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  1. Was it a phone interview or a conversation? Did she say she was recording you for a possible follow up story? I hope so.
  2. Maybe the NT Daily is responsble for the current financial crisis? Maybe the NT Daily was on the grassy knoll?
  3. Maybe her connection was through the journalism dept?? Maybe her only research was to read the NT Daily OpEd against the stadium? Maybe being a recent grad, she still has connections with the NT Daily?
  4. A current student from this board should call and offer a different point of view. Volunteers?
  5. Was that a news report or a paid advertisement?? Seems like a waste of money to advertise on WBAP if your trying to influence a college student. My Dad, maybe, but a college student? Interesting waste of money.
  6. Where was the Budweiser RV that has been in the blue lot for the first 2 games? Disappointed that there was no free beer and wings today!
  7. Maybe we can use it to recruit West Texas.
  8. I actually got a tour of the inside. Very Nice. Hardwood floors throughout, the back room is like a small living room, the hallway leads down to a bathroom w/ shower and then into a kitchen area. Very nice set up. The owner's son attends UNT and used to race motorcross. The son said the family has had the truck sitting for several years and decided to paint it with the UNT colors and use it for tailgating. Very nice setup
  9. Apathy works in the favor of the better organized campaign. From everything that Flyer has relayed, that would be the pro-stadium students.
  10. Just got back from the game. Considering our record, I was impressed with the student attendance. For some reason that is unexplainable, I have a good feeling about the stadium vote.
  11. With the way we have been playing, I felt 00 was appropriate. Either that or the o on my keyboard sticks.
  12. Just assuming it is because the Texas Legislature must approve the Athletics fee. I would assume that no politician would approve a student fee without the approval of the students. After all, they are politicians.
  13. My post was reference to this team at this time. Realizing that schedules are made years in advance, I wouldn't have a problem scheduling a D1AA home game in several years, assuming this program has improved to the point of being a heavy favorite in said game and said game is against a geographically desireable opponent.
  14. Disagree. While a win may add some confidence, a loss would absolutely destroy any confidence. This is a gamble with a far greater downside than upside. If we win, all the players will hear is that they were supposed to beat that team (which is true). If we loose, imagine th negative press. The best thing for this program is a win over a legit 1A program,.
  15. Flyer, this may have been asked already, but could you please post the results of the student election as soon as possible. Thanks.
  16. I'm an Alum. I will give a one time donation to a dedicated stadium fund if the student vote passes. So, I guess that makes Flyer's point about increased Alumni donations accurate. Keep it up Flyer, and thanks or all your hard work. And didn't Flyer raise over $800 dollar just for the campaign?
  17. I wonder what the record is for negative point differential for a single season in the modern era? Unfortunately, I think we may have a shot at it
  18. Embarrasment. Much worse than the Rice loss. I seriously don't think we could beat Euless Trinity at this point. Consequences??? By that, I mean will there be any for those involved in this mess.
  19. I made it to the 1st score of the 3rd quarter (35-0). Embarrasing.
  20. I'm assuming Dribell's departure may be related to this thread's topic?
  21. "what kind of sign does it send to the 18-20 year old student that will vote in 3 weeks on the future of this university's football program". I was referring about the thought process that an 18-20 year old will go through when receiving this information, not the sign it would send them. Bad wording on my part. I am not optimistic about how this will be received by the average student who is going to vote, but is on the fence. I hope yall are right, but remember the age group we are talking about.
  22. If true, this is concerning on several different fronts. First and foremost, what kind of sign does it send to the 18-20 year old student that will vote in 3 weeks on the future of this university's football program when the players are quiting the team? Horrible, horrible news! Secondly, depending on who and how many players left the team, what does this say the confidence the team has in it's coaching staff?
  23. If any add is purchased in either the DRC or the NTD, may I suggest that whoever organizes this add list the alums responsible for the add and the monitary commitment that each of these alums is prepared to make to the new stadium once the students approve the new fee. This would show the students that we are not trying to put the entire financial burden on them and are putting our own money where our mouth is. I would suggest that each financial commitment be at least twice the amount of the fee that a new student would pay in 2011 ($210 for 30 hours???). I am willing to help pay for an add and give a pretty decent committment for the new stadium, although I think this should be done in the DRC. I would also suggest that everyone on here listen to Flyer. He has been on top of this from the beginning and knows the pulse of the campus.
  24. This game will be ugly, but this team is VERY young. Hopefully, in two years, we will be where Tulsa is now. By the way, point spread now 41 1/2 in Vegas. I have a relative there.
  25. Hello all, this is my debut here, so I figure why not use it to get some valuable info on the tailgating scene at home games. I have found my way back to this program after many years of casual "keeping an eye " on the results of UNT football. This year, I bit the bullet and bought season tickets, along with joining the mean green club. My parking is in the blue lot. I have heard that I want to stay away from beer man, so should I go to the west or east side of the parking lot?? Also, is the blue lot the center of the tailgating scene, or does that occur elsewhere? I have been to several home games over the years, but basically arrived just in time to park and get into the stadium for kickoff, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I found this board while looking for info on this past year's football recruiting class and have become somewhat addicted since. Thank god I finally found a place where I can get info on this program!!!!
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