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  1. If North Texas wins today of UTSA, S. Littrell will return next year and could have an outstanding team next year. NT played a lot of young players and these players got valuable experience. That could make NT a "monster' next year.
  2. It looks like UNT has stamina issues and a short bench (7 player rotation). Not a good combination. The players will play their way into shape but it is relative because so will all other teams rotating 8 to 10 players. Also, a lot of missed open shots. College players should be hitting these shots most of the time. UNT is facing good competition and that will make them better at the expense of some losses. I am ok with this as long as the players develop and improve from it.
  3. Varsity App worked for the UTEP game. But it only works on my iPad not PC. Sure wish KNTU would carry the games online. Very much enjoyed listening to Bill Mercer yesterday who as a special guest during the game broadcast. He still has a great radio voice and smooth delivery. Brought back good memories from my days at North Texas.
  4. For the first time in over 10 years, I was unable to listen to a UNT football game online. Yes I downloaded the Varsity app and it did work for the first 7 games. I live 765 miles away from Denton so I can't listen to the radio like most of you can. Would like to punch the damn digerati responsible right in the f****** mouths.
  5. Louisiana Tech Univ.: 42 (24 -0 at the end of 1st quarter) North Texas: 6 (2 field goals) Rudder has 45 yards. passing. La Tech wins it in the 1st qtr. like UAB. Coasts the other 3 periods.
  6. Rudder has 34 yds passing....really? That is horrifically bad.
  7. Prefer Mountain West for UNT, although I would be disappointed if AF & BSU left. Not sure about the long travel. Seems tough for sports like basketball and women's soccer/softball with long seasons. But with online classes now it can be done.
  8. Did anyone else notice that NWST plays HOUBP twice this year? Home & away.
  9. Unable to listen to the radio broadcast online. First time this has happened in over 10 years. Nothing out there.
  10. Yet ESPN will completely spell out "Texas Tech" on the bottom scores ticker. Dill holes.
  11. Bassey had 11 rebounds in the second half which helped them with their come back. But Simmons performance against Bassey was just superb and he held his own against a 1st team all American last night. I thought Resse had a good tournament despite being off on his shots. He does a lot of things that helps us win games.
  12. WKU should still win the CUSA tourney IMHO. They lost by 6 points to WV and Memphis and beat 6th ranked Alabama earlier this season. I think not having their 3 point sharpshooter against UH really changed the chemistry this WKU team. Luke Frampton didn't even make the the trip to UH. UH didn't have to worry about the 3 point threat much and so double and triple teamed Bassey. Oh well, WKU just isn't deep enough to compete sometimes against top 25 teams but if they stay healthy, I expect WKU will win our conference tournament.
  13. Daily News WKU@Houston Yep. WKU picked up a game at Houston Friday.
  14. Here in Bowling Green: Streets are clear, never lost power, potable water. 13°F this morning but warming up to the 30s today. 1.5" ice with 3" snow on top. Certainly nothing weather related here to warrant cancelling a college BB game. Many High School games were played last night. Game could have been moved here easily, but I agree with the decision to cancel. No way WKU gets another damn home game against NT until they visit Denton a few times.
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