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  1. Not really. DD would want to do his evaluation of the entire program first. Then he'd want to go over things with each coach individually. RV would also do his evaluation. Only then would both sit down together in a formal situation. I'd think there would be some imformal discussions before the formal one.
  2. 6 years of education down the drain! Let me guess, after 6 years he's just 24 hours from graduation!
  3. No, the State of Texas owns the copy and other rights. I simple majority vote of the legislature would strip these from TSUSM. They are and will remain Texas State University AT SAN MARCOS. Some will shorten the name when talking about them to Texas State, just as other schools get their names shorted to Texas, Tech, A&M and North Texas. They won't get their name shortened to just State as there are too many other "States" in Texas. And no one is going to just call them by the initials TSU as that is what Texas Southern is already known as.
  4. How many of you remember Bob Tyler? We got rid of him before he had time to violate TOO many NCAA rules.
  5. As Arkstatefan has pointed out before, comparing 1AA and 1A through the Saragin ratings is questionable. There is not enough games between the two to get an overall valid result. Neither one plays more than two of the other: 1A's would play no more that two 1AAs and 1AAs generally don't play more than two 1As. Generally, each only plays one team in the other division. Many do not play any.
  6. Curtis is still the wonderful person you describe. I've yet to meet one person in the film business who has worked with him who wanted to do it again!
  7. I'm impressed we had an increase with the terrible year we had. Sooo much better than that last game a few years back when everyone could have watched from the Deck and easily fit!
  8. This is ASU's first D1A bowl ever. Alumni will be coming out of the woodwork eventually to get tickets. According to Arkstatefan, ASU folks are notorious for waiting till the last moment to buy tickets, then will buy quite a few. ASU will be fine. Let's hope they win. I don't think So Miss is not as strong as they were last year.
  9. I don't think we should have agree to a "home and home" with the School for the Blind, the Little Sisters of the Poor or Texas State @ San Marcos. While some might think our two schools are on the same level, most of us know that is not the case.
  10. Did the legislator change their name again this last Spring? I know when Southwest first did the name change, they were Texas State @ San Marcos. That could have changed, but I know for certain when they made their first name change that was what it was.
  11. Going WACy would be a very, very bad idea. Their commissioner will not do anything to help a school in the Central time zone. That is not the case in the SBC where our's goes out and works. Plus there is the near total lack of publicity in the local media. Tech beat a ranked Fresno and got almost no mention. Huge travel costs that are NOT offset be additional funds from the conference. And unless a Central time zone team wins the conference, they are not going bowling. Just ask Rice or La Tech! The Hawaii Bowl keeps saying Hawaii MUST be the host team or the bowl is going to fail! I read some of the threads over there! Let's not go WACy!!!
  12. Don't forget the ammo! More importantly, keep you head down! Next time we get to New Orleans, some one need to sport that bad bathrobe!
  13. I think that is what most bowl games are about. It is a reward for everyone for having a good season. That is why non-BCS bowls survive - people enjoy them! That should be a good thing!
  14. There has been a very, very slow creep up in the number of bowls. Some go away and others pop up. Still there's only 2 or 3 more now than in the 70s. Besides, if the fans of a team with a winning record are willing to go to the game, what is the harm in having smaller bowls? And the New Orleans Bowl actually has better financial backing than some others, so it would not be the first to go!
  15. Rice is not in the Northeast. Rice is in Texas. That's where they draw most of their students. The studies they refer to in the article were research done a couple of years ago and show most of the STUDENTS and alumni really want a D1 program. The faculty and administration don't always agree, but the wealthier alumni push football pretty hard. Back in the 80's, they thought about dropping football and did a study to prove it would be a good idea. The study showed the opposite was true. At the time, even their faculty couldn't argue with the accuracy of the study. And their baseball program has been good, but not necessarily stellar, till just the last couple of seasons. Again, this is Texas and we play football.
  16. I think you need to be in the Top 10 for more the 10 years to be "perennial." Less 15 years ago K State really was a perennial Bottom 20 team - back when Playboy listed the Bottom 20! (Obviously I actually read the articles )
  17. Alright, let's begin with the reality of "grow or die." If NT was going to continue to be independent of UT or A&M, we needed to create a NT System. To be a "system" we needed two have at least two campuses undergrad campuses for some reason I forget. Sen. Royce West worked had with the NT administration to keep the UT system from getting a south Dallas campus and getting it for us. Since there is a Republican majority in the Texas legislature, Sen. West needed to find Republican allies. Enter our Chancellor. The big thing we still need to work on to be a really "system" is to add a law school. Lee Jackson is working on this as well. A big part of the argument is DFW is the largest market in the country without a public law school. There are a lot of things going on that will greatly help NT overall. But, most of these things involve public (state) money. Any stadium must be built with private donations. You can not channel the money that would go into a South Dallas campus into a stadium.
  18. But the at least one of the reports they refer to strongly endorsed keeping football since in the South and Texas in particular, a college just wasn't "really college" without D1 football.
  19. Rice didn't because of a study they did. Actually, this is the second time that I know of them doing the study and the results are still the same. They have found having a D1 football team in vital to Rice's alumni. It ties them back to the school like nothing else they have been able to find. It's allowed them to get a huge endowment for other programs. It gets them more name recognition than anything else they could do.
  20. Remember, there will be a difference in what is reported to the NCAA in February from what is listed each week. NT is scanning tickets. Plus, I'm sure they count season tickets sold. But, there are various ways of counting on other schools - not just in the Sunbelt - will have surprisingly higher attendances than currently listed!
  21. OK, guess I need to start calling and sending real letters to the board asking them not to do anything stupid just yet. I'm sure I can get a group to send some real letters of their own.
  22. Are they really based in Louisiana? They are at La Tech sometimes, but not always!
  23. sigh I know I'm going to regret point out the obvious, but here goes... First of all you are comparing Hayden's 36 years with Darrell's 8. Let's compare after 8 years. Interestingly enough, Hayden took SMU to a bowl game with a losing record, just like Darrell. He did not turn down the that bowl game and he lost it soundly. Just like Darrell. During Hayden's first eight years, he won his conference once. His record after 8 season's as a head coach was 33-49-1. Season by season Hayden was: Year Record 1962 2-8 1963 4-7 1964 1-9 1965 4-5-1 1966 8-3 - won SWC championship, lost Cotton Bowl to Georgia 24-9 1967 3-7 1968 8-3 1969 3-7 Notice Hayden only had two winning season in his first eight years. There were no back to back winning seasons. During Darrell's first 8 years as a head coach, he won his conference four times. His record, if I did the math correctly, is about 39-54. He had a total of just three winning seasons. Year Record 1998 3-8 1999 2-9 2000 3-8 2001 5-7 2002 8-5 2003 9-4 2004 7-5 2005 2-9 Darrell had three winning season before going backward this year. No one is saying Darrell is as great a coach as Hayden was. But six years into his head coaching career, Darrell is not doing badly.
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