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  1. Considering they have to move when I-35 begins expanding in 2010 the timeframe seems like a requirement - not just a wish.
  2. fyi: Sam Houston was also from Tennessee. Folks from Tennessee played a big part in Texas winning independence from Mexico but Sam Houston played a much bigger role than Crockett.
  3. Thanks a lot! Now it's just a conspiracy.
  4. After looking at that now I'm even more confused about what shade of green we're supposed to be. *sigh*
  5. Top Five Reasons We Should NOT have a stadium like SMU: 5. We should have something distinctive! Not something just like another stadium down the road. 4. It wouldn't look right to have SMU and MUSTANGS painted in our endzone. We need North Texas and Eagles or Mean Green. 3. Ford Stadium? This is Dodge country now! Our stadium needs a HEMI. 2. We need something BETTER than SMU. 1. It's SMU for crying out loud!!!
  6. I watched it in on tv in '88 and thought UNT showed themselves well against NC.
  7. How about Go Mean Green Stadium
  8. Hamburger - Denton County Ice Cream - Beth Marie's Chinese - Chinatown Steak - Traildust (it's a little outside of town but worth the drive!) Sub Sandwich - NY Subs I haven't lived in Denton in five years but they now have a Texas Roadhouse which is great! There's also a great little Greek place near Carrol and University kinda across University from NY Subs.
  9. My wife is in Washington DC this week for work ... and she called me on Saturday to tell me I was getting her a new necklace (i.e. she found one she liked and bought it). It's been a really easy Valentine's day for me. lol
  10. I was never impressed by Fry Street when I was at UNT in the early 90's. The Tomato was ok, I enjoyed eating at the State Club (I believe that's what it was called) but I never really found another reason to go there except when driving to that side of campus. I'm actually looking forward to the change and won't miss Fry Street at all. For those who worry about missing the "atmosphere" as described in the article ... I say good riddance. Don't worry though, that culture won't go away. It'll simply move on somewhere else.
  11. I agree with everything you said except your example of Arizona's stadium. Blech! Talk about a dated design. Luxury boxes are the key for big donors and that design allows for none on the double decker side. We can do better than that.
  12. The receiver at the top of the screen moved off the line to get the play from the other receiver on that side but never reset himself on the line before the snap. He got back in position a split second before the snap. Seems that should have been a penalty ... not that I care.
  13. Wow! Plenty of receivers ... would like to see some linemen now.
  14. I live in OKC so I'll be seeing the game on TV. I can also usually catch at least one UNT game a year on local tv up here. What's funny is how few Oklahoma State games are shown on tv in OKC.
  15. I was raised in Texas but moved to Oklahoma in 2002 when I got married ... I still consider myself a Texan who is just "visiting". I'm a mole behind enemy lines. btw ... they do have "real" internet in Oklahoma ... for the small percentage of Oklahomas who actually know what the internet is.
  16. Well ... except for Diet Dr. Pepper boy.
  17. RV deserves a pat on the back from everyone.
  18. Bomar definately was a jerk. Just tonight on the Sports Animal they were talking about how Bomar started to earn some respect with his play but blew it away be being a jerk of a person. He constantly thumbed his nose at the police about drinking under age. He definately has some baggage and I'm not interested in him coming to UNT unless he has had a major attitude adjustment. Geez ... the idea he would accept such a blantant kickback and put the entire team in jeopardy of probation is very selfish. That he actually reported the kickback on his taxes shows how stupid he is.
  19. If Dickey is so concerned over what people say on a website then he needs to find a new profession. He has totally lost focus.
  20. I heard from inside sources that Cobb was ruled to be academically ineligible for the NFL draft. Weird ...
  21. And last year Kansas City swept the Yankees. The point is that in a short series any team can win. Over paid? All professional athletes as well as many other professions are over paid. Lazy? Few players who make it to the major leagues are lazy. Most never make it. Most who do have to work their butts off to stay there. Not even the third best version? MLB is still the greatest professional basebal league in the world -- and second place is far, far behind.
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