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  1. Who is your biggest rival? And hope you have safe travels to the game.
  2. So is your band for sure coming because Inwould enjoy seeing them.
  3. Seth is a very lucky person in general in my view. Very few can hope and dream to be as fortunate as Seth has been in his short time here on earth.
  4. It just seems like our recruiting is ho hum these days
  5. It is showing this under football tickets indicating they are sold out.
  6. I spoke to the Toyota Center earlier today and they said the North Texas allotment had already sold out. They said typically they give the other team a deadline and then open up any left over tickets to the general pubic.
  7. That’s not Gary but his brother Keith that got the job.
  8. Hi looking to buy 4 and would like to do it through the Athletic Department. Has anyone had any luck getting them through the AD yet or are they still delayed?
  9. There really is not a home and visitor side because Miami won't bring many. Just get the best seats you can on either side I suppose.
  10. This time 100. I really want to help the athletic office but hubby has a small bladder and we really like sitting on the aisles near the restrooms. I never am able to get that with the AD so this time we are going to have to go with AXS. I will give them the difference in our donation.
  11. Ree Drummond is as big of a fan of her kids as many culinary TV show viewers are fans of hers. She is constantly posting about and raving over her children, including her foster son, Jamar. She's only recently been able to finally tell the world about his being a part of her family, and she evidently is happy to share all that she can, including telling her followers that he has accepted a position to play football at the University of Central Oklahoma, per The Pioneer Woman website. In August, Drummond posted a photo of another one of her sons, Bryce, as she proudly dropped him off at college and stocked his dorm with kitchen supplies. The proud mom even shared a before-and-after photo of Bryce after he settled into his new life at the University of North Texas (via Instagram). It's clear that Drummond truly loves her kids, so her latest social media post, while not surprising, is truly keeping fans' hearts warm. Read More: https://www.mashed.com/674055/instagram-is-loving-how-ree-drummond-is-her-sons-biggest-fan/?utm_campaign=clip
  12. I’m no expert but could we not just give Littrell just one more year and see if this progress continues?
  13. He seems much more positive and happy. I am liking what I see. It's amazing what a couple of wins can do to lift your spirit.
  14. Sorry to vent but I so wanted him to be successful here and he is such a nice person. His family loves being here and it just makes me sick that it didn’t work out. I guess I’m coming to the realization that it will soon be over but am hoping he will finish strong.
  15. He could keep his place in Ft. Worth and drive to us easily. I think everyone knows Kansas and West Virginia will all want him but they are far away. Gary would be not a great but phenomenal hire for us. Guy is a winner. Just my two cents.
  16. I was looking at the AAC website and it looks like a lot of the teams play baseball. Is there a chance that we will start one back up now with the increasing revenues from the conference?
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