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    Isaac Thomas played?? Really don't understand how T. Thompson doesn't play at all last night...not even 1 play?! Was something else going on that kept him out??
  2. BlueRaiderPride, no offense, but you need to watch the tv coverage from the game. What you saw and what was shown on tv definitely don't match up. At least then you'll understand where most of these comments are coming from from our perspective. That said, the pass that got returned 99 yards turned this game....that to me looked like an awful pass, but who knows what Marks was reading. Either way, I will say this about this year's NT squad--we have a TON of playmakers all over the field. Our Dline was getting pushed around by the experienced MTSU OLine, but when we needed plays they came up big as did Weathers, Graves, Holman and Mendoza. I think that we'll see as the year progresses that we've got the best LB corps in the conference. Thought our O got better as the game wore on as well. We didn't look too confident starting this game, but by the time the 4th quarter rolled around we were starting to gel. I hope that MTSU has a good year the rest of the way...they certainly have some playmakers on the D. You just got the feeling, watching this game, that everytime NT made a big play to kill a drive or MT made a mistake(whichever colored goggles you're looking through) that the MT players got down on themselves. It was alot like watching the UT-OU games the last 5 years....MT just seems to believe that a higher authority has it against them to beat NT. Finally, I don't see any team outside of Florida challenging us for the Sun Belt conference title this year. MT looks pretty good, and I hope they can finish strong enough to land in a bowl game this year. The Sun Belt needs as many bowl teams as we can get. oh, yeah....and my prayers are with #3....I didn't particularly like the "horse collar" tackle that our guy put on him--that's just a dangerous play and ended up costing your man his career. Very, very unfortunate.
  3. 35-13?!?!? Are you SERIOUS?! Wait, you can't be...you've got "Hee Haw" for an avatar. MT has a good looking team this year, I'll give you that....and we've got 2 returning defensive starters. That looks ugly on paper, but you guys beat us on paper every year....
  4. Um....ok, you got me. Seems like it'd be hard to keep their attention for too long, doesn't it?
  5. Ok, let me be first of many others on this board to say, "I told you so!". Don't hate the artsy kids---harness their power!...they have the biggest potential to be absolutely crazy die-hard fans--esp. now that tailgating is growing at NT.
  6. Yep...esp. with an unproven QB at the helm. No-way do we pull an Oklahoma and go play-action on play 1.
  7. Adding FIU and FAU, while dropping NMST, Utah St, and Idaho REALLY helped us out on this list! All 3 of our exes made the list! Incase nobody was paying attention, both FIU and FAU played 2 dang close ball games AT BCS Kansas and Kansas St. This is a much better league with the Florida directionals included.....
  8. We win. This is still SBC play, guys. We've got the best players in the league. DD's gameplan works on equal or lessor opponents. MTSU has tons of experience returning, which gives them a chance in the early going, but they'll have to jump out to a big lead or our running game will wear them out--same as always.
  9. I think we win the MT game. Don't forget that our D was absolutely putrid heading into that game last year and we started down 14-0 before our D finally held---slightly. As I remember that game they moved the ball pretty easily on us but we kept them out the endzone when we had to. I think that the D will be fine and can play no worse than they did at the start of that game last year. The Offense is my concern. We just need the QB to not lose the game...throw a few INTS and fumble a few snaps and we could be in trouble, though.
  10. How does academic probation affect athletes? I ask b/c it seems like TJ wasn't eligible last year either (or am I confused and this is his first full year of having to be eligible?) It seems like for regular students you get put on probation after one year of not maintaining grades, then are suspended for a semester if you fail to make the grade that next semester. Then you have to re-enroll after sitting out....do the same rules apply to athletes? If not, how is it justified?
  11. TIgreen01


    Agreed!! Thanks for a great report, Harry!
  12. Good grief, Harry!! Is it really that bad? Can we get some overly positive reports for a few days so we can recover?
  13. Knowing Les Miles' last few OSU teams style of play, and the fact that the personnel is similarly structured at LSU (strong lines, RBs, overall good defense), I think that we'll see LSU run the ball over and over again. They will come in knowing that we have ZERO experience on our DLine and will test it early and often. Who cares about their QB situation...he'll be used the way Andrew Smith was used for us in his RS Fr. year---very few chances if the game is close. For that reason, I don't expect this to be a blowout as long as our offense doesn't turn the ball over. LSU scores no more than 35. Ok, the realistic portion of this post is over....so, that said, I have the Mean Green as National Champs this year in the office pool! ...so: LSU - 3 MEAN GREEN - 65
  14. Ok, I'll bite. That's crap. We should be #1.
  15. "What about DE Willie Ransom? Is he the real deal? Is he the tenacious pass rusher we need so desparately?" --so, this is a change from recent posts....does this mean the rumors were false and he'll be here this fall?
  16. Ok....obviously, Booger or Joe Greene.....but what about Corbin Epps (Montgomery)? I'd take him back in a second. That guy was a beast....even had a piece written about him in the NT Daily---talked about an abusive childhood and how he channeled the anger from it and took it out on the football field. I remember watching him start a fight with the Texas Tech band in pre-game...not to mention that he pretty much single handedly took the great Zebbie Lethridge out of the game in the '97 upset in Lubbock. That game is still my fondest memory of Mean Green football.
  17. When does the collegiate licensing deal expire? That is what's keeping us in the dark ages, right? Is there no buyout, clause? Surely there is something we can do...I mean, my gosh, if TSU can have an entire section at Walmart....ugh.
  18. That site has SMU going 8-3!! That's grounds to throw out ALL the pics....
  19. Completely agree. This list is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I want the 2-3 minutes of my life, that it took to read that rubbish, back....
  20. Reading these comments, we are given no choice but to believe that Dr. Pohl was told that at next month's regents meeting it would be recommended that he not get an extension...and subsequently was given the choice to resign to spare himself the embarrassment? WTF?! If this is how it went down, then you can bet the house that we're going to be seeing our AD and Head FB coach head out for greener pastures pretty quickly. WTF is going on up in Denton?! Can LJ really be causing all this??? From connections I have not related to athletics or logogate, I'm hearing that LJ is making life difficult on several others in NT leadership that I, personally, have much respect for. Granted this sounds like one big giant conspiracy theory, but I have a hard time believing that anyone who had just started the largest capital campaign in a University's history would leave before he got to see the fruits of his labor.
  21. I'm going to have to disagree with you on the point that we are the minority--or at least get clarification on who you mean by "we" being the minority. The sheer numbers, alone, say that we're (non arts/music) the overwhelming majority. Also, I believe that most music/arts students at UNT are not anti-business/engineering/athletics. There are always a few loud ones, but the VAST majority simply do not separate themselves from the rest of the campus. We (non-music folks) do more to alienate them than is returned. That said, I agree that the old nestors are a problem. I think that they are a small minority, but they control a lot of power. Dr. Pohl, imho, was so well liked because he represented the students/alumns and their wants better than any president in UNT's history---He was a man of the people. I will be very disappointed if UNT were to hire a milk toast president. On an aside, what becomes of the capital campaign now? Will the monies generated be used according to Pohl's vision or someone else's. I would be very discouraged if I gave money to a cause that will never materialize.
  22. Several questions immediately come to mind. Was this a pressured move..and was this the ultimate result of the tenure scandal? Also, thought I saw someone post on the board a few months back that Bobby Ray's term is up soon. How does that position get selected? What are our chances for at least retaining him? Oh, and thank you, Dr. Pohl. I also got the chance to meet him while I served in SGA. He was new to campus but you could tell immediately that he really wanted to be at UNT. He showed a genuine care for the community and believed that we could acheive greater things. We were lucky to have him.
  23. Ok, so does anyone have a scouting report on these guys other than, "They're supposed to compete for the National Championship?" All I seem to remember about these guys is that they play a very physical, but conservative style. I don't ever remember their skill players on offense being out of this world, but they are great on both lines and their entire D is superb. Also, I'm fairly familiar with the way that Les Miles' OSU teams played. I definitely think that being his first game, he's going to want to make a statement--but after watching that video I think that if we can make solid tackles and wrap-up, we should be able to keep it from getting out of hand the way the UT game did last year. None of those highlights in LSU's video had players way out in the open, they were mostly in traffic...
  24. I loved the frontpage football series...had everyone of them. Playing so much of that caused me to dislike the console football games until they finally brought in the dynasty modes....still, I haven't found anything that compares to the depth of control you had in those games....
  25. what about uniforms, field, etc.....
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