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  1. This team will win more games this year than they have won in the past. The coaching they are receiving is going to win at least 3 games
  2. yea dd only got the money from Mac to build the Athletic Center, the day you are talking about the autographs the AD dept did not post anything in the locker room about this event. All of the players showed up for all events that they were aware of.
  3. I am a retired engineer and have a real estate license in the state of Texas. The father of a UNT grad. I have said the same thing about the two coaches in question for three years. I have never bad mounthed the Dodge's or will I. I liked DD but knew it was time for a change how it was handled was in question but that is history. Go to every away game and love to see the boys play.
  4. With dumb and dumber gone this team should win 7 games
  5. Son will not go inside for any home games but we went to all the raod games and had a great time
  6. Why because you said so....... DD did what the players wanted Ask RV what happened to the ones that the school paid for I would love to know
  7. Come on Kram1 and say that this was DD fault Dodge only has clean players and is building a family
  8. Sorry dude I would take the 11 def players that were comming back VS anything that TD has recruited, On off lets see we had 3 good receivers, one of the best running backs in school history, two off linemen that are still playing So get off this BS about what he had to have some guys...... His guys are now Jr. and I see very little out of them...... If dumb and dumber knew how to coach you would have some good players but they ran them off.........
  9. Let take the Ball State game out and say we add K State or LSU and look at the points per game. The offense and defense would both look alot different......
  10. Riley will be able to execute the zone read, it will take a few games but it will happen, the only real problem is that his speed vs other team safties and LBers the advantage will go to them. If Dodge puts some plays in that take the running back oustide the QB will not need to try getting around the corner. Last Vizza ran the ball about 8 times per game about the same as what he ran JoMO his SR. year. Running plays accounted for about 42% of the play calling. When you are behind that is alot.
  11. 2005..... first game was MTSU win 14-7
  12. Send the FOI to the school and you will see that the Black shirts were paid for in Sept of 2006 along with the normal green and white ones. I have no idea what RV said or what DD said. I do know that the underclassmen had no input into black, green, blue or red. Also I have no idea what Jr. and Sr. wanted black just that they were paid for.
  13. I have stated this many times maybe you just don't want to know the truth about what went on the last year of DD
  14. Unknown facts??? I have posted the same question for over two years and not one of you have filed a FOI to find the truth. All you want to do is run down the past coach and his staff for doing what he felt he owed the team after he had been released.
  15. Why not ask your AD what happened to the black uniforms that you and your friends plus the students paid for and came up "missing" a week before they were to be worn. I would say that that is your AD spitting if the face of the Sr. and the rest of the team.
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