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  1. Can you blame a kid from Texas (or anywhere) from turning down a FB scholarship to Cal Berkley? I would've jumped at the chance.
  2. If I were Cal....I would never punt at less than 4th and 25.
  3. Good lord UNT's Defense is horrible. Why would Cal not go for it. Even at 4th & 8
  4. UNT....doing less with more for 4 damn decades.... Also...pop up ads blocking me from posting.
  5. Clear that Reeder needs to go. Plenty of coaches out there to back fill but it wont happen. Makes UNT look unstable unless we really start stinking it up and getting shut out every game.
  6. These slow starts are just incredible. THis is major college football folks.
  7. source: Bowling Green Daily News Charles Bassey (WKU So.) has been named 1st Team All American by Street & Smith and Lindy's. WKU is poised to continue their reputation of excellence in men's BB.
  8. Yes. Rice is playing well and UNT may have a tough game in Houston this year.
  9. Agree that Siggers deserves the benefit of the doubt. The young man was clearly the hardest working player on the UNT offense and had a breakout night. I am ok with Siggers smile, but nobody else better be smiling.
  10. The uncovered SMU runs to the left side of the line were mistakes that aren't tolerated even at the HS level. SMU had some good running backs for sure, but they were running untouched too. And one thing I noticed as well was that UNT linemen were in the set position and looking down at the turf. Fatigue? Does UNT lack depth at D-Line. It seems that looking down instead of up indicates fatigue.
  11. Are there NT Football pocket schedule out? What about posters? Live in KY so I can see the WKU ones that are out. Any chance someone would be kind enough to mail me 2 or 3 pocket schedules?
  12. Can someone answer me this? How many players is UNT dressing out for our games now? It can't be 6. I have only seen a college basketball team dress out only 6 players once and that was Sam Houston State back in the early 90's. I thought it was completely ridiculous to have only 6 players dress out and remember laughing at them. My HS BB team in KY could have beaten SHS that night.
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