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  1. I'm saying fans need to organize rather than bitch. Emails and banners are silly and unproductive. If you want accountability start an outside organization that raises money, organizes fans and puts the grass roots apparatus in place to cause change. Until then, I guess you can come here to bitch or send the silly emails be neither will have an impact.
  2. The problem with North Texas is the only accountability is through this board. While it's a great outlet for fans and Harry and his people do an incredible job, no on with authority takes it seriously. Until fans come up with an organizational structure to hold people accountable you will be waiting a long time for the type of performance we all want.
  3. The Athletic Director should make the hire. Come on guys, don't bitch about the reality of college athletics.
  4. How many of you that are calling for RV's head have ever managed employees? I'm speculating but guessing very few of you. RV fired Dan when he needed to be fired. He didn't wait to long and he gave him ample opportunity to get it together. That's what good bosses do.
  5. Winning is important. But in this day and age it's not as important as facilities. Our next coach will be stronger than the last, and that is partially due to the fact that facilities are in place and he will have a competitive salary. This wouldn't have happened prior to RV.
  6. Again, you guys must be newbies. The student vote was well orchestrated by the athletic department. It was passed after it had failed once before. The stadium should be named after Jeff Kline.
  7. You guys must not have been around the last couple of decades. North Texas is light years ahead of where we were even five years ago. Yes, there are problems that have to be addressed but having large donors for RV to answer to is not one of the problems.
  8. Question? Why should RV care about anyone's opinion other than the large donors? They're the ones getting facilities built and moving the program along. I'm sorry, if you think being a season ticket holder at 150 gives you a voice guess what? It doesn't.
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