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  1. Newsweek polled reality TV creators and executives for the most outlandish pitches they've ever heard. It gives us no joy to report that all of these are 100 percent real. OK, it gives us a lot of joy.

    1. "I've Got a Monkey on My Back!" - Contestants face off in a cross-country relay race, only instead of passing a baton, they hand off...a monkey. The producer who heard this pitch immediately (and jokingly) suggested a spin off called "I've Got a Goat on My Shoulder!"

    2. "Will You Adopt Me?" - Preteen orphans and potential foster families meet on television. America votes on which kid gets which family.

    3. "Human Autopsy" - A one-time special depicting an actual autopsy. Alternate title: 'CSI: My Auntie.'

    4. "Who Wants to Donate Their Sperm?" - Like 'The Bachelorette,' except the woman doesn't want the guy - just his DNA. Nine months later, the woman delivers the baby on live TV.

    5. "Untitled 'Bachelorette' Rip-Off" in which the woman has a big surprise for her potential Prince Charmings: a penis.

    6. "Strip Search" - In the 'Star Search' tradition, a contest to find America's best stripper. It's 'American Idol' with lap dances.

    7. "Mail Order Bride" - O.K. this one's just sick: Men chose between, say, a Thai bride and an Ethiopian bride.

    8. "Convict Island" - Real Prisoners try to escape from a real prison. The winner's victim(s) get the prize money.

    9. "Pimp House" - Six real-life pimps together in a house. No challenges, no voting. They just live in the house and they pimp.

    I'd watch Pimp House and want desperatly to be a contestant on "I've got a monkey on my back!" You can't go wrong with monkeys!

  2. Hey, CMJ,

    I agree that Law and Regs was tough, especially if you had Dr. Glick, it was clearly the toughest RTVF class I took.

    Although some of my Poly Sci classes (my minor) were hard...

    I'm going with Authoritarian Political Theory. The subject matter was interesting enough, but my prof (whose name escapes me) was very dry and very monotone. It's as if he was challenging his class to stay awake for 1 1/2 hours.

    While it wasn't my toughest it was my most time consuming, Constitutional Law ranks up there. I spent that entire summer in the law library. What I remember most about my prof (Dr. Bush) was that he started each semester by telling his classes that he was a conservative and would teach his classes as such, but he appreciated other points of view. Since I love to argue politics and he was opening the door, I took a number of his classes. I hate to admit it but one of my favorite profs in college was a right wing Poly Sci teacher whose last name was Bush.

  3. Is there any info on this years Fry street fair? I usually attend but have been too busy with work to keep track of information. I also heard that this is the last year for it to actually be on Fry Street. Is this true?

  4. North Texas Exes Austin Chapter

    "Big Deal" Social Event

    at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (MLK & N. Congress)

    Monday March 31st

    5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

    Dr. Norval Pohl, UNT President, will speak on ALL the latest UNT news.

    And, David Layton, Executive Director, North Texas Exes on

    "The State of the Exes"

    Appetizers and open bar beginning at 5:45.

    Live UNT Jazz combo featuring David Chenu and friends.


    R.S.V.P. to Ken Holloway at 512-407-8100 or kenhol@sbcglobal.net or kenhol@swbell.net

  5. So let me get this straight. Someone who has no idea about the legend or history of a truck's name takes some offense at it. (That her tax dollars help to pay for I might add) And then voices her displeasure. Is that what this whole rant is about? Forget about all this "hippie bashing" piling on. I want to get the facts straight.

    The next time some right winger pisses me off can I come on this board and throw a temper tantrum? I thought us tree huging hippies were the crybabies. But I haven't heard this much whining in a long time.

    What's this have to do with football anyway?

  6. Having lived in Abilene for almost three years (Imoved there from Denton)I can attest that ACU has some VERY strict rules and some pretty nice facilities. I know a number of people that went to school there. That school has produced some of the most straight laced, bible thumping people, and some of the biggest partiers I have ever been around. I am very proud to say I don't live in that town any more. Some people love it, but it just wasn't my flavor, and I avoid it like the plague. Denton is a MUCH better town!

    Ahh...Old times...

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