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  1. @Eagle71 Thanks so much for that great tribute to Richard Gill. To go along with @PlummMeanGreen these are my favorite kind of posts. I love hearing the history of North Texas football! Very few people know the great history and stories associated with our institution. With that being said, I'm curious to know more about you. You were on the ex-Marines squad. When and where did you serve? And did you play football in the Corps?
  2. This is the only press I could find through recent searches. At the time it was a big hullabaloo ... https://www.hbcusports.com/forums/threads/this-year-iron-bowl-gets-overshadowed.53581/
  3. Excellent! Anytime you want to meet up to watch the Mean Green let me know. Are you going to the Missouri game this coming year?
  4. Where you live? I'm in Lenexa.
  5. There's a strong historical pipeline between the University of North Texas and the Kansas City Chiefs. Here's to back-to-back Super Bowls! P.S. I could not find a picture of Louis Haynes, a fourth-round pick by the Chiefs in 1982. If anyone has one please add it to the thread.
  6. I think the photograph is from the SMU game in 2006. Have a look at the photo gallery here: https://rjy.photoshelter.com/gallery/09-09-2006-SMU/G0000oBs11Ewqe_8/C0000Q347LI0RTt0 It matches.
  7. Hey, I completely agree with you here! 🙂
  8. You're the one who put it out there. If you don't like the guy then just say you don't like the guy and you have your reasons.
  9. Whatever dude ... if you're not willing to share then keep your unsubstantiated rumors to yourself.
  10. This game should not have even been that close. That was some of the worst clock management I've ever seen beginning with about 8:00 left in the 4th quarter.
  11. Does Littrell not understand the concept of running out the clock?
  12. I believe Mr. Harsin is referring to joining the AAC in football only.
  13. https://www.idahopress.com/blueturfsports/football/harsin-urged-boise-state-leadership-to-leave-mountain-west-conference-emails-show/article_f855ea98-7e28-5d58-a3b4-b2504031bbf5.html What say you?
  14. I'm amazed at how long Jamize Olawale has been in the league. He was California-juco Dodge recruit and never really made a name for himself at North Texas. But the guy has just worked hard and carved himself a little niche in the NFL. Very impressive!
  15. I've got a 2004 Dodge Dakota with 258,000 miles. Mid-size pickup with a V8 and 4x4. Still runs like a champ!
  16. Bite your tongue, sir ... North Texas beat SMU in 2014 and 2018.
  17. Agreed ... even if he goes on to be a Rhodes Scholar and finds an answer to world hunger.
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