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  1. Congrats Plumm!! You're history making post was perfect. If we had more fans like you, we would already be in a BCS conference. Here's to the next 7,000. Go Mean Green.
  2. **speaking from a total football perspective** Players can start studying now, start getting fired up now, and have MTSU on their minds for two weeks getting ready for the biggest game of the year. I think this is a good thing. They can forget LSU. The season starts September 10th.
  3. Well let's see, Plumm's 7000th post, an average of 1,000 words per post, hey, you've typed 7 million words on the 'ole board! Not bad for a fan of the team that sits "at the great real estate that is I35E and I35W in Denton, TX..........."
  4. Well, I have directv and if I'm not mistaken, if it's on ESPN Gameplan, it's on ESPN Gameplan regardless of cable, satellite, whatever. The Gameplan schedule is on ESPN's website but I don't think it's complete. It appears they still have a few games to add. I still can't believe the game won't be available live somehow.
  5. Is there really no way to watch this game live on TV? There's no PPV? Texas last year, OU the year before, Texas the year before that, they were all live on PPV in some fashion! LSU is still covered by Fox Southwest right? Are they not going to offer this on PPV? I've heard about the late night replay for this game, but that usually follows a live PPV. Anybody know for sure?
  6. When and where will merchandise with the new logo be available? Are they selling it at Voertmans or the book store? Will they have mini helmets with the new logo on it? I'm needing to upgrade the wardrobe.
  7. Good job guys!!! I wish I could have been there!! Here's to the MG this year!! GMG BABY!!!!!!!!!
  8. excellent pictures good job guys I'm so glad to be a fan and an alum of UNT. There's not a group in the metroplex that can feel the pride that I feel.
  9. I would love to say 3-1 or 2-2, but I've seen it too much the past few years in OOC play. As I take off my green tinted glasses, I see them going 1-3. Losses to LSU and KSU and beat either LaTech or Tulsa. (as much as it hurts to say, the edge goes to LaTech on the road) Until I see otherwise......................
  10. It is now August 11th. Our nationally televised game with Troy is Tuesday, October 4th. Walk into your bosses office tomorrow and request to be off by 2:00 or 3:00 on that day. Request now to trade with someone if you work some kind of shift. Take a day of vacation that day. You have 2 months to plan for that game. Athletic Dept. put something in the mail now. Send out an email. NT Exes, send out an email. Remind everyone associated with North Texas that the game is on a weeknight. "Get off early that day! Tuesday, October 4th, 2005!" --- Something There is no excuse to be late arriving to that game. I call B.S. on anyone that uses the commute from Dallas or Ft. Worth as an excuse not to show up and be in their seat at kickoff. You have plenty of time. Thank you.
  11. Well, granted, I didn't see him in the spring game (9 for 24?) but reading and talking to some that did plus reading and talking to some that saw him in practice gave me the impression he really needed to work on his accuracy. I don't think the coaching staff is going to say the QB they've got pegged to start is going to have problems completing passes next season. The point I was trying to make is that losing Byerly's running ability doesn't bother me that much. We don't need another runner. Good grief, we've got the top two runners from the past two seasons. And if we DID need another runner, although it might have been cool to see Byerly cream a few linebackers, Meager's the faster of the two anyway. (again, just going by what I've read). We need someone to take the pressure off the O-line and Patrick and Jamario. Plus, as far as experience is concerned, they both would have come into the fall even in my book. Neither one has enough experience to give a huge advantage.
  12. I keep reading that losing Byerly's running ability hurts us. I don't understand that. All indications are he couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. We've got two back-to-back rushing champions right? We don't need a third running threat. We need someone who can stretch the defense when they've got 12 in the box next year. He doesn't have to do much, but completing a pass on play action is going to be the difference between winning and losing this year. Period. Besides, all indications are Meager's a little more accurate and even faster than Byerly. As far as their "experience," I don't think Byerly really had enough to make a huge difference anyway. This may be a blessing in disguise and if Meager is as advertised and stays healthy, we could be set for 4 more years at QB. With the youth on this team, imagine what they're going to look like in '06.
  13. There's several million reason$ why Mack Brown won't be fired...... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. First of all, I guess I feel a little bit better now than I did after the UT game. At least we showed something. But, we still got routed by a Colorado team that very well could finish .500 on the year in a weak big 12 north. So, I'm going ahead with cautious optimism. Offense Super Jamarioooooooooo!!!!! All I can say is wow, but we need to be saying super offensive line. They were great yesterday. If I'm Patrick Cobbs, I've got to be shaking my head on the sidelines watching CU's linebackers actually have the thought in their head that we may pass the ball, by the time they figured it out, Jamario was running by them. THAT'S WHAT A BALANCED OFFENSE DOES. Before we start comparing Patrick and Jamario, Patrick hasn't had a chance in hell all season. Plus the O line looks like it is gelling quite nicely now. They've been dominated in first 2 games but of course 5 blocking 8 is tough for anyone. The gameplan yesterday had a lot to do with 247 yards rushing. If we would have had this game plan against FAU, we would be going into Waco with a chance to come out of OOC 2-2 heading into the MTSU game. I hope the coaching staff keeps it up. The receivers had a really good day, I was glad to see Quinn do something after being absent the first 2 games. I still for the life of me don't understand why Andy Blount still carries the ball like a loaf of bread. That was a perfect hit, but man, that changed the landscape of the whole game and we never recovered. If we would have gone up 21-14, who knows what would have happened. Overall, I have to say I was more than pleased with the offensive plan, effort and execution. Please keep it up!!! It was a blast to watch. Defense Ugh. I can't believe our defense has gone from a top 20 defense to #114 (as of this morning) in just 2 years. I just don't know what to say. I know losing those players was tough but man, are we this pathetic? I would just like for us to have an average defense. Even average for the Sunbelt would do at this point. Our "marshmellowy pillow soft" zone coverage is getting us killed. It usually takes me a few games to get to the point where I just accept that 8 yard completions are the norm for our defense and it seems they're ok, even on 3rd and 6. But it seems like it gets softer and softer every year. I don't know what the hell Kenny Evans is doing, but he needs to do something. Do we miss DeLoach that much? Why go and sign a "true cover" corner if we're gonna have him sitting back 10 yards deep from the receiver? The excitement I have for our offense is cancelled out by the concern I have for our defense. Man what a difference 2 years makes. Maybe these guys are trying and thinking too hard. Maybe they just need to go out and play some damn football and stop trying to not make mistakes. This is supposed to be a really athletic defense, maybe the defensive coordinator needs to take a note from the offensive coordinator and open up the defensive playbook and turn these athletes loose. DID YOU EVER THINK YOU WOULD HEAR THAT?! The conservative play on offense has been frustrating but how about the conservative play calling on defense? The bend don't break defense doesn't seem to be working anymore. I hope these guys figure something out in a hurry. Special Teams Kadlubar was awful yesterday and Nick missed a 41 yard field goal. How about Phillip Graves? That dude's an animal on special teams. Nice one armed tackle on one punt return. I thought he tackled him by his nads at first. Overall I feel better but we still got blown out again. I love the way the Sunbelt is playing so far, Ark St takes Memphis to the edge, Troy beats Missouri, FAU is playing really well, then NMSU turns around and beats Troy. It would be nice if we could include UNT in all this Sunbelt talk. I guess we will be forced to run the table again. It's gonna be really, really difficult. The rest of the conference can smell blood in the water and they're not scared of our defense this year.
  15. Well, I think there used to be one up on University, I think it's closed now. You should probably go to Walmart on the Loop. It's a little more conveniant.
  16. I just wish a bunch of our alumni would open their eyes instead of being cowards.
  17. I'll go ahead and reply to this post. I'll bet anything that Keyshawn will be in the Cowboys' training camp in August. Trust me, I have my sources.
  18. Plus, according to Chris Mortonson on ESPN, NFL teams aren't allowed to give their own drug tests. Only the NFL is allowed to do the tests. Evidently, (again, according to ESPN at 5:00) the NFL may be investigating Jerry Jones and the Cowboys right now. If Jerry Jones' "health screens" (quoting ESPN) are actually drug tests that caught Q-Car, then the Cowboys could be in trouble. (Keep in mind there are so many rumors swirling right now, no one knows what actually happened). WOOOO-EEEEE!!! I know the Rangers where getting too much attention in August/September. This is the Cowboys' time of year and Jerry and the 'Boys know where they belong, huh.
  19. I have to say, I'm really disappointed. I was looking forward to this season and pulling for Quincy. He was coming off a 10 win season, over 3,000 yards, etc. He would have possibly had a better running game, he would be in the 2nd year of this offense, etc. He seemed to be taking more of a leadership role (at least verbally) and he had even talked about running more. (which I thought he should have been doing more of anyway, he's a heck of an athlete) Vinny's great and all, but with this O line, I'll be surprised if he survives past week 4. Then we've got Henson and Romo. I even heard one rumor of them bringing in Doug Flutie. I'm just really disappointed in Quincy. I thought he was a pretty good person. (Assuming the rumors surfacing about him are true) I wonder what went wrong and when he started all this stuff. He seemed to be a pretty down to earth, family guy. You just never know any more.
  20. I guess they don't research the players' real life academics very well either, huh. Isn't Patrick's GPA still a 3.2?
  21. Looks like Baylor has a national championship under their belt. Their men's tennis team won the national title this year. I hate Baylor as much as the next guy, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. National Champs, pretty cool.
  22. That's great. I was discussing this with some guys and if someone came forward and put this on pay per view, charged $30 or $40 bucks a pop. It would probably be the highest grossing ppv event of all time. I can't belive the NCAA and big university presidents, whose #1 priority is $$$$$$$ can't see the posibilities holding this game would bring. Too much red tape I guess.
  23. OH my gosh!!! All that, go 80 yds in 11 seconds, laterals, handoffs, score the TD and then the kicker shanks the extra point to tie it up. Saints lose and are out of the playoffs. OUCH.
  24. I've always thought a packed super pit would look pretty cool. I'm expecting a big crowd, I want to see the seats filled to the ceiling.
  25. Well, let me just say there are also a number of us that are happy he's here and hope he doesn't go. I've been as critical about DD in the past as anybody, but I was big enough to express my unhappiness with him in the past and now I hope we can be big enough to say we were wrong. I just hate to see a coach that has led this team to the longest conference win streak in the nation get so much negativity. There are 117 D1A teams in the nation and I'll bet that over half would love to have DD and the players he and his staff have recruited. If he takes an "us against the world" attitude and his players follow along with it, so be it. Look at what he has done. I don't think it's a coincidence that it took 4-5 years of he and his staff's recruiting to get us rolling. He took over a team that was going no where and literally, built it from below the ground up. Look at what the offense has done. I firmly believe, our "poor" offense would have been better last year, but injuries forced DD to manage the team and not sacrifice the big picture. Are we supposed to beat the OUs, Arkansas, and Air Forces of the world? Not yet. I just don't understand where all the expectations come from. Should we have beat Arizona last year? Maybe, the refs screwed us out of that win. South Florida? 5 turnovers by an offense led by a really young and inexperienced QB lost that game. No ones fault, it happens. We're on the verge of our first 9 win season since Hayden Fry was here and it's just not good enough for some. Why? I don't want a coach pressing palms, kissing babies, and kissing my arse. Just win baby. So DD brings up the negativity in the past and uses it to get a bunker mentality with his players. So what. If anyone thinks the sky wasn't fallng after the Monroe loss in 2001 they're crazy. He hasn't said anything that's not true. There was a lot of negativity!!! If you aren't one of the ones calling for his head, then he's not talking about you! Positive vibes!!! I just wish we could get behind DD and his staff and let him know, "you know what, we were wrong, you were right, we were unfair to you 3-4 years ago, and we're here for you." The frustration from an extreme minority comes because maybe you have said "we're sorry, you were right" and he hasn't come around yet. I remember his interview at the Rangers game last season during Mean Green night and he commented how "the Mean Green nation is growing." He's not stupid, I think he knows exactly what he's doing. That's obvious in the fact that he stuck to his guns, didn't sacrifice the ONGOING big picture of NT football and keeps on keeping on. I think he just really rubbed a few the wrong way and pride is not letting some get passed it. That's fine. He agreed in the ESPN Radio interview that it comes with the job. Once again, he's not stupid. Some of the frustration comes from watching other mid majors pull big upsets. How'd that work out for them? La Tech beat Michigan State and so what? They turned around and lost 3 out of 4 conference games, getting blown out by Tulsa 48-18. Nothern Illinois? They beat Maryland and an underachieving Alabama team and then lost to Bowling Green and Toledo by a combined score of 83-48. Toledo pulls the upset against Pitt and then gets drilled by Syracuse 34-7. As far as his players coming to UNT in "tough conditions" he's right!! We've had the worst facilities in D1A, terrible alumni support and yet he and his staff finds these diamonds in the rough that probably realize in their 3rd year here when they're all conference that, "damn, I could be getting the royal treatment in Austin, or Waco, or ugh!!, Universtity Park," but they come to practice, go in our less than glamorous locker rooms and work their tales off for UNT. I see nothing wrong with giving them credit for that. We can't make up for 20 years of mediocrity in 5 years. There's not a program in the nation that has done more with less. I see nothing wrong with being proud of that. When we get PMG's "John Q Moneybags" to write that check, we'll be in heaven. I think it's gonna take longer than the average program to get this thing turned around to where we have the potential to go. We've just got more to overcome than other programs in the nation. I really do believe DD, V V and the whole athletic staff has a plan and they've won 15 out of their last 18. We're on the right track!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, we just might miss him when he's gone.
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