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  1. Are they not coaching Abou to stop the silly fouls early in the damn game? If I were Mac I’d tell him you are hitting the bench for a foul inside of 5 minutes in the 1st half.
  2. Looks like a young, hungry and very accomplished coach. I’m super pumped to see what he can do. Also looks like we are paying more more assistants than in the past since he was making 400k plus at Iowa State.
  3. Wow that’s really interesting. I had not ever thought of how they were using the analysts. It would seem coaches like Gary need the titles and the money for their ego but hey being an analyst beats sitting on your ass at home getting yelled at by your wife!
  4. I think Vito wanted to ask “ how are you any different than Littrell?” but felt that would be too abrasive.
  5. Man you stated this exactly as it should be. I get the feeling that Morris laid out a lot of these ideas to Jared in his interview and he is now able to implement. I am excited about him as a coach and leader.
  6. Who is the DC? Anyone have an idear @TheReal_jayD
  7. Remember, this event today is OPEN to the public so please stop by if you are able to make. Hope to have a big and welcoming crowd for Coach Morris, Jared Mosley and the newly hired assistants.
  8. This is quite possibly the most significant hire UNT has made in the history of the program because it opens up recruiting opportunities we just have not ever cultivated. Kudos to Coach Morris and welcome Coach Gilbert! https://longhornswire.usatoday.com/lists/texas-football-recruiting-longhorns-top-recruits-2023-dallas-fort-worth-area/
  9. Just a great Hall of Fame type of talent indeed. Gosh man I love this team so much.
  10. Isn’t his dad that high school coach Claude Mathis?
  11. Anyone have a map of the parling lot and we could indicate where we will meet.
  12. We should not be judged on what happened in the past anymore. That type of thinking is embraced by our enemies and is meant to keep us down.
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