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  1. Open spot in the AAC looks likely and I'm sure many open spaces to fill up in conference realignment coming up. I sure hope North Texas is paying close attention and ready to pounce once they have the opportunity or at least has some heavy hitter lined up to be lobbying for us to be in a better conference. AAC, MWC, Big 12 entry when it implodes. CUSA is so much better than the Racoon League (Sun-Belt) but we are a major campus, so much more going for us, such as Tier One research school, new upgraded facilities, high enrollment and in a big market. I really hope we can join SMU as conference rivals and add a new exciting nonconference opponent to play. This is my dream conference. UNT/SMU/TCU/Baylor/Houston/Tulsa/Tulane/Texas Tech. Regional Rivalries and Geographical dream. Makes so much sense. The Pac-12 isn't going to pickup the Big 12 leftovers https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/college-football/cincinnati-bearcats-american-athletic-conference-aac-realignment-2021/
  2. Wow thats unexpected news. Really Happy for Darrell Dickey. Great Coach at UNT and he did a great job bringing in some really good talent at UNT. I glad Dickey bounced back and Villareal is finally gone.
  3. Yeah I read the article this morning and couldnt believe North Texas wasnt even mentioned for any of the bowl games. Im pretty sure Heart of Dallas will give us the invite, especially if Rice gets into the Liberty Bowl. Besides they like us and have their bowl reps have been to several of our games this year and liked what they saw. Also North Texas can pull alot of students and alumni in a Cotton Bowl game compared to any other CUSA team Just hope our people are doing everything they can to get us into the Dallas game and not just sitting around and not doing anythin GO MEAN GREEN.
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses. Really Appreciate it
  5. Hello, I was curious to see if UNT was included into CUSA in NCAA Football 2014 on XBOX 360 and also if they finally included UNT's Apogees Stadium into the Gameplay and the actual stadium is shown in home games. Sorry if this was asked at an earlier time, was thinking about buying a copy if it includes those things in the game. Thanks Again GO NORTH TEXAS Playmaker
  6. Thanks Guys for the quick info. I really appreciate it. I am only buying the game if it has the new stadium and I hate seeing Fouts Field in person or in a video game. Won't get this game until they have the new stadium. Thanks again.
  7. I apologize if this has already been asked but, is the new apogee stadium on the new 2012 ncaa football game and is there any features for UNT in this game, I would be much more interested in buying the game if our beautiful new stadium is in the game in the background. Thanks Go Mean Green.
  8. That looks so familiar to Dickeys Record at UNT during his time here
  9. Whats most sad about all of this, is the fact that we are a division 1 program and TWU is ................Division 3.
  10. Man I was really sad to hear this news, I heard stories about how he was a great coach and did well at NT. I really have alot of respect for anyone that gives their sacrifices for our university.
  11. An Interim Plan should have already been done by now, Dodge has been coach for four years and his best year, was a 2-10 season. He has had plenty of time, if this wasn't his own hire, Dodge would have been gone by now.
  12. Start all over, from the top to the bottom, this program has alrady gone through enough.
  13. The Stars beat the much hated Red Wings 4-1, felt bad that Modano had to be in a Red Wings jersey, when he should always be a Star.... Looks like the Stars are looking fantastic thus are ranked #1 in the West.
  14. Good Move, by the Rangers organization, they have been making all of the right moves, since Nolan Ryan has been involved. Josh was a real dweeb, and so annoying.
  15. Right on, I was thinking the exact same thing.
  16. Our football program is in shambles and your worried about a scoreboard.
  17. I would also love to have Jerry Moore back. I truly believe that whatever EXPERIENCED COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACH" comes in here will turn this program around immediately and we will see a big impact in recruting, wins, and attendance... Man I can't wait...
  18. Yeah I was really suprised that they didn't light the green tower, one of the advantages of still living in Denton, while being an alumni is looking at the admin tower with the green light turned on after any athletic victory. Look forward to another victory soon and the tower being lit All of these actions are inexcusable. Just hope they dont fall through on Homecoming.
  19. Thank You Players!!!!!! Great Win
  20. SMU brought in a top notch Athletic Director and he knew what needed to be done, and he did it in a short amount of time. The turnaround was quick and dramatic. I am certain 2011 will be our turn around year.
  21. I know this has a been a tough week for our football players, with the injuries, negative publicity and inevitable departure of Coach Dodge but I just wanted to give them some motivation for tommorrow's game. There is no other team, the entire Mean Green Nation would like to see you beat then FAU, they have an ugly streak against us and no other game would turn things around like us beating FAU. So here's hoping for a great game and our first win of the still early season. GO MEAN GREEN BEAT THE OWLS
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