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  1. It's hard to rebuild IF we only have a couple of schollys available. Next year will likely be more about a "recoaching" season than a rebuilding season. We can only hope so after these 5 years of self-destruction.
  2. I have to agree with you that JJ was basically an average game day coach. He got us to being on the cusp of real success, but he had a difficult time getting us over the hump. Besides, bringing back high level personnel rarely seems to work out well whether you're hiring in the entertainment world or the real world. New blood.
  3. Time yet for a new banner? I have to agree that this is more than a little disappointing.
  4. If we're going to continue this refusal to fire him, we should just forfeit the season, give him his check, and finally get this nightmare over and done with. Enough damage has been done already.
  5. I'd love to play WMU in Dallas. Both venues would be fun and convenient, but HOD sure beats playing a Navy or UT in Ft. Worth as far as actually pulling off the win is concerned. Beating a ranked and undefeated team would be one hell of a shot in the arm for this program. Army again? Well, nice to pull off the second win, but it wouldn't really turn a lot of heads. I guess I'm just getting a little impatient as far as the turning heads thing is concerned.
  6. If it helps any, our alleged rivals are underwater all-time while we're still hanging above .500. smu is 45 losses below .500 utsa is 6 losses below .500 We'll get 'em next time around.
  7. We plain and simply got whipped in the trenches, and that no doubt contributed to our turnovers. We weren't going against 250 pounders like we were at Army. Let's hope we can make the necessary adjustments before LA Tech, because it ain't going to get any easier from here on out.
  8. Win this one and homecoming and Top 60 will be in range. I'm thinking that this week will be a little tougher than many expect, but I think that we pull it off in a relatively low scoring game. Their guys in the trenches look to be a good bit bigger and more physical than Army's. We've just got to continue to win the T/O game and get Fine going a little more through the air.
  9. I claim amnesia that day, so I have no idea what this thread is about,
  10. Let's just hope that he's known as the alligator exterminator after tomorrow night.
  11. Go West young men/women, go West. To me, it's simply a half notch upgrade with more stability. If we do somehow find a way to become significant on a national level, I suspect that the MWC would be a much better jumping off point to get to where we ultimately want to be. Plus I personally do love it out there in the mountains.
  12. I'll give it a shot: Coach Littrell, the man who will lead us out of football hell. Coach Littrell's spread, something that opposing defenses will dread. A new system a new day, on Bonnie Brae. As the sleeping giant awakens, we will no longer be foresaken. Go Mean Green. All I got.
  13. Last year most of those rankings had us at around .500, so let's hope that they are wrong once again. A BIG improvement on defense gives us a chance for a significant turnaround.
  14. Paint that guy green, and he can play a miniature transgendered version of Lou Ferigno's Incredible Hulk.
  15. I'm not sure that getting eaten by Bigfoot should be considered a win.
  16. "And now this. This isn't about black lives, this is about anarchy. " Hard not to agree with you. IMO, these protests have more to do with people frustrated about their own crappy lives, than it does with the occasional police shooting incident. There would be masses of protests in Chicago daily if it were all simply about black lives. Of course the rallies are being fueled by radical leaders online who have their own agendas, and it's easy to find young people who behave like cattle and are out looking for excitement. I spent a lot of time looking for excitement myself when I was in my teens and twenties. Sad situation all around.
  17. Thinking that the Clinton's law breaking activities only include the publicly known accusations, is like thinking that a 3 time convicted DWI guy only drove drunk 3 times. Those 2 slick HillWillies just can't be trusted.
  18. Same goes for Big Billy's perjurious lies. As both the POTUS and an attorney, I guess he just wasn't educated enough to know any better.
  19. I don't always agree with your posts in total, but several points there are valid IMO. Obama needs to keep his nose out of state and local issues until it's clear that those issues are endemic to a particular city or region. He seems to want to heroically govern like this is 1965, but the environment out there has clearly changed significantly over the past half a century. If state and local governments clearly can't handle it, then by all means open your mouth and use federal resources. Otherwise, he should just keep quiet until things have run their course. His mouth has divided this country more than we have seen in decades, and I fear that HillTrump will do the same.
  20. Schmoo is pretty much Christian-based in name only. They only worship dead presidents these days.
  21. Bombing robots usually doesn't work very well. We learned that from The Terminator.
  22. It's hard to deny that he shows bias, and his usual comments after these incidents certainly do not help matters. He should keep his nose out of state and local issues until federal intervention is warranted. Opening his mouth the day after an incident generally doesn't do anything but fan the flames.
  23. Ditto to the thread title. Toughest day in downtown Dallas since Kennedy at least, and that has been a LONG time. I left the West End around 10 minutes before it started. God Bless our cops, and random incidents attributed to rogue cops in a country of 330 million should not be an indictment of the criminal justice system as a whole. Every system has its faults, and social media will jump all over those faults often to the detriment of civility.
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