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  1. I'm not saying we should just say yes, but to reject the city out of hand doesn't make any sense. I'm sure the NT administration will not do anything that foolish. 

    And just a glance at the Denton Convention and Visitor's Bureau website shows there are two to three events/meetings/conventions a WEEK in Denton. A facility will increase that exponentially based on what's happened in Frisco. 




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  2. 15 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    He gone. Already talked on Monday 😞 

    Maybe. He hadn't signed a contract with Tech yet and this new contract he signed with us makes it a LOT more expensive for Tech to get him. 

    The old buyout was 40% of his $600,000 base while the new buyout is $1.5 million if he leaves before July. To match us it's going to cost Tech a minimum of $2.6 million. Tech certainly can pay that, but Mac is no longer the bargain he was on Monday. 

    If Tech does take him, NT just got a nice bonus $1.5 million! 


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  3. Of the dozens of very qualified OCs available, why would the TCU choose to take on the reputation hit this will cause. And to those who say there isn't a reputation hit, every article about him includes references to the rapes at Baylor. A substantial number of TCU alumnus and other donors will be bothered and it will take extra work to keep them giving to the school. Schools that recruit against TCU will be digging out and using Kendals disgusting and frequently quoted comments to recruits. It no longer matters if they are true - they are so much in the public view most people believe they are true! 

    Kendal is a good OC, but is he that much better to be worth the problems he brings?

    With so many OCs available, why buy the headache for the school? 

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  4. 16 hours ago, Coffee and TV said:

    I'm nothing close to a D1 athlete but when I was looking at colleges I specifically chose the ones that I knew I wouldn't see half of my high school graduating class at. Might be a factor for some, might not. 

    This! A big part of "going away to college" is "going away." 

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  5. 23 minutes ago, UNTLifer said:

    2.  Being the first PK that I can remember getting called for a sideline personal foul following a fight.

    While I don't like personal fouls, it was nice to see a place kicker make the tackle and THEN show players on the opposing sideline he wasn't going to be intimidated! Sometimes you need to throw that elbow just to show you will. 

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  6. On 12/18/2022 at 8:00 AM, tmjerm said:

    Awful post.  These kids left it all out there.  Nearly beat a 10 win team.  If you want to blame their coach, fine.  He’s already gone.  New era has already started.  What’s your point?

    All true! 

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