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  1. If UNT is going to win this game, they had better improve the defensive secondary, have a pass rush and please, keep the offensive pedal to the metal...no damn conservative play or they will loose to a team that puts a lot fo points on the board...just hope DT plays a great game...and please, no 4 yrd passes when it is 3rd down and 6 yds are needed...don't take this team lightly...like UTSA was. GMG
  2. Does anyone know where the team will be staying or where most of the fans will be staying and partying at?
  3. Well,its been in the works for a long time now...this is the time frame I was given..hope it is true
  4. From my discussions with someone connected with unt at mgr level .....look for spring or early summer of next yr
  5. and many of the students that supported them...and never went to a bowl game...and the alumni who haven't been to a bowl game in at least 9 yrs and local promotion of the university....but any bowl is a good bowl...if you don't believe me just as La Tech !!
  6. One Last chance to hear the roar of a UNT crowd....NORTH....TEXAS...will last for years as the move on down the road and return as alumni
  7. Yea...sounds about right...maybe with some bonus bucks if he can get us in the top 25 or take us to a certain bowl game or games (and win), etc. He is always talking about "results" and "performance"...so..compensation should reflect this !
  8. Last time we planned on 10-12...had over 30. Don't know how many this time....so planning on 10-12...could be alot more.....It is a nice place, pretty good service, good food....it is in the group of businesses in the building across from TARGET...same parking lot....114 at 26 in Grapevine. I'm coming from Arlington, so I exit William D Tate, go to 114 and turn left, but exit into the shopping center on the right and never getting onto 114 Great to have you aboard !!
  9. Just talk with management at bottle cap in Grapevine they said it doesn't matter we still have the big TV with sound,lets show up and make the Mean Green shine in the Mid Cities...thanks
  10. Well aren't you special...for me ..simple...you want to watch big screen..tell me, I'll tell them, if there are enough we get big screen...perhaps you could send them some $ to help out your fellow mg fans
  11. We don't have enough folks to assure anything at bottlecap in grapevine....they will show the game..big screen...don't know...maybe if enough people show...I told them 30+...but I will them and tell them MAYBE 10....I owe this to them so they don't over staff for us...please contine to update his site...I can always call tomorrow and try to get / assure us a better deal
  12. Well...UTSA's rise in their program and our loss at the game boils down to 2 things (mostly) IMO...upper level school mgmt and game plan/offensive play calling.
  13. and you don't think the fans and alumni aren't a bit annoyed with him...and some of BS game plans and offensive play calling ?...They are...including me!
  14. Kng DL1....Per our discussion at UTSA game...you going the the Grapevine watch party at Bottlecap ?...UNT 90 ?
  15. OK...folks...we have a good time at the Bottlecap in Grapevine...but I have gotta get some numbers up so we can get the big screen tv promised based on the numbers I told them....30 + Rock and Roll...guys and gals !!!
  16. So true...not sure who is calling the plays and putting the game plan together , but that should change NOW.!!
  17. Well...were on. I have setup a watching party at Bottlecap Alley (Grapevine)for the Tulsa game. We had just over 30 people for the Southern Miss game...trying to ramp it up for this one, our last regular season game. We will have the Big Screen TV with Sound we will have some other smaller TV's as well Will have some reserved tables up front starting at 12:45 Burgers - Double Meat Burgers will be $3.90, plus add'l charge if you add other stuff on Burger Build your own Bucket 6 beers....domestics..mix and match...$12 bucket imports....mix and match $18 Guiness ...............................$24 We need to get an estimate of who can make it ASAP ,so I can make sure they have enough waitresses We will plan to have some other events, maybe with Mac, etc , there in the Spring If we get a bowl that is not HOD, but is an expensive trip...look for another event here !!!
  18. So why is this a must win game?.....because it tells us what kinda of coach we have....We have played some bad teams this year...idaho...Southern Miss, UTEP and we have lost a couple of games that could have been won with good coacing IMO...Tulane and yes,,UTSA. You have Larry Coker take a non existant program , without facilities, no hx, and not near the funding and in 3 years he is beating us. with our x Iowa State coach (whatever that means) and a new stadium in a great location and funding....so the reason it was a must win was because it is a benchmark of where this program really is....and this leaves big questions....Well we also beat Ball State and Rice..both pretty good., but IMO we should have had 2 more wins at this time.
  19. Was it ever....DT played like he did in the previous game..only worse....the play calling was just terrible, we were way too conservative....guys, so much of this is poor game plan and play calling. All you have to do is look at a good offensive team and you can see how we in no way match up in the routes and playing calling...and yes, often we play not to lose...this is a mistake. If we were having to depend on the offense to win, it would be tough very often. I warned everyone not to take this team lightly...they did put 35 points up against OSU and Baylor showed you just how tough that can be.
  20. It really doesn't matter which bowl we go to...that is...if we played like we did against UTSA...we will get our asses kicked...sad to say....right DT ? Mac?
  21. I agree...at his age and with his medical issues, he was almost among the departed...so things other than money take on new or more profound meaning....I guessing he wants to stay MEAN GREEN to the bone...be the HC for a few more years and see how far he can take us, see if he can put us in a position to need to add a deck on the student side...see if an AQ conference comes calling....lots of cool things for him to do right here in Denton Town. He has friends here, Skladany is here, Fry coached here....I'm just not sure he would want to pick up and start over again at this time...I hope not, but coaching changes are the nature of college football and if he wants to play that game, then we just have to find a new coach...now we have some cards to play, unlike years past.
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