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  1. An SEC recruited QB?!? I had no idea. This makes more sense now. No wonder I and many others liked what we saw, despite limited play time. It was difficult to put my finger on why, but he looked like a quality QB. He appeared in-command, comfortable, fluid, confident, quick on his feet, and bla bla bla... I posted this too many times now. SEC QB.... hmmmmnnn... and were still having QB tryouts week 2 into the official season.
  2. I know Woody came from Division II-A. Does anyone know his background or done any research on him? I'd like to know his performance stats previous to UNT.
  3. Check my response from a few responses back. I caught it. I also took some heat from at least one person that didn't like my analysis. Bottom line to me: DD's scaling down.. silliness, loser mentality. More QB competition... pointless. He's worked with Matt and Daniel for 1.5 years. He knows what they can do. And these negative comments come from a DD neutral-to-slightly positive supporter. I thought for sure he'd say something different than was reported in that article.
  4. I don't think our players are too stupid either. That's why I was complaining that DD wants to simplify things. The funny thing is that many people in this forum saw alot of good things in the UT game, despite our loss. For example, Woody Wilson, our defense, etc. DD saw the opposite: go back to the drawing board, start over, and resume the quarterback competition. Instead of going back to the drawing board, why don't we do more of what we did right, and continue to have the players work harder to memorize/practice the playbook? I know they are a capable, competent group. I wish DD exuded this confidence in them. As I said before, I say these things knowing the article came from a newspaper, but since that is all we have to go on right now, then that's all we can talk about. I'll revise my statement if I hear DD speak otherwise in the upcoming coaches show.
  5. How is that twisting words? DD is saying I have too many plays that I don't think they learn in time or that they are too complex. What else does it mean? Why do WE have to have a limited playbook? What is special about our team, when other teams can have "complex playbooks"? Believe or not I am actually POSITIVE about our team. But this doesn't sound winner talk to me. Granted it was a news article so you have to approach with caution. However, best I can read from this forums' posts, DD is making alot of statements that alot of people here hoped he wouldn't. Time will tell.
  6. Simplify the game plan? What a slap in the face of our players. He thinks their stupid or something? He has that little confidence in his players ability to learn? He brought out the "complicated game plan" against UT?? I saw the same or similar damn running plays throughout the UT game. Sounds like DD is trying to blame the players now. I have only been at UNT for 1 year and have been a neutral DD fan, but that may be changing. He doesn't seem to talk like a winning Division 1-A coach - even against UT that was evident. Oh - and the QB competition continues - I'll hold my breath b/c I've already posted numerous times what that would mean against SMU and the rest of our schedule. I am so pissed!
  7. I agree. We need the competition calling us out. Keeps us honest, and makes this forum more interesting. Strongly disagree with stAte, but keep it classy... my humble opinion.
  8. Meengreensports.com (football area) has a ridiculous poll that ask you to vote on the following question: "What excites you most about this weekend's North Texas / SMU Football game?" The selections are (1) winning the game (2) tailgating (3) the pep rally. HUH? They have to ask? Scary. GoMeanGreen members please go vote and let UNT know that WE WANT WIN.
  9. We absolutely need a coaches show! Forum members constantly analyze the coaches and their decisions. We rant and rave, and occasionally compliment. I believe that a coaches show allows coaches to confirm, disaffirm, or outright reject what we are saying (not that this is the coach's goal or that they even care what we say). They may also provide alternative perspectives that we may not have considered. Like it or not, they know more about the team than we do. Members make judgments based from the outside looking in, and we certainly can't rely on the sports media for our information. Lastly, providing TV and internet based UNT sports coverage can NEVER be a mistake. We need all the exposure we can get!
  10. Believe it our not, I am excited about our offense. Once DD gives the honors over to Woody (he better!), and Woody gets into his groove with our receivers and Jamario, we are going to give everyone hell. SMU PREDICTION: We will spank SMU. I'll make a Tulsa prediction after the SMU game, but I have a gut feeling, I'll say that Tulsa will have it hands full. DISCLAIMER: If Meager returns as starting QB, or DD does the Texas Two (or Three) Step Shuffle in the QB position, then I withdraw every thing I said.
  11. Please come back to the boards on October 21 after the UNT Vs. Arkansas State game so we can reassess the record of both teams. I do congratulate you on your victory however. Sunbelt can only progress as conference if our teams start winning more legit OOC games.
  12. Tackling, or the lack thereof, is one of my biggest concerns. This is a correctable problem though. Maybe tackling 101 was overlooked in practice. They need to focus on this ALL week. I still can't wonder if players just didn't want to get hurt in a loosing game and were hesitant to bang with UT - inexcusable in my opinion - but that is really more of coaching problem as the players adopt the coaches attitudes. Or maybe the UT players were just so good we just couldn't hit them - I doubt this though.
  13. hehe.. you go with your bad self. I'd show but unfortunately I have to miss our biggest home game this year b/c I have to be at a damn conference in Atlanta. I'll watch the game on the internet though... I don't care what workshop I miss!
  14. Did I read that someone is "Meager guy"?? On what basis do you make judgments on who you root for? Is he your brother or cousin or something? I don' mean to call someone out for liking a mean green player, but sheeeezzz what did Meager do last year that warrants strong supportership?
  15. My limited college football experience tells me that if (1) Woody Wilson takes the snaps in BOTH practice and the game, and (2) our defense works on tackling all week long, we will win against SMU.
  16. They have every right to score as many points, as often as they like. If we don't like it, then play better. GO MEAN GREEN AGAINST SMU. I think we'll pull this one out!
  17. You are correct in your analysis in that we should demand more from our football program: NO DOUBT. However, we can demand more while at the same time analyze our chances to succeed or fail this year. These are not mutually exclusive. I think our future success will rely on re-energizing local smack downs (like the SMU game), where we can sell out our stadiums and generate more $$$$. After all, this is what it often boils down too.... recruiting budgets, new stadiums, state of the art everything... etc. sad fact, but true.
  18. I haven't seen SMU play before, but I feel good about our chances against SMU at home just based on the limited knowledge of SMU's previous (and today's) performances. I completely withdraw this statement if DD continues the QB competition in this game. Woody Wilson made as big a statement as a QB could in a blowout game against the national champs as well as the best college team money can buy (air conditioned vests! for crying out loud!). Woody was no doubt the most athletic and better QB today. I don't know how Meager could even be considered in the SMU game. I fear DD loyalty to Meager could get in the way though. LET'S WHIP SMU!
  19. You raise some very valid points. BTW, I have nothing whatsoever against Phillips either. In fact, I originally rooted for him to take Meager's role. But then reports started coming in about Woody's athleticism, and I had gut feeling he'd be our man. Back to your observations. Phillips was without a doubt, a sitting duck. They'd ram us right up the middle when he was playing.. which also killed the run. The Phillips sack near our own end zone (in the 4th Q I think) highlights this predicament as Phillips literally stood there and watched himself get sacked. Woody looked very confident even under pressure.. he almost appeared to welcome the pressure because it gave him a chance to run. The coaches just need to polish his decision making so he doesn't fall into a "I'm getting the hell out of here" QB role at the first sight of pressure, before the play has a chance to develop. They also need to work on PROTECTING THE FOOTBALL when he does run. The fumble today worries me a bit. With that said, I am very excited about Woody. I think he may be the key to a bright 2006 season, at least in the Sun Belt. I am very proud of our boys, especially the defense - they played their hearts out today!
  20. I very excited about Woody Wilson! Marching down the field for 80 yards against the best defense in the country didn't happen by mistake. Woody looked calm, collected, fast on his feet, a relatively strong thrower, and he adds another dimension to our game with his mobility. You never know what Woody is going to do! He may be fumble prone like many out-of-pocket QB's, but that can be worked on in practice. I know this may be a bit premature, but I am excited and hopeful for our season (assuming Wilson remains at QB. Please, no Meager or Phillips) with Wilson, Thomas, Quinn, etc. I only hope that DD makes his QB decision so that Woody (my pick) can take a majority of the practice snaps to work on timing issues with his receivers, etc. After all, 3 QB's = 2/3 less practice time with the starters! Lastly, as previously mentioned by someone in this post, it was real shame that DD benched Woody after that 80 yard drive. I recently posted my fears on this topic and they came true. Wilson should have remained in. We looked downright competitive with the personnel we had in at the start of the 2nd half. It appears DD doesn't value this as much as we do. DD said he was waiting on a QB to emerge....I'm afraid one QB did and he missed it. He was probably too hell bent on shuffling QBs to witness it.
  21. Damn! I am with y'all. I couldn't friggin sleep all night. I am sitting here with my eyes half shut in my UNT gear ready to watch the game. I hope we really surprise UT and the rest of the college world. If you are a real North Texas fan, let me hear you say, "DEFENSE!"
  22. My greatest fear was just confirmed after reading the GMG post that Phillips will start, but that Wilson will still see "considerable action." Nothing against Phillips: I am disappointed with DD. DD's quarterback indecision will kill us. Can anyone name a single team in the history of NCAA (or NFL) that a two (or even worse if Meager returns, then three) quarterback situation has worked? Having to look over your shoulder at your every move and knowing you could be yanked anytime drains spontaneity and timing from the QB position. You cannot rely on your instincts and over think each play b/c you fear a mistake - which of course, leads to more mistakes. As I recall, DD expressed similar indecision when faced with the Cobbs/Thomas situation last year. My greatest hope is that I have to post a retraction b/c DD and the Mean Green surprise us all! If I off base here, someone please set me straight b/c I want to have hope for this season!!
  23. It is very difficult to realistically determine our record at this point. We have no idea who is quarterback and now Quinn will be "playing with a hand cast." Several questions remain at other key positions from what I've read on this board. We can only hope that everyone on the team will step up so we don't have to suffer through another horrible season. I still have high hopes. Despite our lousy play last year, many of the SBC games were close. We appear to have a stronger team this season, so we may have a shot. Hopefully, Dickey has surprises in store.
  24. I haven't seem much posted on Jamario this past week or so. I thought I'd drum up some conversation. I recall reading a recent newspaper article that stated that Jamario had to sit out a recent scrimmage due to a sore ankle. Does anyone know anything about Jamario's current health/play status? Thanks! Chris
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