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  1. Can you provide the names of the players you're looking for?
  2. Love the Little River Band at the beginning. 💯 And poor J.D. getting cut off by Lou Rawls at the end. 😄
  3. 1. No 2. Not that I have seen. 3. N/A 4. Yes 5. Sort of 6. No and No 7. No 8. I effing hate the black and gray uniforms.
  4. I'm all for the plan, but it'll never happen. And from a political standpoint this looks like desperation.
  5. Could've had Spavital ... 🤣 And how is Nick Saban #108?! 🤨
  6. @ADLER OK, there is a lot to unpack there. I agree with a lot of the things you said, but unfortunately you have one major fact wrong. Let me begin with Utah State joining the Sun Belt Conference and I'll address the WAC situation later. Division I-A (FBS) conferences are required to have eight full-time members. This rule was implemented in 2005, but was known about as early as 2002. In 2002, the Sun Belt Conference had seven members: 1. North Texas 2. New Mexico State 3. Arkansas State 4. Louisiana-Monroe 5. Louisiana-Lafayette 6. Middle Tennessee and 7. Idaho. But as you note, Idaho and Louisiana-Monroe were "football-only" members of the conference. So technically the Sun Belt only had five full-time members. That means the Sun Belt needed to add at least one school and get some others to sign up as all sports members. This is why the Sun Belt Conference needed Utah State. In order for the conference to survive they had to expand. In 2002, the only expansion options were independent teams. Utah State and Troy State were those options. Troy State accepted an invitation in 2003.
  7. Interesting ... it sounds like you have much more insider information ... please tell more. In particular, I'm curious to know the "huge price" the Sun Belt paid for "rescuing" Utah State. And what exactly was this deceit you speak of?
  8. I don't think DeLoach wore the blue shirt. Pretty sure that was the Marlboro-smoking defensive line coach Mike Bugar. Either way though, I miss those guys.
  9. The AD at the time was Rick Villarreal. I agree that Pohl was a nice guy and a wonderful president of the University. However, the motives for inviting Utah State were not altruistic. At the time, the Sun Belt Conference needed Utah State as much as Utah State needed the SBC. Utah State had a disastrous two years operating as an independent. The Sun Belt Conference needed another football school to maintain Division I-A status. This was a match made out of desperation. But on a personal note, I really enjoyed the trip to Logan in 2004.
  10. I agree. I didn't see much "depth" in the second half. At least not quality "depth."
  11. "We choose to support the Mean Green not because it is easy, but because it is hard." LOL ... I freaking love this!! Just gotta add in the Boston accent!! 🙂
  12. Those Tulsa losses (2005-2006) were just brutal 🤬
  13. 4-8 ... because of the buyout, along with overall better effort and some close losses, Seth Littrell keeps his job.
  14. Until the defense learns how to tackle a running back my expectations are low. 💩
  15. @Eagle71 Thanks so much for that great tribute to Richard Gill. To go along with @PlummMeanGreen these are my favorite kind of posts. I love hearing the history of North Texas football! Very few people know the great history and stories associated with our institution. With that being said, I'm curious to know more about you. You were on the ex-Marines squad. When and where did you serve? And did you play football in the Corps?
  16. This is the only press I could find through recent searches. At the time it was a big hullabaloo ... https://www.hbcusports.com/forums/threads/this-year-iron-bowl-gets-overshadowed.53581/
  17. Excellent! Anytime you want to meet up to watch the Mean Green let me know. Are you going to the Missouri game this coming year?
  18. Where you live? I'm in Lenexa.
  19. There's a strong historical pipeline between the University of North Texas and the Kansas City Chiefs. Here's to back-to-back Super Bowls! P.S. I could not find a picture of Louis Haynes, a fourth-round pick by the Chiefs in 1982. If anyone has one please add it to the thread.
  20. I think the photograph is from the SMU game in 2006. Have a look at the photo gallery here: https://rjy.photoshelter.com/gallery/09-09-2006-SMU/G0000oBs11Ewqe_8/C0000Q347LI0RTt0 It matches.
  21. Hey, I completely agree with you here! 🙂
  22. You're the one who put it out there. If you don't like the guy then just say you don't like the guy and you have your reasons.
  23. Whatever dude ... if you're not willing to share then keep your unsubstantiated rumors to yourself.
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