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  1. I think we are looking at Mike Norvel or Justin Fuente at this point.
  2. We do everything on every metric well with one HUGE exception… coaching hires. It’s a very serious problem. The fact is UTSA is bowed up on us right now and it’s simply because they have made much better hires in their shirt existence than we have in many decades. I just hope and pray Wren and Dr. Smatresk will get this one right. God help us all if that does not occur.
  3. Bean had a great game. How again did we let him slip away? Who was responsible to prevent that from happening?
  4. All due respect for Tech but I would like to explore some new horizons and play some different teams. I would like to play Texas State for instance.
  5. Really? That sure was how it was presented to everyone on his success last night. In fact Seth was congratulated in front of some of our richest and most influential donors who were in attendance.
  6. UTEP beat us out for a spot in CUSA at one time. UTEP has become the anchor that ends up killing CUSA.
  7. SMU has done well. I agree they sport a checkered past but I have also heard all of of the SWC schools cheater including Texas and A&M bought cars for recruits and cheated rampantly. They are kicking butt in the AAC football right now so we have a ways to go but should aspire to compete and ultimately defeat them consistently. If that can happen I could see us really take the next step in terms of attendance and support. My biggest concern about this conference is the budgets. The AAC teams have big pockets and we have been used to being at the top in terms of budgets and no longer will be in this league.
  8. You make a valid point, why was he there and why would they make a point to recognize him and have Hank point out our bowl games?? Very odd and concerning footnote in an otherwise excellent event.
  9. Wow tough situation for C-USA. Hope they can make due but it looks like slim pickens in terms of their available options.
  10. I think I read before he's actually a UNT alum as he attended UNT but I do not think he graduated from here and later did from Houston.
  11. The American Athletic Conference officially welcomed UAB and five other schools into the conference Thursday. The AAC will soon have 14 football-playing schools after adding UAB, Charlotte, Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Rice and Texas-San Antonio into the conference. Thursday’s announcement was the culmination of a lot of work to position UAB as a viable candidate should the realignment carousel crank up again. We now know UAB’s future conference affiliation destination. But there are still plenty of important questions that need to be answered. Here’s what you need to know following UAB’s big move on Thursday. The short answer: More money and exposure. We’ll get to the money part in a second, but the AAC has better television rights deals than Conference USA, and should get UAB more national exposure. The football and basketball quality is better in the AAC even after Cincinnati and Houston leave. CUSA turning into a one-bid basketball league has been a source of frustration for UAB fans, and that will no longer be the case in the AAC. Competing against programs like Memphis, South Florida and SMU will give UAB more marquee football games. read more: https://www.al.com/uab/2021/10/everything-you-need-to-know-about-uab-joining-aac.html
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