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  1. I'll go ahead and reply to this post. I'll bet anything that Keyshawn will be in the Cowboys' training camp in August. Trust me, I have my sources.
  2. Plus, according to Chris Mortonson on ESPN, NFL teams aren't allowed to give their own drug tests. Only the NFL is allowed to do the tests. Evidently, (again, according to ESPN at 5:00) the NFL may be investigating Jerry Jones and the Cowboys right now. If Jerry Jones' "health screens" (quoting ESPN) are actually drug tests that caught Q-Car, then the Cowboys could be in trouble. (Keep in mind there are so many rumors swirling right now, no one knows what actually happened). WOOOO-EEEEE!!! I know the Rangers where getting too much attention in August/September. This is the Cowboys' time of
  3. I have to say, I'm really disappointed. I was looking forward to this season and pulling for Quincy. He was coming off a 10 win season, over 3,000 yards, etc. He would have possibly had a better running game, he would be in the 2nd year of this offense, etc. He seemed to be taking more of a leadership role (at least verbally) and he had even talked about running more. (which I thought he should have been doing more of anyway, he's a heck of an athlete) Vinny's great and all, but with this O line, I'll be surprised if he survives past week 4. Then we've got Henson and Romo. I even heard one
  4. I guess they don't research the players' real life academics very well either, huh. Isn't Patrick's GPA still a 3.2?
  5. Looks like Baylor has a national championship under their belt. Their men's tennis team won the national title this year. I hate Baylor as much as the next guy, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. National Champs, pretty cool.
  6. That's great. I was discussing this with some guys and if someone came forward and put this on pay per view, charged $30 or $40 bucks a pop. It would probably be the highest grossing ppv event of all time. I can't belive the NCAA and big university presidents, whose #1 priority is $$$$$$$ can't see the posibilities holding this game would bring. Too much red tape I guess.
  7. OH my gosh!!! All that, go 80 yds in 11 seconds, laterals, handoffs, score the TD and then the kicker shanks the extra point to tie it up. Saints lose and are out of the playoffs. OUCH.
  8. I've always thought a packed super pit would look pretty cool. I'm expecting a big crowd, I want to see the seats filled to the ceiling.
  9. Well, let me just say there are also a number of us that are happy he's here and hope he doesn't go. I've been as critical about DD in the past as anybody, but I was big enough to express my unhappiness with him in the past and now I hope we can be big enough to say we were wrong. I just hate to see a coach that has led this team to the longest conference win streak in the nation get so much negativity. There are 117 D1A teams in the nation and I'll bet that over half would love to have DD and the players he and his staff have recruited. If he takes an "us against the world" attitude and his
  10. This may sound stupid, but I didn't consider the OU game in my comparing the two QBs. Now, after the Baylor game, I think one will seperate himself. Baylor sure in hell isn't OU, and I think the QB that wants it the most will come out of this game showing it. I'm saving my judgement until after the Baylor game. Of course, the receivers will have to do a better job of hanging on to the ball to make a good judgement anyway. Gmg, Jason
  11. I don't think anyone can argue: without Nick Van Exel, we don't make it past Sacramento last season (with or without Webber) but, this trade makes us better. We now have a post up scorer. It doesn't make us any better defensively, but the '03-'04 Mavs will be better than the '02-'03 Mavs. Does that get us past SA, LA, or Sac? I don't think so. Not on Paper. But we'll see. But we are a little more athletic now. That's my basketball opinion until October-November. See ya'll then. GMG, Jason
  12. wow, I like the combination of a 57% shooter with 6-3 size. He can either really post up and score with the big boys or shoot lights out. sounds like a good pickup. GMG, Jason
  13. Isn't it weird the way the power swings? It used to be all eastern conference in the 90s. Bulls, Knicks, Pacers, Pistons, Magic. (Mostly Bulls) The west had Phoenix and Utah (and Houston when Jordan retired) but that was about it. Now, The Spurs, Lakers, Kings, Mavs, Blazers, Wolves, and Suns could possibly finish in the top 7 spots in the east with the Pistons finishing 8th. The power really swings. Kind of like the NFC in the 90s with the Cowboys, 49ers, and Packers. The conference championship game is the real superbowl. The same will go for the NBA this year. GMG, Jason
  14. Can't say I disagree with you. Are there such thing as other boards? GMG, Jason
  15. Oh yeah, Iron Man you're right about DFW fans, we are an impatient bunch. The Kings a few years ago had something the Mavs don't have: Chris Webber. Maybe Dirk will learn to play a post up game or we can get a scrapper inside, but until that happens, we're in trouble. I don't think Cuban is going to wait around that long. I've got a bad feeling this team WILL look different next year if we don't turn it around. Right or wrong that's very well what might happen.
  16. I do remember how bad this team was and we've come a LOOOOOONNNGGGGG way, I was just commenting on what the general feeling is out there. A lot of people are saying this could be Don Nelson's last season, blah, blah, blah. Mark Cuban himself is starting to get impatient. Look at our losses in this season's playoffs. Game 6 against Portland was the biggest giveup I've seen in a long time. Tonight was pathetic. When the Mavs hit their jumpers they win when they don't they lose. It's that simple. When we won the first 3 games in the Portland series, Dirk was what, 75% from the 3-point l
  17. Wow, 98 points through 3 qtrs. What a disaster. You think there is one Sacramento King that is even the least bit scared of the Mavericks? They own us. Plain and Simple. It's probably already a foregone conclusion but, if we lose game 2, I hope everyone got a good look at this team, because it WILL NOT look like this next year.
  18. This may be a little off the subject, but I thought Maurice Cheeks made a classy move helping out the 13-year old girl with the national anthem. For those that didn't see it, this poor girl was singing the national anthem and totally froze. Cheeks came over, put his arm around her and helped her sing the rest of the song. The look of shear relief was something to see as she thanked him after the song. What a classy move by a guy that coaches a bunch of classless thugs. GMG, Jason
  19. The NBA does its seeding for the #1 and #2 seeds based on Division Champs. San Antonio had the best record and won the Midwest and Sacramento won the Pacific, so they are the #1 and #2 seeds respectively. Although Dallas has a better record than Sacramento, Sacramento won their division, so they get seeded higher. Home court advantage, however, is based on record. If Dallas wins its first round series and Sacramento wins its first round, Dallas will play Sacramento and have homecourt advantage despite being the lower seed. Then, the Mavs' better record is taken into consideration. I don'
  20. Wow, thanks Austin Talon! I've downloaded a few and can use them elsewhere. (I've gotta stick with my BK avatars for now). Thanks again. GMG, Jason
  21. I love these kind of threads. And I'll tell you something else, I'm surprised at all the students on the board!! This is great!! I have to say, I thought alot of you were alumni instead of students and it's great to see you guys and gals supporting YOUR school. I know alot of the students on campus think supporting their University is stupid (is the word "losers" too strong?) Those people have never been a part of something and their attitude flat out sucks. I have really seen a change in only 2-3 years since I left, and it makes me proud! Keep up the good work and we believe in the Mean
  22. My name's Jason, I graduated Aug. 2000, BBA in Mgmt. I live in, you guessed it, The Colony and work in Dallas. I'm currently in my second semester of Grad School at the greatness that is UNT (I forgot how much I missed going to class ) I bought season tickets last year made all the home games, TCU and the bowl and have renewed for next year, going to OU, N.O. (that's right, again) and am seriously considering going to NMSU. Brandon Kennedy's my hero, so I'll keep him as my avatar ( I just may change BK photos as I go along) Nice to meet ya!
  23. I think we should paint a huge mural on the side of the new stadium facing our disgruntled neighbors. We could paint some pretty trees, a lake, some grass and a big pretty sunset and some birds. That way, they can look out their windows and see the "beauty" they are so gonna miss.
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