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  1. Good thing we're "not their rivals".
  2. After we win we will play either 0U (in Norman) or St Bonaventure (here) depending on who wins their game. After that then off to NYC
  3. At the end of regulation, the Bobcats had 17 taken free throws, the Mean Green 6.
  4. They have a decent arena that has hosted some championships and tournaments but there's a sizeable group that think they need a new one anyway. They say it holds them back from joining the Big 20 Pee Wee Conference.
  5. Rice Stadium still has theirs. A blast from the past.
  6. My guess is that aquatics doesn't have the young talent base in the area that other women's sports do (Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball). Our Tennis team is almost all foreign students.
  7. I'd like to see the NFL get smart with this and place teams not in all major media markets but a lot of secondary ones. Teams would draw better I think in places like OKC, Austin, El Paso, Albuquerque, Louisville, Portland, Salt Lake City, Birmingham, Memphis, etc in a Spring league going up against MLB (in a normal year) and MLS. Make it become a legit gateway to the NFL and a place where athletes who have absolutely no interest in "going to class" to get paid while chasing The Dream. If it were successful, there would be a talent drain of course in NCAA football, and yes, it would be top-down. But I think in the long run there would be a long-overdue shakeout of FBS programs to offset that to some degree. I really do think that there's a decent chance that Football develops like this over the decade.
  8. We have about 15 new fans in St Kitts at the beach bar I talked into showing the game. Their dish provider had Stadium channel so it was actually easy. There were several positive comments on the crowd
  9. And Johnny skates again. That cat has nineteen lives
  10. No. If they refuse to play the schedule, we will play 2 from Charlotte, MTSU, WKU, or FAU on those dates instead.
  11. We'll simply have more divisional crossover football games in 2022.
  12. The SB3 is playing their hand a little too early, IMO. CUSA office holds the nuke button, they can kick them out immediately, if they had the bravery. Let them try to play spring sports and see if the Sun Belt will let them play in their 2022 basketball tournament. If you're breaking a contract unilaterally, the other party owes you nothing.
  13. If he goes there at least he won't have to fret over firing a football coach.
  14. We've already beaten a CUSA team with a 7'5 center
  15. Most teams don't stay in Denton though. Most stay at a hotel near DFW Airport and charter a bus to bring them to Denton.
  16. Being the least (or most) injured team in the NFL is dumb luck.
  17. If we don't Johnny Jones owes all of us a green chicken fried steak.
  18. I'm sure Coach Mac wanted exactly that. "No one respects us" is the easiest coaching bit there is.
  19. NT beating any team in CUSA is not a "major upset"
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