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  1. I'm very glad to be wrong earlier.
  2. No T25 votes this week. Strength of schedule is too weak. Had SMU taken TCU that would have helped, likewise if Ark hadn't choked last week. Bottom line is we're beating bad teams and FCS teams, and we don't know (and the coaches don't know) how good we really are.
  3. Looks like the Liberty game will be on ESPN3, but it's not listed in the chart above http://www.espn.com/watch/_/id/3430294/north-texas-vs-liberty-football
  4. That trick punt return gave us more publicity than we've had for years. Good thing it happened during a win 🙂
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. This place was great!
  6. I called Buffalo Wild Wings, but they won't be carrying it
  7. A little background to set context: I was there from 87 - 94 (RIP NTSU). I was in the Green Brigade, later in Talons, and even was in the Eppy costume a few times. I remember being at football games where the crowd may have been a couple hundred folks. I did the road trips to Armpit, Louisiana and to the BIG schools. Then I graduated (again). Life came along, as well as a couple of wives (not at the same time) and a career and all that jazz. Do you know how the big schools keep their alumni base charged up? They do so via televised sports. The ex-students may be 600 miles away, but they can spend 2 hours on a Saturday and feel like they are still part of the experience. North Texas? Not so much. In fact, UNT has been essentially non-existent on big media for decades. There's a ton of other things that take up time for adults. Going to a game takes much of the day if you do it right. The school needs to be a lot higher profile to get folks invested enough to go to the games. I'm impressed by the people on this board, because they are so invested. But to reach the other 216,000+ alumni claimed by UNT, the team has to be visible on the local channels -every- Saturday, people have to -know- that the game is on, and the team has to be competitive. Most importantly, we need to be playing teams that Alumni have heard of. Kansas may be terrible, but at least they're a name. Liberty? Incarnate Word? Nope. On a very positive note, the game day experience was amazing compared to the old days. Actual tailgating fans, the tent city with groups, and the greek letter row was a nice change (though the pledge boys doing the Tongan war dance was just painful). Looks like the push-up cowboys are gone. Apogee was a great environment. The only negative was the Green Brigade looking like State Farm phone support. Those guys should be in uniform. I don't know if that was a sufficient answer. Bottom line, for alumni to become basic fans, the game needs to be easily accessible so people can be excited about being Eagles. For basic fans to become casual fans, they need to get to a game. That game experience goes a long way toward "real fan".
  8. Here's my very casual fan view: it cost me about $100 for 2 tickets, parking, and food last weekend. I'm not going to spend that kind of money to sit in the rain and see a team I've never heard of. $100 buys a lot of other types of fun. If you want seats filled, the opponents really do matter. Before you start flaming me, consider that I'm at least interested enough to be on the fan board.
  9. Bad weather and the Little Sisters of the Blind as opponents will do that.
  10. Well, the paper tickets never showed up. I called the ticket office and they emailed them to me.
  11. Just wondering if I should be getting worried. Mine haven't arrived via snail mail yet.
  12. Greetings A buddy and I are planning on going to the opener this year (assuming I can get tix). The last time I went to a game the team was still playing at Fouts, and there simply was no Apogee. So, how does this work now? Is there a guide on UNT's site somewhere? Any good tips? Gracias -Tillman
  13. I'd still rather have Army. A service academy is a more prestigious opponent than your generic G5
  14. I just can't see the fanbase being too excited over Houston High. They weren't even a real influence back in the SWC days. P5 or bust. And I say this as someone who attended UH for a while.
  15. To heck with that noise. Take the bowl game, celebrate the bowl game, use it as a recruiting tool. This is a team that most expected to win 1 or 2 games. 5 or 6 is a huge change, and sets the stage for domination in 2017.
  16. And the 8 or 9 missing FBS teams? Scheduling would be disastrous year to year, if teams are jumping in and out of conferences.
  17. Thank you Mean Green for all the touchdowns vs. Army :)
  18. One game at a time. But I still like my 9-3 prediction. Of course, I had SMU as a win, so I'm not so smart.
  19. The Cotton Bowl hosts 3 football games during the fair: the Grambling game, the Texas/OU game, and the Air Force game. Maybe North Texas should look into an annual showcase against UTSA or UTEP at the Cotton Bowl during the last weekend of the fair. I'm sure we'd have to find a game sponsor to pay the stadium bill, but we might get some better coverage and could build a regional rivalry. Thoughts?
  20. I guess it depends on whether we take out a third opponent QB.
  21. Cheapest gas around by quite a bit, and Buc-ee Nuggets. That intersection is a disaster, though.
  22. Bama having a bad day thus far against Ole Miss. Bama having a bad day always makes me happy.
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