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  1. They didn't have the game after everyone showed up...had to leave and go to the ESSC
  2. So besides Cool Beans....where else can a MG fan watch the game in Denton...(for sure, unlike my experience with Hooters and the Tulane game.
  3. I say for now...we should just limit to tow chants NORTH..........TEXAS and the other MEAN...........GREEN The chants are great and everyone gets involved (or should)....Being involved makes it fun and brings you back for the next game. Lets do it 2 -3 x per game.
  4. Well we got North Texas and Mean Green on everything...the pumpkin helmet gets them talking and our name mentioned, I would think.
  5. We complain about everything else, so why not the LOGO?
  6. I say black helmets, with large orange pumpkin on sides with NT cutout in pumpkin ,in green, with black and green uniforms. Should make the nat'l tv shows for interesting comments...all about pub...need to be a little different.
  7. No more Hooters for me (the restaurant that is)...ESSC for me..enjoyed the Tulane game (until the last play)...check it out folks
  8. But most , I think , do the State Fair , or are too drunk, or just don't want to go to two games in one day...I can see that !! Now if your at home watching it on TV...then get to Apogee as fast as you can.
  9. I tend to agree...they are total jerks and should be replaced...makes you not want to go to apogee for games.
  10. This is IT my friend...if we make yrds by passing, then passing it is...quit wasting our offensive downs by running, then 3 and out. DT has done what I consider a very good job and we have the receivers who can make plays....it is this conservative play thinking that has cost us so many games last year and this....this kicking a field goal early in the game (the one that was returned for TD) is just stupid in my opinion...this offense should be full throttle (like Baylors)...the play calling in the first half just sucked...and who's fault is that ? oh yea !!!
  11. Well said....this is spot on.....the play calling was stupid in the first half...but on the pregame interviews Mac and chico said that was what they were going to do and I knew we were screwed. and why would you kick a field goal when we did....we are in a struggle and should play "all out"...this is Mac's conservative football that almost always results in a loss...I knew when he sent the field goal squad out, that this would be the turning point, like so many times last year...just wasn't expecting it to result in a TD for Tulane.....So much of this loss results for the coaching and play calling....the personal fouls killed us....Mac and Chico killed us....why is we can all see this , but they can't???
  12. Agreed...question is if he will have to "walk the plank"....lets hope not.
  13. Is there going to be a game watching party at Hooters? Any other ones?
  14. I like the idea but I think 30K is lofty, but it shouldn't be. You don't want to discourage the fans if they feel the goal is not reasonable. Given our hx since the stadium opened I think I would set the goal lower...25000...which would be a huge improvement. If this has some success, then next year repeat at 27000...etc. So what would the prizes be....will they appeal to the students...thats important
  15. I'm afraid you are right..the faithful will always hang on to this, but winning is required, especially considering our history/record. I thought for awhile we were going to have a respectful score. The faithful knows we recently played LSU and KSU well, especially KSU, but no win...we have to win a few of these...like North Dakota State University...yes,we know that name, don't we. What this game did tell us is this team has character and can be a winner...at least in CUSA, maybe get in and win a bowl...it's a start. I like many others are at least excited about some of the things we are seeing.
  16. Not a bowl game, but if you haven't seen the movei "Harvard beats Yale 29-29" you might enjoy it...you will see a few ,now old, young movie stars talking about the game as well...its pretty good movie....I watched it on Netflix
  17. So, is there a watching party in Denton for the Georgia game?
  18. Interesting read..I was hearing Spring of next year to start construction, but it appears to have some significantly unresolved issues...will be great for UNT Apogee...but a room rate of $160 seems a little hight to me...perhaps a $125-130 rate...this is Denton ya know.
  19. yes...gurley...we better brush up on fundamentals this week !!!
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