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  1. I don't get it at all. He's in a situation where he's in the 4-team playoff more years than not. Now he's going somewhere that hasn't really been nationally relevant in years, but they expect a coach to compete for national championships? Surely the A.D. at OU didn't suggest that he might want to move on?
  2. I certainly didn't understand his comments that way. See the above.
  3. They basically said as much during the broadcast. He and his wife are about to have a daughter. Aune said he might stay if he gets lined up with some NIL deals.
  4. I think the result of this game determines if Littrell stays. If NT wins their first game over a ranked team since the 70's (still to be determined, but looking very realistic at this point), I'd be shocked if they fired the coach. And waiting to see the results of the bowl game is too late.
  5. Yes, he does. But it sounds like he's hanging it up after this year.
  6. Yep. We don't show if a single raindrop falls anywhere in Denton County, but all the UTSA fans who are coming have already bought their tickets and firmed up their plans weeks ago. This could effectively be a home game for UTSA.
  7. That's one stat. He also had 8.9 yards per attempt, tied for #14 in the nation. This offense can work with a 54% rate if you're getting that kind of production out of each attempt. That has dropped to 6.7 yards per attempt this year. That, along with the worse TD/Int ratio, have more to do with our problems at the position than a 54% completion rate, although a 60%+ completion rate certainly wouldn't hurt our cause.
  8. Most of the time, that is true. But there are very noteworthy exceptions.
  9. Apparently, Sonny Dykes isn't buying SMU's hype that they're going to the Big XII.
  10. We tried the "run first" mentality against UAB when they were basically daring us to run. Didn't go so well. Our run blocking was horrendous earlier in the year, but has improved significantly.
  11. I really hope this post didn't just jinx us.
  12. He's been the face of college football on ESPN for decades. I imagine he's been doing College Gameday from its inception in the '80's. He was probably best known as the coach at Indiana before that.
  13. Perhaps my memory needs refreshing, but when K-State came to UNT to play the final game at Fouts, I do not recall it being anywhere near a sellout. If Fouts could easily accommodate K-State then, I don't know why Apogee couldn't now.
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/golf/news/2021-rsm-classic-leaderboard-pga-tour-single-round-scoring-average-threatened-in-round-1-at-sea-island/
  15. I highly doubt the AAC is above the "split" line.
  16. They did get a big influx of cash recently. Melinda Gates. I wonder if that helped bankroll their coach's new contract.
  17. You would have looved to watch the 2020 North Texas QB situation. ;)
  18. The RB issues...I don't know, there were so many injuries and returns from injuries involved in that, it wasn't necessarily easy to say who should get the carries. I agree that Addaway should have gotten some of the starts where Torrey did; but considering that Torrey is now climbing the ranks of all-time NT RBs, that seems a little nitpicky. And the Murphy twins were put on the field once they put enough weight on to conceivably play on the D-line as opposed to the LB position they were recruited as. They were under 220 pounds their freshman year. And they were starters their redshirt freshman year, moving ahead of several "older guys" to do it. I'm not really seeing that we're letting talent rot on the bench at an epidemic level.
  19. In fairness, we were pitching our impending new football stadium to recruits during the Dickey years.
  20. Based on comments Wren has made, the updated and expanded AC comes before probably all those other projects, and certainly before baseball.
  21. Departing Coach Butch Davis says that FIU is "sabotaging the program"... https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/fiu-is-sabotaging-football-program-claims-coach-butch-davis-who-will-not-return-in-2022-season/
  22. "Better talent"...not sure exactly how you are using this. What are some examples would you give of this common phenomenon?
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