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  1. what about uniforms, field, etc.....
  2. Don't overlook the impact tailgating has had. My group has grown in size every year. This year, some of our ex-UT friends are actually purchasing season tickets. Gameday atmosphere is the single biggest improvement by RV.
  3. I'll be happy when I see the following: The Sun Belt representative handily beating the opponent in the NO Bowl . I'm sick of not being competitive in the conference's bowl game. I'd take losing the Sun Belt this year to a team that eventually beats the crap out of someone from CUSA. I'd love for us to be that team, but I can't take another beating on national tv....and neither can the conference.
  4. Why did the NT Exes ever develop their own logo that was different from the university's? Was this commissioned by the organization itself?..or by UNT? I guess I don't understand why the alumni association would NOT want to associate themselves with the official UNT marks. Can someone fill me in?
  5. It looks to me like Bill has already made up his mind on Henson and Romo. He doesn't like either one of them. His track record is also such that he has started very young QBs in the past (Bledsoe) so you can throw out any concern that he is being swayed by older, more established QBs. I just think that we've got nothing at QB and he knows it. Jerry just won't let him trim the fat.
  6. I agree with LoveMG's last post: The point of the article was not to jump on the bandwagon of people complaining about the number of minority head coaches in NCAA football. It was to offer an explanation as to how to change that. RF is depicted as a minority, not just because of skin color, but because he's one of so few ASSISTANT coaches who are are black. RF has been given an opportunity here at NT unlike many others in the country. He will have a much better shot at moving on and up because of his coaching experience as a prominent assistant. Now I don't know the numbers on the assistant coaches in college football, but I do know that most college coaches don't get much time to be successful. They had better come in prepared, and not needing to learn on the job. Part of the reason, IMHO, that you see so few minority head coaches is b/c so few quickly succeed when given the shot. Part of that, at least according to the article, is that they may not have had the experience coming into the job. Also, why does everybody on the board feel the need to dog RF at every chance they get. Last I checked, we ran the same crap offense before he took over as OC.
  7. Isn't posting stuff like this illegal?.....
  8. Watched USC's first couple of games. They are not the team they were last year. If they were able to get that WR back, they'd be something. Just haven't seen any gamebreakers other than Reggie Bush. OU and UT would shut that down. OU is not one dimensional, UT is. Think a game with UT would be close, but OU would win going away. Either way, I'll be watching for you on gameday.....one request, though. Bring a big sign, or the NT battle flag if you've got it.....there's no way we'd pick you out in the crowd without something to look for....
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