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  1. Can someone answer me this? How many players is UNT dressing out for our games now? It can't be 6. I have only seen a college basketball team dress out only 6 players once and that was Sam Houston State back in the early 90's. I thought it was completely ridiculous to have only 6 players dress out and remember laughing at them. My HS BB team in KY could have beaten SHS that night.
  2. What if Benford wins the SEC Tournament? It can happen. LSU is loaded and Benford knows the game of basketball. It would be short lived because I don't believe he can manage a major BB program. But a short burst of success is not out of the relm of possibility at LSU.
  3. I live in Bowling Green, KY which is 112 miles from Louisville. I was declared the biggest & best Mean Green fan (by default) in the entire state of Kentucky way back in the 90's when I moved back to my home state after graduating from UNT.
  4. The Mean Green Mean Green Mean Green t-shirt is cool. D-Gizzle stepping up their game. Too bad I live 800 miles away else I would have me one and a couple tubes of Pepsodent to boot.
  5. UNT has lost 9 straight to WKU so if we face them in CUSA championship game in doesn't look good for an NCAA automatic bid. 15 points in the first half is unacceptable at div 1 men's college bb. Very drastic improvement is needed,
  6. My H.S. coach in KY (30 yrs experience & coached a couple future NBA players) always told us the you can't stop a man from scoring if he is allowed to travel with the ball by the refs. Seemed so obvious but it is very fundamental to the game of basketball and the UTSA player was allowed to get away with this cardinal violation. You expect traveling/walking calls to be missed in high school level BB or overlooked for special needs kids playing basketball in PE class; but no place for travelling/walking by the ball carrier in the Div. 1 college bb ranks.
  7. UNT should never ever lose to UTSA in any sport. Should be a sign to this effect over the locker room exit door for all men's and women's sports.
  8. No reason to replace the Superpit. Waste of money to do so. Renovating the Superpit makes more sense as the location on campus is excellent and the arena still looks modern for a 70s era building.
  9. Mason said they played hard for 2 quarters and need to play all 4 quarters. North Texas looked tired on defense in the 4th. Or was it just lack of enthusiasm ?
  10. UTEP could surprise UAB today. Very long road trip for the blazers and UTEP is much improved.
  11. Coach Littrell really really hates losing. He accepts losing these games but it is hard for him. Very obvious from his body language. I have complained since 1987 (although UNT started to briefly turn the corner in 1988) that UNT is too easy to accept losing at FB and BB. If I remember correctly, it seems like Gene Stallings made a comment about UNT's "losing" culture once. Living in Kentucky, where losing at men's BB isn't accepted by the UK fans; my perspective is a bit different. Championships are won here or your history. North Texas fans just move on to something else or give up The insouciant UNT fan base has tolerated underachieving UNT athletics for decades. Makes my head explode only because of UNT's enormous untapped potential. And of course I graduated from UNT.
  12. Littrell is an excellent coach who happens to come from the Texas Tech (Mike Leach) pedigree. This means spread offense, high scoring, high risk vs. high reward decisions and yes; vulnerable to conservative play , big size, bruising defenses like UAB.
  13. C-USA officials appear to have likely changed the outcome of the ODU / WKU game yesterday with an 3 consecutive untimed downs at the end of regulation and with the score tied. (1. WKU FG = NG, 2. WKU FG = NG, 3.ODU FG = Good & ODU wins). Not to say ODU couldn't have won in OT, but WKU coaches can't complain publicly about C-USA officiating that most likely changed the outcome. GE&H says that if Fine's non fumble wasn't reviewed illegally by C-USA officials; UNT is 7-1. Would love to see C-USA officials work and SEC game just to expose their ineptitude to all the P5 fans.
  14. Liberty lost to UNT in large part due to Liberty's horrific special teams play. They otherwise looked like a descent fb team.
  15. How long as Brent Stockstill played at M.T.S.U. ? It seems like 7 or 8 years. Wouldn't mind CUSA championship being played in M-boro though because it is only 1.5 hrs drive from my home. Last time I went to a game there Booger had is famous sack and scoop where he sacked MTSU QB and came up with the ball somehow.
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