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  1. If I say no thanks to an interview, are you going to offer me a job? I get what he is saying, if one says that they are not interested in interviewing, it means that they would not accept an offer were it to come. I also see what you are saying in that there was no offer in hand that was turned down. I think that two different interpretations are at play here and no amount of discussion is likely to change anything.
  2. Honestly, a 3.75% response rate (guessing based on the simple math available) is not actually that bad for an online survey.
  3. There are a lot of people living in Frisco and the surrounding areas with more growth coming. A lot of those people are working people who would like to go back to school for one reason or another, but simply don't want to drive to Denton to attend classes. Lots of reasons for that, but they aren't doing it. Building this campus puts the University right in their back yard, so they are now able to attend classes they previously would not have.
  4. Just a note about the fee, and I could be wrong here since I signed up awhile back, but I believe this is technically hosted by the Alumni Association.
  5. Satisfied is not a strong endorsement of the thing, just that it doesn't have a significant impact on one's ability to enjoy the game. Not sure why we are reading something into these results beyond that people are not as angry as some around here about certain things, and not super excited about them either. Basically, satisfied = meh.
  6. Right, because head coaches are born and do not start as assistants before becoming a HC. Just because Benford did not work out doesn't mean every assistant will do the same. I honestly don't care that much if the guy is good or not, but this logic is flawed.
  7. If a bigger school offered, it would have been while he was still a scholarship player here and would be a huge NCAA violation. Guessing it was the above.
  8. I think this depends on how you define what a big game is. Either way, we need to be better in these types of games. He is still only 2 years into being a HC, so I think this is still an area that can be improved upon, and I think improvement has been clear during his time here.
  9. And there is the question. These numbers for different schools may be allotted differently depending on who is doing the counting. It is hard to truly compare the two numbers because we may not include salaries where A&M does. We may include the school paid for vehicle and travel in the coaching cost expense where UTSA includes it in the recruiting budget. Without being able to see each line item in the budget, it really is hard to get a full view of the expense and how comparable they are. All that said, we need to increase the recruiting budget, but by how much is really the question.
  10. This is a fun and productive conversation that obviously is relevant to our interests.
  11. The defense is a big concern, but I have a tough time looking at the staff and killing them over it. Both sides were in bad shape when they got here and they prioritized offense over defense. If we continue to prioritize offense and let the defense suffer from here, then I can take the staff to task over it. Given the recent results, I am willing to give them a little leeway to continue to build and improve. They built and offense from nothing in a very short time, and defense can be more difficult to recruit to given the scarcity of players in those positions. Success on the field should allow us to get more of the higher quality defensive guys.
  12. Isn't QS a Senior this year? That would allow Pearson to be the backup in 19 as a RS Sophomore and the inside track to start his Junior and Senior years. I would think that would be attractive to him and a good reason to stick around.
  13. Ok, so the late 70s/early 80s. Either way, it has long been set up to be non-competitive outside of the pre-approved teams.
  14. After watching this game, I wonder if USF can play at that speed for two more games. They did not have the quickness that we have. I think they make up for it with the execution of their system, but I just wonder if they can do that two more time in a week. They have to want to take the next one and not have to try and win back to back on the road while tired.
  15. The way I am reading this is that it is a single conference with these divisions. Not sure why we would merge three conferences and then subdivide. I think the MAC works fine as it is and doesn't need any adjustment. I think a merging/trading of the SBC and CUSA then splitting back into two conferences would make more sense. Having a single mega conference could actually result in less money for all. The NCAA tournament would not have to invite more than one team as it is one conference. That alone would cost everyone money and there are significant other opportunities for lower revenues. Leave the number of conferences the same, realign membership to be more regional to lower costs, and put agreements between them to play each other out of conference. That seems to be a more prudent action than to become something completely unwieldy.
  16. I read excavation around the pavilion and improving drainage. Based on this, it sounds like it floods in heavy rains, so they are going to move some dirt around it so that doesn't happen anymore.
  17. We cannot hold him to account for the sins of his father.
  18. Notre Dame is in the ACC for all sports but football, and they have a deal with the ACC to play a certain number of ACC teams in football every year.
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