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  1. Why is FAU #12? Because they have one recruit who has a Scout's Grade of 6.4. ESPN merely ranks teams by the average score of their recruits who have committed. One recruit rated 6.4 gets you 12th place right now. Princeton is currently 18th with one recuit (6.1) ... William&Mary is 20th with one recuit (6.0) ... New Hampshire is 32nd with one recuit (5.8). UNT has four 6.0 recruits (the four JC players) and the other eight are 3.0. Current average is 4.0. If UNT was 20th at some point today it was probably not updated. It may have only had our JC recruits which would put us at 6.0 and pretty high. Final ratings won't mean much until all the recruits sign. Of course, grading a class on signing day doesn't mean much, either. For what it's worth, UNT (12) does currently have more total recruits than any other Sun Belt team other than Troy (who has 18)
  2. 106 North Texas NCAA Schools - North Texas Location: Denton, TX Conference: Sun Belt Nickname: Eagles Year Founded: 1890 Last Updated: 1/26/2006 Data provided by Scouts, Inc. Player Commitments - North Texas NAME POS HT WT HOMETOWN RANK GRADE STATUS NCAA SCHOOL Brian Carlson DE 6'5" 255 Kilgore, TX JC 6.0 Signed North Texas Roy Loren S 6'2" 205 Coffeyville, KS JC 6.0 Signed North Texas Trent Stanley OG 6'2" 290 Coffeyville, KS JC 6.0 Signed North Texas Woody Wilson QB 6'1" 185 Coffeyville, KS JC 6.0 Signed North Texas Avery Curry RB 5'10" 225 Galveston, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Kelvin Drake DT 6'2" 285 Galveston, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Matt Menard DE 6'5" 275 Spring, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Chris Neal CB 5'8" 165 Kaufman, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Craig Robertson ILB 6'0" 210 Stafford, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Esteban Santiago OG 6'3" 280 El Paso, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Bryant Seidle TE 6'2" 230 Cypress, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Marquis Sykes DE 6'3" 255 Coppell, TX 3.0 Verbal North Texas Players Considering - North Texas NAME POS HT WT HOMETOWN RANK GRADE STATUS NCAA SCHOOL Jeff Turner K 5'10" 175 Houston, TX K #18 6.0 Undeclared View Schools
  3. How come there's no screaching Eagle when the site loads? I still prefered the old darker green to this new shade.
  4. This site has the fight song: NetHead I thought I had a link to another site that did have the school song but I can't find it right now. Btw ... anyone remember this site? Countdown
  5. I would have liked the son-of-worm logo to be in white with a green background. Then it could light up green for all to see.
  6. Three possible answers: 1. A guy trying to impress a girl so he names the Women's Complex for her. 2. A man who needs to make a serious apology to the wife so he names it for her. 3. A man who feels the need to make a point so he has it named for Ramon Flanigan. Years later everyone forgets who Ramon Flanigan was and just figures it was some lady.
  7. I did some number crunching from Naming Rights info on the UNT site: 1. If you had $8,595,000 you could have everthing in the Athletic Center named after you, including the Athletic Center itself for $3,500,000. 2. If you had $6,495,000.00* you could have everthing in the Women's Athletic Center named after you including the complex itself for $3,000,000. 3. If you had $40,090,000.00** you could have all the additional athletic facilities named after you including $25,000,000 for the football stadium and $5,000,000 for the Super Pit. 4. If you have an unquenching thirst for self-glorification ... and you have the checkbook to match it ... you can have your name EVERYWHERE for a cool $55,180,000.00. This will get EVERY piece of athletic facilities named after you. I'm sure you could get your name on all the toilets as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * assumes 30 VB lockers ** assumes 30 track lockers
  8. Those shoulder pads are from a company Bill Bates is involved with. Some of the Cowboys experimented with them this preseason. Some guys liked them, some didn't. There were some concerns about wether suddenly cooling down a body several times a game would have a negative impact on the player. Who knows if these shoulder pads will actually catch on with a large number of teams.
  9. Ah ... ESPN's site has NT with two conference losses. My bad.
  10. Someone explain how we control our out destiny when we trail Louisiana Monroe by two games in the loss column? We still need them to lose one game other than to us.
  11. I also had to go to the second radio station to get the online broadcast to work.
  12. Young has talked about turning pro after this season. It may depend on how high he'll go in the draft. If he's not a high first rounder then he should probably return and keep improving his game. Reguardless of who the QB is, you know we are not going to have a pleasent evening ... most likely (always have hope).
  13. Here's a site with a more complete list: http://www.netheaduniversity.com/schoolN.htm
  14. I'm glad that all of those off-season rumors about "inside sources" saying that the new Diet Coke guy was declared academically ineligible proved to be much ado about nothing.
  15. I think OU did have an excuse. With all their graduation losses and injuries, they just might not be very good this year. Their offense truely looked horrible. Maybe they'll put it back together but this really could be a 3 or more loss season for them if things don't straighten out quickly. I'm not trying to overreact to one loss but ... (again, the offense looked horrible) ... but if I was an OU fan I would be really worried.
  16. Just got my ESPN Magazine and there's a 2.5 page, 5 picture article about Cobb and Thomas. That would be 2.5 pages of text, not including one full page picture of the duo and the full page article lead in. Just wish they could have gotten a pic of the two at the new athletic center. This is definately an article to save.
  17. I'd imagine the game will be rescheduled for a later year. On the other hand, we could accomodate them by simply moving the game to Denton.
  18. Thanks for the pics. Those of the two game balls were worthy of saving. I just emailed the pic of the Texas Tech one to a friend who's a Tech Tech grad and backer.
  19. Just saw it ... SW Sports feature on Cobbs and Thomas. Very nice job.
  20. My sources told me the we were going to use the new Eagle logo but it was ruled academically ineligible. Oh, wait ... wrong thread. Sorry.
  21. I guess I'll be in the minority. I really don't care for the green hat noted above but I love the white one.
  22. One thought is that Jerry wanted the stadium to be a bit in disrepair to help make his case for a new stadium. Now that a new stadium is on the way and Texas Stadium will most likely be torn down I wouldn't expect much more than minimum repairs to be done.
  23. Thought for the day ... Some people are like slinky's. They aren't much good for anything but they bring a smile to your face ... when you push them down a flight of stairs.
  24. To be accurate, the ULL game is at 6 pm while the ULM game is at 6 p.m. 6 pm ... 6 p.m. .... who edits that webpage? Geez.
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