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  1. Is SMU going to fire the coach? They did last time we beat them.
  2. 100% attendance for UNT watching party in Ecuador.
  3. I'm in Ecuador can stream it on Stadium. There are Stadium apps on Android and Apple.
  4. Glad I made the trip from Ecuador for these game. Need to save a lot more money for next years NCAA run.
  5. Good thing we still have Tony B the game coach, especially his second half adjustments. That alone should be worth 0-1 wins.
  6. just the kind of half time adjustments we expect from Tony B.
  7. Just fire him and put and end to this. It's not like it will get better in the second half of this game nor the second half of conference play.
  8. Could this be the the first game with Benford as coach that we make halftime adjustments and play better in the second half? Naw, I don't think so either.
  9. Hard to get excited with a close victory against Sotheast Midcentral Louisiana at Leesville.
  10. Let the party begin. Our best players on our best team in five years are playing. We are up on a mid level Southland Conference team by two at half. Why am I not confident about our chances in Conferance USA. Coach B should have been fired four years ago. It's time to start over again.
  11. Honest question. Does anyone remember a single game under Benford when we made adjustments and played better in the second half? I remember having half-time leads and hanging one to win. I remember many games that were close at the half and we loss by ten or more (like tonight apparently). But when did we ever leave a UNT basketball game that Benford coached and say "Wow we out coached or outplayed......?
  12. Just do what we should have done 4 years ago. Fire Benford and start over. I would rather have Andrew as coach. I think I threw up a little in my mouth.
  13. I will be there. I came up from Ecuador for this game of the century. Anyone need a drinking buddy or have an extra ticket?
  14. Just got residents visas approved. We leave the middle of June. Allows me to work the first 33 Ranger games and be gone before the political conventions.
  15. Get to the Ranger game when gates open. There was a huge UNT turnout last year. Bigger than any other university night. Once again we missed out on a marketing opportunity. I saw thousands of people standing in line to get a UNT hat that I have never noticed at a football or basketball game. Maybe this year we will give out ticket vouchers along with the hats. they ran out of UNT hats last year. I had several people offer to buy mine so they could have one. Again get there early.
  16. I watched Texas State beat UTSA by 30 in San Marcos. UTSA can't score in a whorehouse. But hey we are 0-2 against Sunbelt teams. We will do much better in Confernce USA, right? Right? No need to respond it 9:48 on a Saturday morning and might start drinking to help with my basketball depression.
  17. We should have a winning non conference record. Time to extend contract. Sorry I just threw up a little in my mouth.
  18. I'm here sir. How can I help you?
  19. Press conference this Thursday to announce the hire.
  20. If anyone needs a 6'4", 53 year old white guy with limited ups, I am willing and able to play.
  21. Does this mean we have a new Basketball coach?
  22. I always spent more time at The Library (bar) than the library (Willis). The old timers understand.
  23. Only Tony Mitchell is missing from this perfect scenario.
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