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    I played DE from '03 to '07 for both Dickey and Dodge. Graduated in '08. Lifetime UNT Alumni Association Member. On again off again member of the Letterman's Association. Coached in Beeville '09-'11, Jersey Village '11-'14, and now the newest member of the Richland High football staff.

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  1. Time to up that Athletics fee by another dollar with all the newbies that don’t know any better. Good programs are fed by money. Maybe we will be able to afford to keep our sweet SL savior another year.
  2. Yes⬆️ Completely agree. Gotta find the cash to keep this triumvirate together.
  3. Yes please someone locate it. I would love to share it with my out of state fans.
  4. Blake Bean got exposed in space all night. He moves like a mike, but is playing a Sam or will. He wasn't fast enough to set the edge on the outside run plays or spy the qb on scrambles. When the upperclass needed a big play it seemed like they found him under equipped on the edge or in space. Only other D gripe was a lack of pressure on some third downs but I have hope there. Too many things to fix on O. Special teams renewed my faith in humanity.
  5. Offense won't have any turnovers for points. Defense will limit the big play. U of NT 28 FAU 21
  6. This thread is a little bit knee jerk to me. Any team with no QB struggles. And maybe we just aren't that good this year....... but i don't think regime change is necessary at this point. Goodness. There are still 5 games left. Right the ship, win them all, go to a bowl. Not sure that will happen but I don't think we fire the skipper quite yet.
  7. I want to win by seventy with appearances by a different QB each series.....
  8. Turnovers and deep balls have killed us in our last two losses. Those two things are on the kids not the coaches.....
  9. I have heard of Boise...... Seems more applicable to our current state
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