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  1. We had open looks at three pointers but failed to hit them. I don't know what our shooting percentage was but it had to be low. In the post game press conference the two players (I forget who they were) said we just didn't try and settle into our offense in the first half. We were just throwing shots up that had no business being in the air. Texas guards did play tough. They were in our face all night and got a few too many steals. We need to handle the ball better. Does Cooley still post? I'd like his take. GO MEAN GREEN !!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'll step up. I criticised DD 4 years ago. ('00) I called for his job, loudly! 3 years ago ('01) I quieted down some, but remained vocal about playcalling. 2 years ago ('02) Not a peep from me. He had a great defense (Oh, DeLoach how you are missed) to bail him out of his run first, run second, draw play third (wait that's a run too), offense. Plus he got screwed from a few officials (Arizona), had his qb go down, and still managed to win a bowl game. I was very proud of him and the team that year. Last year, ('03) the critisism he got for alternating his qb's was deserved. But at l
  3. Yeah, I get my news from "Fair and balanced" FOX news. * *Note-Please note sarcasm.
  4. I can't believe it! A college student smoking weed! Why, I never... The next thing you know they'll be cutting class.
  5. That's good stuff. I'm guessing you'd never see that dorm at TWU. GO MEAN GREEN !!!!!!
  6. I don't see why gameday isn't at the cotton bowl this week. I know I'll be there. Of course it may have something to do with Mack getting his ass handed to him the last 4 years. There's nothing like an 11am kickoff so you can start drinking by 10am. (or earlier)
  7. Well Plummer, It seems the only people talking at all are the living, unless you have some type of communication to the after life. And if you do, can you ask my Uncle Breezy where he hid that damn treasure. It sure would be a nice start to the stadium funding campaign.
  8. Deep, I'm just having fun. You said it best ... Peace my friend. GO MEAN GREEN!
  9. Deep, So noted. I still find the joke a bit offensive, but I understand your point of view. What else can we talk about? Hey that abortion topic hasn't reared it's ugly head in a while.
  10. I'm not going there b/c I like posting on this board. But there has been a lot of carnage done in the name of christianity. Concerning Reagan ... I'm trying to have respect for the dead. At least for a mourning period. We can debate Reagan once some of the sorrow has passed.
  11. Please delete this thread. If I were to make disparaging remarks about christianity (and I could) I'd be lambasted and kicked off this board. Don't get me wrong. I see the humor. Part of me thinks it's funny. But many of my muslim friends do not agree.
  12. "There ought to be limits to freedom" -George W. Bush Stebo, I'm stunned we agree on something. Just a reminder that no matter what your political affiliation please register to vote and then do so. And don't just focus on the presidential race, study your local issues and choose candidates that meet your ideals. If no one meets your criteria consider running for office yourself. Our government only works with your help. That being said...Isn't this a football board?
  13. Yeah I meant Jason Miller. Sometimes sleep depravation gets the better of me. I thought it was wrong when I wrote it. Anyway Jason's doin' well.
  14. A friend of mine who covers OSU sports talked to Chris recently and is he will be getting married in SA right after the final four. Reports are he's a great kid with and an assett to the team.
  15. Well it looks as if former Longhorn BB coach (Tom Penders) is headed back to the state of Texas. This time it's to coach the University of Houston. I can't think of a coach and a school that are more suited for each other. If we do indeed become conference mates with them, it's nice to know in advance that they will be on probation. Do you think Vic Trilli will follow him there? GO MEAN GREEN !!!!!!!!
  16. In the Texas vs OK St. game Monday night the ESPN color guy mentioned Jason Miller and said "he's a transfer from (pause) the University of North Texas". I almost fell out of my chair b/c in an obscure reference they didn't call us North Texas State. I thought it was funny that he paused. You could almost hear the wheels turning in his brain to get the name of the school right. GO MEAN GREEN !!!!!
  17. Halftime tied at 31. GO MEAN GREEN!!!!!
  18. Meanwhile Cheney's "Halliburton" gets the first government contract to go into Iraq and take control of the oil wells. Feel lied to yet?
  19. Article in today's Statesman (Tuesday) says Deg is still battling injuries, but he's well enough to play. He's getting a lot of publicity around here the last few weeks. GO MEAN GREEN !!!!
  20. North Texas Exes Austin Chapter "Big Deal" Social Event at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (MLK & N. Congress) Monday March 31st 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm Dr. Norval Pohl, UNT President, will speak on ALL the latest UNT news. And, David Layton, Executive Director, North Texas Exes on "The State of the Exes" Appetizers and open bar beginning at 5:45. Live UNT Jazz combo featuring David Chenu and friends. DOOR PRIZES!!!! R.S.V.P. to Ken Holloway at 512-407-8100 or kenhol@sbcglobal.net or kenhol@swbell.net
  21. I've been wanting Cooley's assesment of our team and JJ's coaching. But I haven't seen him post in a while. Of course there hasn't been much to write home about lately. So Cooley, if you get a free minute or ten I'd really like to have your opinion. GO MEAN GREEN !!!!!!!!!
  22. So let me get this straight. Someone who has no idea about the legend or history of a truck's name takes some offense at it. (That her tax dollars help to pay for I might add) And then voices her displeasure. Is that what this whole rant is about? Forget about all this "hippie bashing" piling on. I want to get the facts straight. The next time some right winger pisses me off can I come on this board and throw a temper tantrum? I thought us tree huging hippies were the crybabies. But I haven't heard this much whining in a long time. What's this have to do with football anyway?
  23. Having lived in Abilene for almost three years (Imoved there from Denton)I can attest that ACU has some VERY strict rules and some pretty nice facilities. I know a number of people that went to school there. That school has produced some of the most straight laced, bible thumping people, and some of the biggest partiers I have ever been around. I am very proud to say I don't live in that town any more. Some people love it, but it just wasn't my flavor, and I avoid it like the plague. Denton is a MUCH better town! Ahh...Old times...
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