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  1. I wouldn't put any stock in a super secret scrimmage game either, but if we aren't ranked at least #19 in the next coaches poll I am going to be pissed off.
  2. I could put them to good use if they are still available.
  3. I have a Blue Parking Pass and one ticket (lower section, near 50 yard line, alumni side) for the Old Dominion game in Denton on 10/28. $30 for both of them delivered via mail.
  4. Sooooo, how many season tickets can we put him down for?
  5. But where does it rate compared with throwing tortillas during football games?
  6. I didn't realize that kids under a certain age are free at home games. I assume they don't actually get a numbered seat?
  7. Where is the footage of us winning the coin toss?
  8. I know where you can get a good deal on a used blimp is you want to go that route.
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