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  1. http://sportspolls.usatoday.com/ncaa/basketball-men/polls/coaches-poll/ North Texas now with 7 votes, up from 2 votes last week
  2. I ended up at the Sheraton Uptown, since I had an unused Marriott certificate worth 25k points. The question is, what casino are we going to?
  3. Courtyard ABQ Airport was $84/night It's 1.2 miles from stadium.
  4. Me too. ABQ is only 30 minutes farther to drive than New Orleans. ABQ also has casinos and skiing. Hotels are cheaper than NOLA. It will make for a nice weekend trip.
  5. I'm happy about this. A quality opponent, and a nice destination. ABQ has casinos and ski resorts, though it may be early to ski unless you drive up to Santa Fe. The timing sucks, but it is at least an afternoon Saturday game. Dallas Bowl is on Wednesday, the day after Christmas and nobody will be watching it.
  6. CBS just changed their projection. New Mexico Bowl North Texas vs. Boise State
  7. I don't know about a sell out, but it will be well attended if the weather is good. A little help from the local media would be beneficial.
  8. It used to be the Miami Beach Bowl, and was played in Marlins Stadium
  9. I didn't know there was a Frisco Bowl.
  10. Army 26,392 UTEP 26,108 ODU 18,872 UTSA 23,068 UAB 20,142 Lamar 19,592 Season Total Season Capacity Season Attendance % 134,174 183,000 73%
  11. Personally I'm hoping for the Independence Bowl. Most people will be off work for Christmas, 3 hour drive, and casinos.
  12. And about 20 years of consistent competitiveness. Wait... that's the same thing
  13. We're already talking about how Littrell would have won 5 games with this roster? I disagree. Seems that we had a lot more problems with this roster than coaching. Seth is going to need to completely rebuild this roster, and getting a late start on recruiting this year means he's going to need at least 4 years to put together his team and teach them how to play his system (which he also needs to build from scratch). I'm excited about this hire! It will be interesting to see how he recruits.
  14. Well.... we know how it turned out for Coach Taylor when he went to coach at college.
  15. "Let's analyze what's been working for us............. not a goddamn thing's been working for us!" Pretty much sums up the last 40 years of this program.
  16. Is that the shortest reign as interim coach ever?
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