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  1. Just speculation, the way I read the box score it looks like she received back to back yellow cards (79 & 81 min). Two yellows = 1 red I believe it's one game suspension for 2 yellow cards and two games if it's for violent behavior.
  2. Can this be true..?? https://www.sportsmanagementdegreehub.com/the-universities-that-spend-the-most-on-athletics/ Really stepping up supporting our athletes!
  3. I couldn't agree with you more UNTlifer. I had in mind TT facility as a benchmark of what our facility could be and it certainly looks like it will be right there..... (I've also seen TT facility a few times while my daughter played at UNT). Hedlund has done an outstanding job of recruiting and drawing fans to see a consistently good product, all the while having very average facilities. My hope is with the upgraded facilities it will draw more students (will be nice not to buy food from a trailer and pee in a trailer ..lol), along with helping Hedlund recruit that extra depth to take his ladies deeper into the tourney. You can see from the 2016 numbers the Big 12 supports their women's soccer teams pretty well. In the past we've beat TCU, Baylor, OU, TT so I'm hopeful we can also beat them in attendance someday!
  4. Wow...thanks for posting. I was wondering how the progress was coming along. In the original plan I thought the seating was going to be for 1,500. I can't speak for track, but for big soccer home games vs SMU, TCU, OU, Baylor, etc. soccer can exceed 1000. Beautiful facility!
  5. Very excited for the soccer ladies! My guess it will either be UT or Texas A&M in the first round of the tournament. Hoping for UT as TAMU is playing really well.
  6. Cheering in the car!!! Whoooooo hoooo.
  7. Specialty teams!....Trevor Moore was outstanding; Punt & kickoff coverage was awesome (Little Neon did nothing); Kenna 47.7 punting average and Macek 2 punts inside the twenty. Smuts were on their heals all day.
  8. Cancellation is not a big surprise....Baylor tied McNeese State 0-0 in their last home match (UNT beat McNeese 2-0), which knocked Baylor out of the top 10 in the national rankings. Wasn't going to take much for Baylor's coach Jobson to walk away from this match.....opportunity was there and she jumped on it!
  9. Yep....two goals in three minutes. Final 4-2 loss
  10. Hedlund video where he talks about recruiting Rachel Holden and possibly having the most potent offense in school history. Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10101824681505670&set=vb.130759533603911&type=2&theater
  11. Great Night out at the Mean Green Soccer Complex....weather was beautiful and it was great to get a first peek at this years soccer team. Also, great to see the alumni out there - these girls are the foundation of traditionally UNT's most successful athletic program. First the game, the Mean Green routed the alumni (lost count of goals)....but it could have been 8-9 to 0. The starters were dialed in and both offensively and defensively. Needless to say this is a night to honor our alumni, most of whom are starting their careers with soccer in their rearview mirrors - but their were many areas of excitement. * The starting attacked looked outstanding (Freshman Rachel Holden looks like the "real deal" - with a hat trick). Also, Sophomore Amber Haggerty may have also scored a hat trick. The ball movement and passing really looked good. * Defense didn't give up a goal * Midfield controlled the game Other notes.... * GK - Jackie Kerestine - did not play due to injury (team will need Jackie against their tough schedule) and Soph. Haley Riley kept a clean sheet (although not too much pressure). THE BIG SURPRISE...... Hedlund signed senior transfer Vanessa Ibewuike. Vanessa signed out of high school with Purdue where she was named to the Big Ten All-Freshman team. In 2011 she transferred to Texas where she ranked 3rd on the team in scoring. Sat out 2012 with an injury. I do know that SMU (where her ex-Texas coach Chris Petrucelli is now coaching) was in consideration for Vanessa. I've known for a while that there was interest in Vanessa, but didn't realize we landed her till I saw her on the field. This is just another example of how well Hedlund has developed this program. Link: http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/w-soccer/mtt/vanessa_ibewuike_860068.html Haggerty, Holden & Ibewuike should be a handful up top! GMG
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