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  1. I'd much rather have the FCS game open the season, that's the best possible spot for it. If SMU had played a game before us, the coaching staff would have seen their never-huddle bit and at least tried to be ready for it. They clearly were not expecting it on Sept 3.
  2. The Mean Green are 3-0 vs FAU in Apogee. Yep, they've never won here. Last game was that crazy-ass late Thursday night game in 2018
  3. How do you define "quality bowl"? I think of 3 tiers, the NC game, the other "playoff" bowls, and all the other Whatever.com Bowls are pretty much the same after that. The scenery is different for each one though. If I can get there, I'm going.
  4. LT doesn't do that . They're very die-on-this-hill type.
  5. I'm thinking "final" date would be after loss # 7. That would be after @WKU on Oct 29 or @UAB on Nov 12 (depending on whether or not LT brings on Oct 15)
  6. We're playing at an AAC team next week. Game will be on ESPN+ (subscription required)
  7. You'll have to further define "happy and content" I plan on being in my season ticket seats tomorrow to watch my favorite team play. Nobody is happy with the loss to SMU, so you can put the lame straw man attempt to rest.
  8. It's GMG Cardio. Knee jerking, Flying off the handle, Jumping to conclusions, Running down anyone who disagrees, it's what keeps us all fit and trim.
  9. Doesn't look like it But it could have been, you know If they'd tried harder
  10. It has to do with Wichita State. Navy (football only) and WS (everything except football) "share" a spot and will likely be in the same division.
  11. It isn't the game results that make a rivalry. It's how the fans, institutions, and especially players approach the games. Although it does seem that few of the games are close, even when NT wins it's usually a blowout
  12. They're busy trying to prove that we're "not their rival"
  13. A delay is all but certain. All of the lightning strikes that I can see from here are across the river in Juarez, but still close enough to trigger lightning protocols. We will get it in though as this activity will wane quickly after sundown
  14. Mason Fine fits this description.
  15. It's a local over-the-air UHF channel that's owned by Sinclair. It should be on literally all cable/dish providers in this region
  16. I think HEB also owns a chunk of land in the Glade Parks area of Euless along 121.
  17. Kind of odd, I see him at a lot of MG football games sitting 2 or 3 seats away from me.
  18. Bleacher Report is claiming SMU has also contacted the Premier League and the Bundesliga.
  19. Oregon AD to Phil Knight: DO SOMETHING!!!!!
  20. He lost it last year to a guy that didn't show up in Denton until August
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