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  1. Wasn't venegas a pretty highly regarded recruit? Nice to see him in the mix. He has some good size.
  2. The one thing I notice in all of these threads is noone looks at the contract issues. My understanding is we extended DD's contract through 2009. It amazes me that noone ever wants to consider the financial issues behind these decisions.
  3. I don't think that there is much that can be done because I think we gave JJ an extension after last season for 3-4 years. I am not certain if it is 3 or 4 as I have asked for clarification on that in another post. Anyway let's suport Johnny as he will get things turned around next year. He has a big guy coming in that will help.
  4. If he did how long is the term? Thanks.
  5. If he did how long is the term? Thanks.
  6. I realize that just saying if RV was to take that job we have a good candidate to replace him in house. Hank deserves a shot in my opinion.
  7. Hank has been very loyal to us having served for 14 years. He is very involved in the Denton community and has been in leadership positions with the Chamber of Commerce. He was the one who raised the money for the diamond vision screen. I hope like heck RV stays because he's been great for us. If he moves on I would hope they give Hank serious consideration.
  8. It took a lot of courage for Darrell to get up in front of the cameras after what he's been through.
  9. My fav is Santiago from down in that west texas town!
  10. Could it be that because we graduated so few seniors last year they don't have a lot of available scholarships? Just a guess?
  11. Is Plumb ok? Haven't seen him post here in ages. Hope he is ok.
  12. Sorry but the fact Dr. Pohl was let go is why RV is looking. Pohl hired RV and was his supporter. Now he is gone. If Rick could take a lesser job at ULL he would if it meant he had the love of his President.
  13. I can't believe what I am reading here. Why in gods name is RV interviewing with a rival school newspaper during recruiting? His comments clearly seem to downgrade UNT as opposed to Lafayette. Give me a break. "Rick just loves us" makes me want to puke. The fact that he is complaining to a writer for a school looking for an AD speaks volumes. He should be out raising money like he promised when he was hired.
  14. Football 1. Odus Mitchell 2 tie. Darrell Dickey 2 tie. Hayden Fry 4. Corky Nelson 5. Rod Rust Basketball 1. Bill Blakely 2. Jimmy Gales 3. Jonny Jones 4. Tim Jankovitch 5. Vic Triil Women's bball 1. Tina Slinker 2. Tina Slinker 3. Tina Slinker 4. Tina Slinker 5. Tina Slinker
  15. Highlights were beating MTSU, solid performance against LSU, Pat Cobbs, Aaron Weathers, Truman Spencer, Johnny Quinn, Tulsa crowd and attendance overall. Also the gameday festivities are 2nd to none great tailgaiting. Lowlights were Tulsa game, La. Tech game. Sun Belt loss to ULL, Monroe, State, FAU. The defensive line play. Jamario's health. No bowl.
  16. I'm real pleased with the midterm haul. I think we made ourselves better at some key positions.
  17. I'm real pleased with the midterm haul. I think we made ourselves better at some key positions.
  18. You guys are crazy. Our 2003 team with andrew and booger would have killed the 2005 usm team. You guys are so jaded.
  19. I was happy for ASU but it really hurt not being in the bowl tonight darnit. We could have beat this version of USM with any of our last 3 teams. 2005 was a dark year that I hope won't be repeated.
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