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  1. 30 hours without power so far.  A good thing that I bought a portable generator after The Big Freeze.  Window AC and fans are managing to keep the room comfortable.  Still no cable internet, but a phone hotspot is doing ok.

    I'm going to lose a lot of frozen food  😞  

    Still, it's better than having a tornado take the house out.  I can't complain too much.

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  2. 58 minutes ago, GBarksdale said:

    SMU will not compete in the ACC.  It’s going to be embarrassing for them

    I think the roadmap is to not be competitive in the ACC until they can buy their way into non-competition in the B1G


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  3. 5 minutes ago, dodgefan said:

    Liberty had the 133rd ranked strength of schedule, SMU was 80th. The AAC is sending our 17th ranked Champion to play a 6-6 Boston College team in their backyard. The Fenway Bowl, is where our conference could send a team that has six or seven wins, not our conference champion. If anyone questioned, why SMU paid the money to get out of this conference, you don't have to wonder anymore.

    They're leaving and had nothing positive to say on the way out.  I'm glad they get a lousy bowl.  And it appears that SMU is jumping from one G5 conference to another 🙂

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  4. With Delaware joining CUSA, 33 teams have changed or will change conferences since the OU/UT action.  That's about a quarter of FBS teams (including those moving up)

    You can also figure about another 6-8 when 2PAC works itself out after 2025.


  5. 13 hours ago, NTSU52 said:

    I can think of a lot of seasons in Denton that we would have been ecstatic to get 5 wins. In the 90s and mid to late 2000s especially. I know it’s not the season we wanted but alot of y'all need to look at where we came from before attacking Coach Morris and his staff.

    This is the horrid mindset that has mired North Texas in mediocrity for a century now.

    We are a top-4 size university in a football-crazy state.  The 80s and 90s damaged the brand terribly, but that was 30 years ago.  UCF didn't even have a football program 30 years ago.  App State has gone from FCS to national visibility in under a decade.  Liberty is a TOP 20 team, and has only been in FBS since 2018.

    Everyone else can improve.  Why, oh why, do UNT fans accept .500 (or less!) football as a goal?



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