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  1. Wasn't Mason the player of the year not too long ago?
  2. Sure, as long as there are no accumulations of large objects against said wall that block the water flow.
  3. The presence of a wall, even if it allows for water to flow through, means that water will not flow as normal.
  4. I hope you have never left a job for something that was better for you.
  5. Here's hoping that you have a second check to write in a couple weeks.
  6. It isn't an analogy, it is a fact. If a student athlete wants to transfer up, they are gambling that 1. a school in the P5 will offer them a scholarship and 2. that they will be able to start there. If you are a current starter, you will want to start somewhere else. Moving up to a P5, competition for those starting spots will be more intense. You have to bet on yourself that you can earn that spot over all the other guys that are competing for that spot. If you don't, you have made your situation worse and lost the bet. How many G5 players leave to go to P5 currently? I don't think the number is that high, especially compared to the number of P5 players going to G5. I just don't see this narrowing competition. It may actually help us in that more of those players will transfer to a G5 earlier in their career instead of waiting until they don't have to wait a year to play. They may be able to see where things are for them and make a move they see as more advantageous for their future before they sit for three years.
  7. You were the one that brought up that Mason leaving, so not sure why you are discounting that now. Maybe a team goes after him, but my point is that he has to enter the portal BEFORE he would know if anyone would go after him. Players at NT and other G5s would be gambling that a P5 would offer them a scholarship and that they would be able to be the starter. If you have NFL aspirations, you have to play to prove that you can play in the NFL and giving up playing time to go to a P5 doesn't do that. It could happen with a handful of players, but I don't think that it would be very widespread. It is also on the coaches to make their best players continue to feel that this is the best place for them to be. Transfers happen today and we don't see many programs with mass transfers to P5 from G5. I just don't see this being the death of competition that it is being played as.
  8. Not sure this logic works. Teams will still have the scholarship limits every year for new players and total players. If you load up on transfers, you will have to pay the piper at some point within those limits. Maybe Fine leaves, but he would have to bet that he would be able to get the starting job somewhere else since they would not be able to contact him while he is under scholarship here. Players will have to make that bet that they can go somewhere else and land the job. Is that a bet they will make? I think it is more likely to benefit us since a player buried on the depth chart may decide to come here and try to win the job than a starter here decides to go and maybe doesn't see the field elsewhere.
  9. It was an earlier tip off, so that may factor there.
  10. I understand the situation just fine, thank you. I do call it pessimism because you are choosing to look at the negative when in reality, you have no idea how this will work out because you know very little about the situation. Realism is to admit that you don't have the information to truly determine one way or another if these hires are good or not. Realism is to understand that a successful coaching hire has so many variables that are not within your current purview that it is impossible to fairly evaluate them at this point. You have chosen to say that all the hires are bad because they don't meet the criteria that you have arbitrarily set, and that is pessimism. You never make a fair evaluation of the situation, you always predict the worst. That is, by definition, pessimistic. You can call it realism, but you even admit that when things are going well, you don't have much to say.
  11. I think you don't understand what I am getting at here. My comments have nothing to do with the hire in one way or the other, I am questioning that you care about being pessimistic and have a genuine distaste for it.
  12. So coaches that are happy where they are and are not looking for a change don't mind a few losing seasons?
  13. Have to admit that, seeing this, all I could think about was that we could still practice through all of it.
  14. Engagements end all the time before marriage. So basically he is saying that it is the same as it is today, just with different words.
  15. There was at least one of the P5 conferences on Fox and another on CBS.
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