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  1. So, we lost three and hired one? Are they prepping Evans to take DD's place in the future? Seems to me that the loss of Bell, Malone and Atterbury will hurt the most in recruiting especially in the Houston area. I would hope that the new coaches are in place by the start of Spring practice.
  2. UNT signed 4 DB's last year and two players that have been moved to DB. One of the DB's, Oubre, probably won't pan out, but that still leaves 5 DB's not counting Weathers.
  3. Is the fight story true or just a rumor?
  4. Again, did we offer Turner a scholarship or did DD decide that there were other needs more pressing at this time like, DL, OL, etc...?
  5. Too much. They suck, always have, always will.
  6. I can think of two coaches that they negative posts have been pointed at, DD and RF, and they are still here. The Admin is cutting NT's budget? Care to back that up with some facts.
  7. I didn't say I was pleased with our recruiting effort. Sure I wish we would have gone after and signed more 3 and 4 star recruits. I wish we would have gone after more kids in our own backyard and won. But, I won't place a grade on the young men we did sign until a couple of years down the road, minus the JUCOs. The JUCO's better perform immediately. I am not happy with DD, the persona he has of not caring, his lack of leading with discipline, his bad mouthing the fans and school in the media, allowing assistant coaches to go after fans in the stands without and consequences, etc.... I am not happy with the contracts our BOR and AD allowed to happen that have tied us to coaches that are not performing. Look back at some of my posts in regards to my true feelings. I don't think you will ever question what my feelings are. I just chose to lay off the negative stuff during the recruiting process, and I'm tired of beating a dead horse. I was very clear with my feelings and don't think I need to remind everyone with each of my posts. Considering all of the above, I still refuse to place a "grade" on this class until in the future.
  8. Or you just stop brushing all together to get that Mean Green look ...you teach your children colors by stating red, blue, yellow, orange, Mean Green.
  9. We better find someone that is a known comodity in the Houston market. Flanigan can't/won't recruit DISD and now our two contacts to Houston, Bell and Malone, are leaving.
  10. How can we even begin to assess a recruiting class until they've been given a chance to play? Examples: 1. Was anyone excited when NT signed a QB from Llano, TX? Turned out to be a pretty good linebacker named Brad Kassell. 2. Were any of you jumping for joy when we signed a 5'9" 190lb. running back from Tecumseh, OK by the name of Patrick Cobbs? 3. I don't recall ticker tape parades around campus over the signing of Scott Hall. 4. I seem to recall many, during the Fry era, pounding their chests over the signing of Milton Collins. He didn't pan out. Give these kids some time to develop and then see how you would rate them. Some will exceed expectations and others fall woefully short, but at least give them a chance.
  11. PMG, why don't you call him up and bend his ear instead of eating up nearly an entire page of this thread?
  12. Hey, I wish him well in Oklahoma and wish he would have worked out here. I just hate we used a scholarship on him, but then again, many players don't always work out.
  13. The true grade can be assigned in 2 or 3 years.
  14. I noticed something interesting on the two running backs from Houston NT was recruiting. Nathan Guillory signed with Coffeyville, so I wonder if we placed him there. Nembhard still hasn't signed. Both are relatively small though.
  15. Heard he was a problem in the locker room also.
  16. I know. I was just making reference to him following his girlfriend. Sorry my sense of humor was lost on you.
  17. Carson Coffman ? No Victor Gill ? Greyshirt offer.
  18. Since my quote is noted in your post, I'm sure this was aimed at me. My complaint is that we should do both, pick a highly rated QB, go after him, but have a backup plan in place. Instead, NT goes after one, loses out on him to another school and has nothing to show for it.
  19. "Straight Arrow" Gennero's hospital room was in the Biology Bldg. if I'm not mistaken. You could see the Administration Bldg just outside his window.
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