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  1. Looks like maybe OTA channel 47 may have it per their website. Guide however shows high school football. Maybe found it on the Roku. Open the Roku Channel, and choose "Live TV". Choose channel 227. It also shows high school football, but Fox Sports SW is showing: NCAA FB: Southern Miss vs. North Texas STAD6:30PM Edit: Looks like it is HS football 😞
  2. This totally takes away from the purity of college football, and why I like it better than the NFL.
  3. I have used all my free trials up on previous years game :(. Any new Internet steaming services that have come out this past year that I might be able to use? I enjoy the games, but $50+ for one game is hard to justify.
  4. Good luck getting an entire game to finish. I subscribed the last 2 years, and have yet to see a game (not just UNT) in its entirety. But, as usual, I will re-subscribe in hopes this year will be different. If anyone knows of another way it is going to be televised please pass it along.
  5. I am so ready. Anywhere other than ESPN+ to watch this. I have never seen a complete game on ESPN+, and worried it will be the same today.
  6. Same issue. I have resorted to listening on the radio. Better than nothing.
  7. I see the game is on ESPN U, but for some reason Charter shows the channel, but does not associate it to any package they have. Does anyone know if Charter has ESPN U on any of their packages? If not I can give Playstation Vue a try and stream the game.
  8. I travel a lot, and almost everyone I have met is familiar with UNT. It is far from a no name school. Skip just went up a notch in my book though. I would also bet more people are familiar with UNT than with Mr. Smith.
  9. I am all for just picking someone out of the stands. It would at least be a slight improvement.
  10. On Charter it is 1008.2. Doesn't even have Guide data. Just happened to turn over there.
  11. I was not able to make the game today, so thought I would have to miss it. But to my surprise it was on NTTV. I have to give the two announcers credit. They are better than what I have seen from the big networks this year. Knowledge of UNT football, and just doing a great all around job.
  12. I hate to post this here, but I called and spoke to many different people at UNT and asked if the Alum can still park on campus and walk without getting a ticket, and I have not been able to get an answer. I just get "I don't know". I have spoke with 5 people so far, and have gotten no legitimate response. Again sorry if this is not the proper place. Thanks
  13. Do we need to give the UTSA fan some credit. Think about it. They have played 4A and 5A schools as we all know, but so has almost every SEC team and they get to play each other in the championship game. That was my stab at the SEC for never playing anyone ooc. Now for reality. Anyone who thinks 3-0 against high school teams is better than 0-2 against D1 teams is new to football. Not only that, but the 2 losses were to ranked teams. This is like the OU fans I have seen stating they could beat pro teams. But with that said we should all have faith in our teams.
  14. I assume what you guys have been taking is illegal? But how sweet it would be.
  15. During Katrina wasn't the game just postponed until a bye week? I would assume the same would happen here. I think the game will be played. LSU needs the win and UNT needs the money. Win/Win for everyone, so I would think this came will be played.....just at a later date at LSU. All I know is.... "I am ready for some football!!!!"
  16. Last time this happened with LSU the game was played at a later date. As nice as it would be It will not come to Denton.
  17. To quote Obama...... It's Bush's fault!
  18. Since Fox News is usually the highest rated news channel and therefore the national champ year after year, does this mean that UNT has a shot at the title game :-)
  19. Let me guess you believe NPR, CNN, etc.???? Now back to sports... It is good to see this. I am ready to see the Mean Green in action this year. Football should be better and should have a great year in basketball.
  20. Just found this. Not sure how accurate this is, but hey I'll post anything that shows us above SMU after what I just read. http://www.4icu.org/us/Texas.htm SMU did edge The University of Texas at Dallas
  21. You did not just post about game prices did you? Any time I see someone post that prices are too high they get jumped on, so I feel for you. I guess people don't understand sometimes that times are tough, and getting together $24 (Over 100% increase) can actually be hard for some. So I have to say good luck to you as you wont get much love here when posting about prices.
  22. Help me understand. I am not familiar with the new hire. I see his is the only coach considered without a winning record at 56-85. I do not claim to be a football expert, so I am reaching out to those of you who are, or even think they are;-). Why did UNT pick the coach with the worst winning percentage. Thanks, and please make me feel better even if you must lie.
  23. It won't let me delete this post nor leave it empty, so sorry for this random post. I found the info i asked for. Thanks
  24. Dang....I was hoping that Section H was the section without the bird crap. I guess that is the price we pay for our mascot being an Eagle.
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