plays football,'' Bulluck said. I think this shows exactly why NT players can make it at the next level. Stopwatches, bench presses and scouting reports don't measure heart, desire or will power.
  17. Wilburn is top all time in yards is he not? I'd be willing to be that J. Thomas owns that record when all is said and done though.
  18. From the horse's mouth, we will have "North Texas" on our helmets. Sure we could put an Eagle head on there but then when you transfer it to a t-shirt people can continue to say "Man, I love Philly too" or "Do you work for the postal service?" or "Temple?"
  19. That same "Steven from Denton" passed up a trip to Yankee Stadium (the holy ground), Fenway Park (the devil's house) and Cooperstown.
  20. 1)No, I'm married. 2)Lots of people borrow it...many are in rehab. 3)Cleavage and good looks don't make a good basketball coach...they just help because the refs aren't watching that game and therefore can't blow it. And oh yeah, those are real.
  21. I play...gonna start a poker night at my house once a month pretty soon.
  22. Likewise I am not trying to start an argument but just for my sake, how do you support the program without attending the games? It's just been my understanding that one of the big reasons we were passed over for the CUSA bid was because of a lack of basketball attendance. Was there some sort of behind the scenes support for basketball that we didn't tell them about?
  23. I'm always amused by the people who knock out basketball team. I wonder, and I'm going out on a limb here, how many of them have uttered on this same board: 1)I have a job and kids so I can't support basketball 2)I don't want to drive in traffic so I can't support basketball 3)It's a weekday so I can't support basketball 4)I have other engagements on Saturdays so I can't support basketball...but I'll be there in the fall 5)All of the above Considering that JJ's team got about 1500 to show up per game this season...and that was an improvement...I'd say we're right where we deserve to be.
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