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  1. Offense hasn't been a huge issue to me (I think we all knew switching to the spread would be difficult in the beginning). The two big issues are the awful defense and that the entire team has gotten progressively worse throughout Dodge's tenure.
  2. I don't understand the argument of 'our team sucks, why the hell should we build a new stadium?' If anything, this shows just how badly we need to invest in athletics to be competitive. In my opinion, we need more than just a new stadium... if we were to get a coach who could turn the program around, realistically we should be prepared to pony up at least 1M/year for a contract (how much does our competition in the metroplex pay their coaches... 1.5m-2m/year?) I realize I'm getting ahead of myself with the increase in coaching contracts, but it's very clear if we want to be successful we're going to have to start spending more money.
  3. Doesn't necessarily have to be a lamp... figured some of the posters on here probably have some very impressive UNT memorabilia. Maybe someone knows a great place or has a few other ideas. Btw, just about every major college football team has the lamp or other cool collectibles that are easy to find... for a university with 34k students we really don't have much.
  4. My future wife's birthday is next month, and I'm looking for a unique NT collectible/memorabilia as a gift. I was wanting to do something like the Steelers tiffany lamp in the nflshop.com commercial (obviously with the NT logo on it). I've looked everywhere but not many places carry NT merchandise. Anyone know a place that has this, or have any other cool ideas? Thanks, Jon
  5. 1. When was the change made? 2. Why can't they have something better on the front page than 'Vote for SGA' with small print below 'and the athletic referendum'. Would it be that difficult to have a pic of the new stadium design with the something like vote on a new athletic fee that will build a new stadium??
  6. College Inn rivals a crack motel in ammenities. I think they are going to build a College Inn II, which looks awesome.
  7. This isn't El Paso. The average DFW sports fan won't identify with a mid major program - they have many sporting options and the competition is fierce. I've been to a TCU game where they were ranked in the top 20, and they barely had 35k in attendance.
  8. Never said a team couldn't exist without alumni support... but a larger % of the student body makes it to the game than the % of alumni who live in the area. If this is going to be a big time program, it's up to the students of today. All I was saying is that given current alumni support, if we can't get a few thousand students to vote yes then we don't deserve to be in I-A.
  9. RV, You don't read this board very often if you think you need to apoligize for that (just read a few posts after every game) I think you've done a fantastic job from day 1. You've given the mean green a great vision, and now we'll see if we can make it a reality!
  10. Are you joking??? You're only talking about the elite programs in your argument. If you're not in a BCS conference, a huge chunk of athletics is funded through student fees. I would say you are correct with alumni out numbering students at games, but just because there are over 10 times the amount of total alumni vs. total students (again, excluding UT type schools which have the fan base of a professional team). We have 150k alumni that live less than 45 minutes from campus, and we barely manage 20k in TOTAL attendance. As far as I'm concerned, it is up to the students. If this is going to be a legit 1-A program, it's the students today who will turn this program around. Not the vast majority of apathetic alumni who could care less.
  11. Not sure if it's naive or apathetic. True story: In my business policy group we had a girl wear a UT shirt every day to class. I asked her if she likes UT so much why didn't she go there. Her response was basically she wished she was smart enough to get into UT, and had no interest whatsoever in anything involving UNT. This kind of s*** kills me. Bottom line, if we don't have enough students interested in supporting a team, we don't deserve one. They'll get to decide in a week.
  12. No, but I'm sick of hearing jokes about how we lost to TWU in OT from friends and coworkers... (or add in University of Pheonix online, clown college, school of the blind, SMU, etc.) I've come to accept the fact that we will never be seriously competitive with UT or OU, but all I ask is that we don't get blown out by schools that sound more like an airport than a university.
  13. If the stadium vote doesn't pass we should drop out of DI football. There's no way we'll ever become competitive if we can't invest in our program, and if this is as good as we can be, I'd just rather drop out.
  14. Not sure how much alumni can help with this... but can we help volunteer in any way for the athletic department? (hand out flyers or anything similar to that) I would be up for volunteering my time if so.
  15. Actually, if dodge were to start winning, it would be a problem. He would be headed for another program to 5x his salary (Hell, isn't SMU paying June Jones 2M a year?). If we ever get a winning program, eventually we will have to pony up to keep it.
  16. I'm not sure I totally agree with that statement. There was one play (and many similar to it) where Rice ran an out route on their 15 yard line to the long side of the field... the receiver was wide open and we have ONLY one guy in zone coverage about 5 yards away from him. Needless to say the Rice receiver basically WALKS into the endzone. It wasn't just that we couldn't get a pass rush or make a tackle, this was clearly a terrible scheme. Again, doesn't help our guys were getting blown off the line of scrimmage or can't make a tackle in space.
  17. Honestly, if we can't convince a few thousand students how huge this could be, we don't deserve a new stadium. In fact, if we can't afford to a minimal raise in tuition we probably don't deserve to be a DI football team.
  18. One more question to anyone who lives in Denton or follows the team more than I do: Do we actually practice on special teams during the week (or defense)?!? Until watching this game, I really thought we had a shot at beating University of Pheonix Online this year too.
  19. Also add in: 1. Why can't we press a receiver 2. Get a pass rush 3. Not get blown 5 yards off the line of scrimmage 4. Make an EP To answer your question, this may be a combo... but this is a very very poorly coached defense.
  20. This is the worst defense I have ever seen!! It's bad enough we can't make a stop (or that Rice may score 90+ points and not punt during the game), but our players look like they don't even know the basic fundamentals.
  21. It's hard to believe we won the belt 4 times a few years back... now I think we'll get blown out in just about every conference game (maybe we can beat FIU).
  22. The Sunbelt just gets better each year. ULM almost beat Arkansas last week, ASU beat TAMU and MTSU already beat Maryland (and maybe FAU can pull on out against MSU), Add in that Troy usually beats a team in a BCS conference once a year. If only we could pull our weight and knock off one of the big boys.
  23. I know this is way too early, but has any sunbelt team ever had this kind of a chance to be a top 25 team? The really challenging games look to be Alabama and Troy both on the road.
  24. I attended from '03-'07 and I can't tell you how much improvement I saw in school spirit from my freshmen to senior year. Given our projected enrollment over the next decade and a continued increase in school pride, I wouldn't be shocked if we could average at least 35k a game regardless of our opponent/record.
  25. Does anyone have any pictures or designs of the new business building? I've heard this is going to be pretty state of the art...
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