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  1. UNTP1, I think you're on the wrong board. Sand Aggies not welcome.
  2. Dunbar is on the train to San Diego, I bet we see him on Saturday.
  3. Its absolutely amazing how we manhandled Texas Tech on the offensive/defensive line. Just from watching that clip, absolutely stunning.
  4. You do realize we are something like 6-48 over the past few yrs right? The crowd tonight is quite a feat in my book. It will only get better, and we will learn to demand more. I don't know of many programs that would have put up that attendance mark if they had our record over the past few yrs.
  5. Not sure why everyone has a man crush on Lefty. From the videos I've seen of him I didn't much care for his personality or his attitude.
  6. Your post made me throw up in my mouth a little... gag.
  7. Not even close. Ahh I can't wait to see tech fall back into mediocrity. I don't get their fans, they have won 1 conference championship and tied for a conf championship in 50 yrs .. FIFTY YEARS!!! You heard it, 2 conference championships in 50 yrs and they still think their shit doesn't stink.
  8. I was listening earlier to the SMU radio broadcast and it was almost embarrassing. One broadcaster is decent (guy from the Ticket), while the other guy sounds like he should be broadcasting High School football. I don't think we realize how lucky we are to have George and Hank, I would put them up against anyone. The football broadcasts are top notch. Thanks George and Hank, we appreciate all you do!!
  9. Good deal!! Hope he can put on 10-15 pounds before the season starts, 275 is a little light for a DT.
  10. Haha well ya know what I mean.
  11. We need to get the new stadium rockin with some new tunes. I would like to suggest the first minute of FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by Metallica. This would get the place going!!!! Who would I need to speak with to make this a possibility?
  12. Gag. Go to a tt board. We have no need for that bs here true or not.
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