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  1. 2 minutes ago, NorthTexasSportsNetwork said:

    How are you not surprised? It’s this generation. They “commit” somewhere and then when they see greener lands they leave for them and are usually not heard from again

    Oh, I know the generation.  Sometimes I feel people are thinking all of our commits are just here because they have no other choice.

    In all honesty, I am tired of the "form" tweet that says "respect me decision."  Why don't you say that when you commit?  How about honoring a commitment?  Same crap every year with these kids.  Respect is earned and you haven't done that.  People like Christian Lee earn respect by committing, sticking with their commitment and then helping recruit other kids to the program.

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  2. 19 hours ago, El Paso Eagle said:

    The budgets of most California Universities have been suffering due to many reasons. Covid issues have been the breaking point for many and I am sure more are to come.

    True, but I had always left Stanford out of that equation considering they are not a public institution.  Here is an article stating how they arrived at which sports to eliminate.  Also interesting to note in the article, Stanford sponsors(ed) the most sports in D1 except for Ohio State, which sponsors an incredible 37 sports.



  3. Get it now, recover and play ball in the Fall.  

    To clarify, this was a "tongue in cheek" comment.  I am not advocating for anyone to catch this virus, or any illness for that matter, but if that many have it and the typical recovery/quarantine time for someone that has this illness and recovers is two weeks, it seems most would have anti-bodies by the time the season rolls around.

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  4. 21 hours ago, KRAM1 said:

    Perhaps using the Coronavirus thing as a cover to dump sports and budgets they have been looking to dump for some time just couldn't figure out a reason folks would believe. They now have that reason... Just a thought. And, I believe you will see other universities doing the exact same thing. Note, too, that Vanderbilt just cut the entire Athletic Dept SID budget...transferred it to the university's information office. You really think this wasn't a move Vandy had been wanting to make for some time? Coronavirus giving excellent cover for folks to do a lot of things...public schools, private schools, government agencies, pro sports, corporations, etc. 

    Vandy dropped their AD and athletic department back in 2003 so this is no surprise on their part. 


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  5. 7 hours ago, KRAM1 said:

    You seem to be totally clueless..you do realize that the guy who posted that is a public school teacher, right? I am thinking he knows just a tad more than you about the situation. I have a ton of respect for him. You..well, you might be just a tad too woke for me. 

    SSSHHH.  He's a teacher, doctor, infectious disease expert and he play QB for a make believe team.  They shout you down if you disagree with them.😂

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  6. 2 hours ago, SteaminWillieBeamin said:

    First - you think all the 'died of heart attacks' numbers are accurate? You think that EVERY person found in their bed dead has some magical autopsy and we know for 100% sure that they died of artery disease?  The answer is obviously no. We take the most likely cause and put it as the cause of death. So you wanting to not include excess deaths with high probably cause of COVID with all the COVID symptoms because they didn't actually get a test ... well... that is just crap. 

    1. That story is bullshit. I saw it passed around Twitter from people claiming to have a friend in their city where it happened. But even if were the case, it would help the story line of the administration that this a harmless virus. No harm done. 
    2. Huh?  I think you have a narrow view of what an "underlying condition" is. In reality, being a Boomer like yourself, it is an underlying condition. No doubt you have some artery blockage, or some high blood pressure, maybe a pre-diabetes going on... but otherwise normal and healthy and going on with your life. I still take this serious for you. 
    3. Yep - agree here. She was in the COVID is not serious camp and her parents sent to her to a "COVID Party" to build up her immunity. They didn't want to report that and try to take care of it locally, it was just a cold. Poor young lady paid the price. 


    1.  Heard it from more than one person, so I don't know if it is true or not, but I have no reason to believe they would lie to me.

    2.  Missed there Doogie.  I am officially not a Boomer, but I take that as a compliment.  No doubt I received a clean bill of health recently, no high blood pressure, not pre-diabetic, great blood O2 levels, great resting heart rate, etc...  Carry on with your off target assumptions Gen X'er.

    3.  Well, what you state was alleged but not confirmed.  Either way, this young lady had a list of "underlying issues" that didn't help her at all.

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  7. My issue with the numbers is how accurate they actually are and of the unfortunate deaths coded to the virus, how many of these people had underlying conditions?  Three things have stood out to me in recent days that cause me to question everything:

    1.  I have a friend in Dallas, and their parents decided to go and get tested.  They filled out the paperwork and after waiting almost two hours, left the clinic without being tested.  They were called a couple days later and informed that their tests were positive.  They informed the clinic that they were never tested to which the clinic responded by stating that they had their paperwork in front of them.  Again, they stated that they were not tested as they decided to leave after waiting for almost two hours.  A co-worker has a similar story.

    2.  A woman died of the coronavirus at our hospital on Monday.  She was a resident of a local nursing facility and 91 years old.  The lasts sentence of the report states "she had underlying conditions."  The local news reported the same on the evening newscast.  So, out of all of these deaths, how many had underlying conditions, what were the conditions and had compromised was their immune system prior to contracting the virus.

    3. There was an article on Yahoo! yesterday with the headline "21 Year Old Girl Dies After Taking Hydroxychloroquine."  After reading the article, it was revealed that she was a resident of Florida that attended a youth camp, didn't wear a mask and didn't practice social distancing.  Her parents self administer Hydroxycholoroquine and had her sit in her grandfather's oxygen chamber, all done outside the care of a physician.  She also suffered from a nervous system disorder, auto-immune disease and was clinically obese.  If someone had not read the article they would not know the true facts to the case.  The headline was disingenuous.  

    Take from this what you want, but I am tired of reporting that doesn't share all of the facts and also of how some of these deaths are being coded.

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