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  1. They went to the WAC straight from the Big West, then to the MWC.
  2. There may be some serious knee pain going on with a lot of our fan base.
  3. You do mention Kansas at a high rate relative to your post count.
  4. Was it beneficial to UNT to make an offer to you when they did? The shot offered by UNT was the same, just with different timing. Also, does this suggest that it will somehow be bad for him to go to Gonzaga and potentially get a masters and NBA scouts looking at him? He is benefiting from this new relationship as well. Did he tear up his UNT degree? Does he leave it off of his resume? Would it be wrong for anyone else to get an undergrad from UNT and then a masters elsewhere? Why is one wrong and the other not? Why are athletes not able to pursue their own path without enduring criticism of every choice they make? Why do we allow our passions to take control and use them to justify this overly critical behavior?
  5. This thread is a case study in subjectivity.
  6. Based on what little has been said, I don't know that this is for HS recruits. I think this would be for people already in college and if this happens during the recruiting process, it would be a violation. This doesn't read as a free for all to pay players. This can be governed with reporting of incomes and disclosures from the players. That's the cost of doing business here, ensuring that you are on the level. It would also assist these players in making sure that they are properly reporting on taxes and such to avoid the obvious scandal of tax avoidance that could come from this. I just don't see that this is going to be the end of college sports and will lead to further imbalance than we currently have.
  7. The speculation that this will lead for an outside entity always paying a recruit to go to a certain school may not be the way this goes down the majority of the time, especially in football. The rate at which guys don't pan out is high enough that it would be a gamble to pay someone for their likeness based on their HS career. I would expect that this will more than likely benefit guys who have put up numbers more than a freshman. Mason Fine would likely have benefited from this stance as he had national stories and press that could have had him in a branded shirt and plugging whatever product invested in him. The random DB from nowhere, OK that happens to be a 4* recruit is unlikely to get a big bag of cash to go to OU. He may have a naturally higher profile there that could lead him to better endorsement or likeness deals based on his play and rising profile there, but that is basically the same issue that exists now in college sports, so not sure that it will make as big a deal as to bring down college athletics as we know it.
  8. I think I saw a few in my area, but the real story was the camera guy on the scoreboard. He was fighting a swarm while filming the game. He had a bunch of bottles of wasp spray and was swatting them away. Pretty entertaining when the game wasn't.
  9. True, but to say that we have reverted back to Dickey's attitude of not really concerning ourselves with OOC is a worst case scenario.
  10. If we are projecting the future based on this year alone and ignoring other recent history, then we are choosing the worst case scenario and purposefully choosing a worst case scenario.
  11. So we are ignoring the past, focusing only on this year, and projecting the future, got it.
  12. So we are ignoring previous results and focusing only on this year, got it.
  13. The stipend does help, and I like that it was something that was done to help the players. There is a difference between profit and revenue. The players absolutely generate revenue for their departments. Athletics is advertising for the university and a way to make campus life better. While athletics does not directly enhance the bottom line of a university, it does lead to more money for a university. If it did not, athletics would not be funded. Agreed. I would not advocate for a highest bidder situation for exactly the reason that you state, but allowing players to benefit more from the time, effort, and physical toll they put in is something that should be examined further.
  14. First point, that's a great theory, but not easily put into practice anymore. There are limits on how much they can work in the summer and there is also the potential for issues with impropriety. Most athletes practice over the summer and take classes to allow them to have a lighter load during the season, so there is little time for a job. They are not starving, but they aren't loaded either. To call what they have plenty from the outside is easy to do, but the players are the ones living with the reality of the situation. To your second point, you do have a similar arrangement with your employer. The difference is that you can go elsewhere if you feel you are not being compensated fairly. These athletes don't really have that option. They could go to another school, but it wouldn't be for more money. If they do that, they get raked over the coals for transferring. There isn't a minor league for them to go into, for the most part, if they would like to pursue their sport professionally since the NFL and other leagues have requirements to play in them, Euro leagues and such notwithstanding. Even baseball has a rule against leaving college early if you decide it isn't for you if you don't go to the minors immediately after HS. There really is no winning here for them.
  15. How much revenue does the average student generate for their university? Are there limits on where and how much an average student can work and earn?
  16. The conference doesn't have a lot of tie-ins remaining and some of the others that come to mind cannot be reached by road.
  17. Assuming 4,000 universities, that is only 2.5% higher. That doesn't seem like something to get too upset about to me. We are finally in the top group on this, we should be excited about that even if these rankings don't objectively mean much. People do put stock in them, so getting into the top group is a big deal.
  18. Thus my point, Winston proves that character isn't really a big part of it.
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