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  1. 9-3.  Because if I believed otherwise, what's the point of being a Homer?


    Sat, Sep 3
    Sat, Sep 10
    Sat, Sep 17
    Sat, Sep 24
    Sat, Oct 1
    Middle Tennessee
    Sat, Oct 8
    Sat, Oct 22
    Sat, Oct 29
    Texas-San Antonio
    Sat, Nov 5
    Louisiana Tech
    Sat, Nov 12
    Western Kentucky
    Sat, Nov 19
    Southern Miss
    Sat, Nov 26



  2. UNT doesn't have rivals.  A rivalry requires peers with whom an emotional and competitive history is forged.

    Nobody else in the FBS even thinks about North Texas, except as a potential warm-up game.  We haven't really been competitive with anyone since we returned to 1A/FBS football, except for the brief NO Bowl era.  Number 128 doesn't have peers.

    The G5 conference scramble keeps any long-term history from being developed.  Regionally, SMU really doesn't care about us, and we don't want to develop any attachment to the "new" FBS programs because, ya know, we're better.  Somehow. . . .

    I'd say North Texas really hasn't had any true rivalries since we exited the Southland Conference.

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  3. SEC.   It is the top of the college sports hierarchy.  If we're dreaming, dream big.  And really, it sort of fits geographically.

    I wonder what the "name your price" buy-in would be for that conference?  If the SEC came out and said they had 2 openings available to the highest cash bidders in the FBS, how much could they get?



  4. I wonder, though, what the value is to being "pummeled closer to home."  I don't recall what year NT played A&M at the old Texas Stadium, but that was effectively a home game for the Aggies.  The handful of green in the stands was almost meaningless. How does that help, other than padding attendance stats?


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  5. On 7/26/2016 at 3:43 PM, MGNation92 said:

    Yeah I typically sit on the student side because I'm still rowdy as hell and don't want to bother the old folks on the other side and in the early season games you get absolutely fried

    It looks like the September and October games are all at 6PM.  Is the sun/heat a problem that late?  I've never attended a game at Apogee (my time at UNT was pre-expansion Fouts Field), but am mighty tempted by this ticket package.

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  6. I am a UNT and Wesleyan/A&M transition graduate. 

    The mission and target market for the UNT law school is noble, but I think that mission was planned back when it was hard to find folks to take the public sector jobs.  Right now, any decent (and non-decent) opening that requires a JD get their pick of many applicants.  The job market UNT was targeting simply doesn't exist any longer.  Frankly, the job market as a whole just doesn't exist for baby lawyers.  If I were starting now instead of 6 years ago, I would simply not attend law school at all.

    The other side of the coin is more interesting.  SMU and A&M have both killed their night programs over the past several years.  That really used to be the Wesleyan niche -- the older professional who wanted a change but could not leave the Metromess.  A&M has abandoned those folks in an effort to refocus the school and move up the ladder.  Nobody was ever cross-shopping SMU and UNT.  So now, if you're in that position your only option is UNT.  One of the ABA complaints was that UNT is somewhat relying on an influx of would-have-been-Wesleyan folks to work out the school financials, but that UNT hasn't actually tried to find out if those folks still exist.  It's a valid concern.

    The physical location is exactly right.  That school, like A&M in Fort Worth, needs to be near real functional courts, firms, and agencies.  For those students, the importance of clinics and externships cannot be overstated.  Denton is fabulous, but it just doesn't have the infrastructure.

    Everyone involved in this plan -- with the exception of the students -- has to be looking at the school as a 30 year project.  I fully expect them to get past this and move forward.

    Now, can someone explain how this became a UNT Dallas program?  That part I just don't understand at all.

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  7. Frankly, the C-USA that we are in is quite clearly not the conference that was originally pitched to UNT.  The Sunbelt was an unrespected league of last resort, and now C-USA has taken on that same role.  Everyone is looking to get out and move up.  If we don't get out early, we'll be there forever. 

    MWC isn't a perfect solution, but at least there's some nationally known teams and a bit better recognition.  Both are critical for alumni support, and more importantly, for recruiting.

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  8. Three things for this local Alumnus


    1) Win some games

    2) Bring in some names we've heard of.  And no, old Southland Conference rivals do not count

    3) Make it easier to go to the game.  Until you have a rocking program, don't charge me to both park and enter the stadium.  Frankly, as long as you're playing the Holy Handgernade School of the Bible (Trenton), there are better things on which to spend the money.


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  9. The only thing really wrong with Denton is traffic.  I35 has become a parking lot for far too much of the day, and yes, that makes people angry.   Other than that, though, Denton is doing fine.  The downtown area is really booming, with a lot of the outer ring really developing with interesting independent shops.  The area around UNT is also redeveloping.  I won't say it's better (I still miss my Baby Stuffed Pizzas), but it's certainly cleaner and newer than it was.   The old Golden Triangle Mall got a facelift.   There's a new focus on the local politics, which I think can be credited to social media.  The airport is expanding.  UNT and TWU have record attendance year after year.  There are numerous art and film and music festivals pretty much year round.  If only we had football in this burg . . .

    Things are -different-, and I miss the small town this place used to be, but Denton isn't bad, and still at the core remains the same.

  10. I first graduated in 92 on a 6 year plan.  North Texas was always pretty terrible at football during that era. I didn't care, I was a member of Talons and bled green at the time. That said, the current terrible record isn't why I'm disconnected from the school.  There are basically three reasons:

    1)  The current school doesn't 'feel' related to my school at all.  What used to be a commuter music school is now a Borg-like entity eating that entire section of town.

    2) Someone changed my mascot and logos, and then picked a high-school color to replace our nice green.

    3) The only time I ever heard from the school for the first 10 years after graduation was to ask for money.  

    The Alumni Association better focus on their recent grads and try to build some school spirit while the kids are there, because they don't have much chance with folks like me.

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  11. 6 hours ago, ChristopherRyanWilkes said:

    I may be biased, but I think Wesleyan got hosed in that deal. Just the name change alone (practically the only change so far), they've become ranked for the first time, and increased their average LSAT by 4 points. Wesleyan would have probably made a lot more money holding onto it in the long-term but I think it was sold due to financial problems at the main university. Law schools are usually the only school within a university that turn a big profit. 

    Wesleyan Law had gone as far as it possibly could with its budget and resources.  The A&M land-grant budget and national name was a huge player in pulling folks with better numbers (I'm not going to say "better qualified"), and they've added a lot of well-known names in IP law.  I expect them to move up the rankings relatively quickly, following the Alabama model.   I just wish they had kept the night program, but I understand why they don't want students like my classmates and I anymore.

    Wesleyan/A&M '14

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